Peter Kurten   Peter Kurten was born in May 26,1883.During Peter  Kurten childhood was beaten up by his father everyday in front of his brothers and mother. Peter Kurten’s dad was a alcoholic, which was the reasoning for leading him to beat up Peter and his mother. Peter claims that his  life was ruined by sexual violence at the age of nine by his father . Kurten also claims he had drowned two of his school friends at his age nine. Peter Kurten didn’t finish school because he ran away from home for a robbery and was put in jail.Peter kurten was married.Peter Kurten dropped of schools because of shoplifting food and some cloth. Peter at school would like to try to start fight with anybody. Peter kurten hanged out with the wrong people as a young boy. Peter Kurten was with a man that life in the same apartment.The man would catch animals and would sometimes torture them and kill the animals he caught, and Peter Kurten soon began to do the same.  He then started having sex with animals . Between his adult years Peter Kurten began learning the way of the streets.          At the age of 16 years Peter was charged with stealing from stores like  food and somethings to wear to live based on what he was saying . Peter Kurten had anger issue and had treatment for it.Peter kurten had killed nine women  victims because of his anger issues . Peter Kurten was killing with knife and hitting with hammer he was stabbing the victims lots of time. In May 25,1913 Peter Kurten first documented murder was a ten year old victim christine Klein.Christen was sexually assaulted and was stabbed in her home while her parents were working down stairs under her room . Peter Kurten was caught and he was  jailed in that day until 1921. Peter Kurten was free to go because there was not enough evidence to prove he did it .After he was released he moved out to Altenburg were he got married to a former prostitute. Peter Kurten wife had been jailed for murdering her husband. Peter Kurten and his wife were both charged with one degree murder.Peter Kurten wanted to try to forgive what happened to him in the past  . He started by working and trying to build a good  life. But In 1929 Peter Kurten started to  remember about what his father did to his mom and him.Peter Kurten got mad and had stabbed Maria Kuhn and reached  in the killing of 9-year-old Rosa Ohliger, on February 9, 1929. She was stabbed 13 times by Peter  Kürten.Then started  to set fire to destroy the evidence of what happen. After all the crimes Peter kurten did,Peter Kurten was  identified as the The Vampire of Düsseldorf. After the  police investigation they knew that Peter Kurten was the murder of the nine victims. The police Officers  went to his wife and reward her to turn him in.Peter Kurten wife needed  money and she didn’t like his behavior because he was acting like crazy always angry and turned him in.On July 2,1931 the jury for Peter Kurten took only 90 minutes to return a verdict of guilty on all counts.  Peter Kurten was charged with nine death sentences.Peter Kurten died July 2,1931.Peter Kurten was punished with guillotine.


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