Ryan Air began in 1985 Ryan Air, 2010 copying the theoretical account of South West Airlines ; an American based company. The Irish aircraft bearer began in Dublin, chiefly winging between the UK and Ireland. Over clip Ryan Air ‘s traffic has grown as seen in Figure One and the company extended into Europe. In 1997 Ryan Air became a public company, with the highest growing achieved in European Aviation industry ; a growing of 22 % ( Ryan Air Holding Plc, 2002 ) . Presently, Ryan Air owns 254 Boeing 737 aircrafts. It is forecasted that Ryan Air will duplicate its net incomes by 2012. ( Alle and Schmitz, 2004 )

Discriminatory airdrome rights for some carriersAs the largest low cost air hose in Europe, Ryan Air had enjoyed a monopoly environment. However more late Government support for national air hoses has been illustrated with the European Commission presently look intoing trades Ryan Air has struck with territory airdromes. Aviation Daily explains how Ryan Air claims the EC “ operates a discriminatory system ” because it is non taking action on its ailments against Air France, Lufthansa, the Italian or the Grecian authorities ( Aviation Daily, 2010 ) . This could ensue in the company being inflexible to get by with market alterations and inefficient to run in the hereafter.

Airlines in general are exposed to really sudden alterations in statute law and ordinance due to security protocols which may develop nightlong in response to local security menaces. Airlines can be grounded in an blink of an eye for an indefinite clip, and changed client attitudes to winging as a consequence of the exigency can do a serious decrease in consumer demand.

The planetary economic lag is being felt industry broad, and the recession in Europe has caused clients ‘ to pass less on luxury goods and non necessities. This is peculiarly debatable for Ryan Air which chiefly targets cost-conscious clients Credit lines to companies is besides being restricted and as such Ryan Air has joined the Aviation Alliance with companies such as Eithad and is now buttonholing to promote the authorities to increase recognition exports ( Travel Weekly, 2010 ) .

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The cost of air power fuel typically forms up to around 40 % of costs. With high volatility in oil monetary values and reduced recognition lines, fuel disbursals are going more hard to pay. Ryan Air spends considerable attempts to guarantee these costs are kept to a lower limit by invariably updating the fleet leting a more fuel efficient attack.

Social Issues that Ryan Air will hold to see include the altering tendencies of those who travel by air. Overall, the Numberss of people who use planes have increased. Students are besides more likely to go within the EU for educational intents every bit good as leisure. Whilst this works fortuitously in Ryan Air ‘s favor ; the increased handiness of air travel has led to concerns sing C emanations and persons who are more environmentally witting have shunned the usage of planes. It is predicted that this is a turning tendency and will impact Ryan Air more so in the hereafter.

Technological facets that have had a terrible impact on the air hose industry include the outgrowth of teleconferencing which has led to air hose companies trying to happen other inducements to pull corporate clients. Whilst the air power industry has had this reverse, it has exploited other facets of engineering and IT to increase its profitableness. Ryan Air has been a innovator of such scheme and has adopted cyberspace based engagements which form about a 100 % of all reserves and has hence become a leader of security engineering. The on-line presence attracts about 14 million feelings a month. ( Funding Universe, 2010 )

The PESTLE analysis illustrates that there are strong external factors to make with the environment. Since 1981, the International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ) has issued increasingly rigorous Standards and Recommended Practices for aircraft engine emanations.

With respects to resound pollution the ICAO proctor emanations, and therefore seek to cut down them within four cardinal countries ; quieter aircraft, land-use planning and direction, noise abatement operational processs and runing limitations. Hence when looking at airdromes and aircraft it is utile to take these possible limitations into history.

3.0 SWOT Analysis



Biggest bearer in Europe

Single Fleet

Member of Aviation Alliance

One of best known names in European No Frills Travel

Chief executive officer

Strong relationship with accessory services

Few holds and cancellations

Bad imperativeness coverage

Poor staff- rider resonance

Poor in flight experience with no nutrient

Distant airdromes used, off from the chief metropolis

Limited to Europe


Introduce different flight waies for which there is a high demand and low service suppliers ( Non European travel )

Exploit US – Europe unfastened skies policy

Can increase lading transporting capableness or rent fleet out during economic downswing

Make available to middle category riders during economic downswing


Rising fuel monetary values

Recession in Europe

Global air hose market really volatile in this current economic state of affairs

Low cost versions of National Flag Carriers

European and Legal statute law

S-O schemes:

Ryan Air is the largest no frills supplier in Europe with a ill-famed Chief executive officer who is really much involved in bring forthing promotion. The company uses a individual fleet which helps keeps cost to an absolute lower limit as staff merely demand to be trained with one type of aircraft. As Ryan Air has developed a cardinal ability to guarantee its services are kept to a good criterion with the lowest cancellations and holds of all European aircrafts, it has saturated the current market. All concerns must turn and if we look at the illustration of Easy Jet, this has been done in spread outing to other near finishs outside Europe. This may be a farther chance to research in order to develop a greater market portion and a greater figure of net incomes.

W-O schemes:

In malice of being a well known and big market bearer in Europe, the low cost attack involves really small in flight comfortss such as nutrient or amusement. This may be less acceptable when winging to finishs outside Europe which take a well longer clip to make. In add-on, Ryan Air tends to take those airdromes which have low revenue enhancements and are distant to the capitals. In Europe first-class travel systems are in topographic point which can so reassign riders back to the popular countries, this may non be the same instance in states outside Europe and the substructure may forestall Ryan Air from utilizing this scheme.

