Have you ever thought to have lions/tigers living in your home with you? Well all across the United States people are starting to buy big cats as family pets. These people treat them as if they are normal house pets. They dont treat them like they are wild animals. My opinion is yes, people should be allowed to own big cats. There are a few reasons why I think this. The first reason why is because you can raise them from cubs to big cats. When people raise them right and train them, they become like normal pets would behave. They become part of a family.

It’s becomes a magical experience. also its something u wouldent normaly experience unless u own one of these big cats and thay aloy you two touch them and play with them such a being of magnifices that you wouldent be able to do such a thing if you dident buy this big cat. The 2nd reason why is because people who buy these exotic cats should take care of them. Some owners are irresponsible and neglect them. They leave them in fenced cages, dont feed them, or dont properly care for them. There are some big cat owners that do take very good care of these exotic animals though.

Also these owners go in there cages to play and to interact with there family pet witch so happins to be a big cat . The last reason why I agree owing big cats because they may be high maintence, if you are financially able to take care of the big cats needs. Then why not let them own an exotic cat. Also its their choice to buy that animal and take care of it. They know the risks and financial cost to take care of one. So if something happens to the pet owner, they knew the risks. I can understand why people would think it is a bad idea to own a big cat. They can be very dangerous.

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Also because they should get to stay in their natural habitat. The last reason is because a lot of people don’t know how to properly care for these animals. Even after all this i think the pros out way the con. I think that people still should be allowed to own them. In conclusion, I think that people should be allowed to have big cats as pets. One reason is because if you raise them right, they become incredible animals. The 2nd reason is because the owners take good care of them. The last reason is because they may be high maintece, but if you can support them, then why not?


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