S-T schemes:

Current economic times will hold an impact on the bearer ; nevertheless this may besides assist Ryan Air steal the market portion from more expensive and less efficient air hoses. Ryan Air uses a individual fleet and therefore costs are kept to a lower limit in developing staff to run aircrafts every bit good as fuel efficiencies with a individual aircraft. In add-on Ryan Air has a big bargaining power over its accessory services and may be able to negociate understandings with airdromes and companies which would non be possible for other air hoses.

W-T Schemes

With the current rise in rising prices, fuel will go a greater facet of the costs for the company. As such this will intend that costs will travel up. If the go oning deficiency of in flight comfortss continue clients may happen this less acceptable in economic down bends ; peculiarly as points which are sold in the aircrafts are frequently overpriced.

4.0 Porters Five Forces

( Besides of import ) –

Relative power of other stakeholders:

Government – influences determinations

Environment authorities- C footmarks

Unions – recent intelligence ailments of general uncomfortableness with staff

Menace of replacement merchandises:

Eurostar – Fast

Low cost manager web Within Europe


Other Low cost no frills airlines – More International competition

Menace of new entrants:

Requires immense initial capital – to pay for revenue enhancements, fleets aircrafts, direction, staff etc

Existing trueness to some trade names

Scarcity of resource – Oil agencies there are high fixed costs

Lot of statute law and limitations from air hose governments

Rivalry amongst bing houses

Industry growing slow due to economic system at the minute, hence battle to vie for market portion

Rivals include ( to call a few ) :

Easy Jet

Body mass index


BA Baby

Small distinction between rivals

Dickering power of Buyers:

Customers are monetary value sensitive

Have options for many paths

Most do n’t bulk purchase, hence no power

Dickering power of input providers

Fuel Prices – no replacements

Aircraft care & A ; Costing

In trade care i.e. cleansing, nutrient etc

Airline industry & A ; Authorities – clip slots ( Quantity, monetary value & A ; punishments )

The bargaining power of input providers is of import because it can to a great extent impact fundss. Fuel is a major input into an air hose industry and fuel companies have huge power of bargaining. This is because foremost there is no replacement that can be used alternatively of their merchandise, hence they have no concern about their clients traveling elsewhere, secondly fuel is in high demand and low supply as clip progresses, hence bear downing a premium is merely natural. This is an obvious yet ineluctable cost for Ryan Air

Other ineluctable costs include the aircrafts themselves. Merely two companies exist in the industry, Airbus and Boeing, although they are in competition with each other, it is of benefit to the air hose merely if they are bulk purchasing. Ryan Air has strategically chosen Boeing which gives it a greater dickering power as it will non be dividing its purchases.

The air hose industries and governments are besides providers in the sense they provide slots for takeoff and landing, these are huge costs and a necessity. Ryan Air counteracts this by taking those airdromes which depend on a steady inflow of clients which Ryan Air can supply ; as such there is a immense bargaining power frequently where revenue enhancements and fees are wholly removed.

The air hose industry is one of the industries being affected by the recent fiscal downswings, intending that clients are of course looking for either replacements to aerate travel or are non going at all. Either manner it will and has had a negative impact on Ryan Air. Substitutes that endanger the place of Ryan Air are faster train travel, particularly Eurostar every bit good as increased train services that go from metropolis Centre to metropolis Centre within Europe. Low cost managers are besides available within certain finishs, although this may non be viewed as comfy ; the current economic system suggests clients are looking more at finance than comfort.

The power of stakeholders is of premier importance in this sector. Ryan Air has late had trouble with its staff and the Financial Times ( 2010 ) reports how Pilots are outraged and the possibility of taking copilots from the aircraft wholly. Recent studies besides province that Ryan Air will be cutting back on staff ( Irish Post, 2010 ) .

5.0 Competences

Figure Three illustrates how the concern resources finally follow a value concatenation which leads to competences. In order to make this a company must tackle their resources fruitfully to organize a capableness. The manner in which these capablenesss are deployed allow one to make a competency. Such competences are intangible techniques and accomplishments which Ryan Air has created.

Ryanair has a figure of resources that are the inputs to the concern these include the Boeing Fleet which is the most of import physical resource of an air hose. The fleet is all the same which helps in guaranting costs are kept to a lower limit in developing staff and the fleet is comparatively new and hence fuel efficient. In footings of the Human resources the work patterns may be a combative issue for the air hose presently which is now confronting cut dorsums. However when Ryan Air foremost started it paid higher than norm for pilots and ensured staff were happy without the demand to fall in a Union. In footings of Ryan Air ‘s fiscal resources the company rapidly acquired aircrafts alternatively of renting them out and focussed on cutting cost steps. Ryanair Holdings plc ( on Feb.12, 2007 ) has a NASDAQ listed market capitalisation of $ 5.6 billion, which will be used in the NASDAQ-100 Index weighting, and a world-wide market capitalisation of $ 12.3 billion ( Air-Scoop, 2010 ) . Ultimately it is the intangible resources such as the Ryanair image and external relationships which truly help to organize the company ‘s cardinal competencies.


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