Doctrine Of Health Essay, Research Paper

Jake Lavender 12-04-99

Philosophy Paper

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What makes a healthy individual? Surely it is more than merely exerting and eating right. When we say healthy aren & # 8217 ; t we mentioning to more than merely being physically fit and non holding any diseases or complaints. But what else is there that makes a individual genuinely healthy? I think that while this physical description of healthy is a good start, there is far more to the narrative than this. For one to be considered genuinely healthy I believe that every facet of their life must be looked at and addressed with the purpose of doing that individual the best individual that they can be.

First and first is one & # 8217 ; s religious wellness, which is the foundation on which the other facets of that individual & # 8217 ; s life are built. In order that one have good religious wellness I believe that it is imperative that they find some group of like-minded people with which they can fellowship, with purpose of bettering their religious wellbeing. Whether this group is a church, support group, or merely a close knit household depends on that individual and their demands.

Next in rank is emotional wellness which is really closely related to religious wellness in that people & # 8217 ; s emotions draw to a great extent from those around them. This makes it particularly of import that whatever type of group one seeks out for religious counsel is really carefully chosen. It is rather apparent to see that a individual & # 8217 ; s emotional province can be drastically altered by altering the type of people that individual spends their clip with. For case, a usually equable individual can go really cranky when they socialize with others who are shot-tempered, and person who is usually rather can turn into a really pleasant individual if they interact with those who are more cheerful and enthusiastic. About Identical to this facet of one & # 8217 ; s health is their societal wellness which will find how they act and react to others, therefore finding what sort of people they will be drawn to.

Finally, 1s physical wellness does play an of import function in their overall health. This facet, while non needfully as per se of import as the other facets can play a deciding function in those countries and so is indispensable to one & # 8217 ; s complete wellness. Obviously this is the most instantly mutable portion of one & # 8217 ; life and can be altered in many different ways, none of which are awfully hard and most of which conveying comparatively speedy consequences. All it takes to Better this country of a individual & # 8217 ; s wellness is the finding to make it and a simple program of how to make so. Included in this program can be alterations in diet, exercise wonts and even sleep wonts.

Together, wellness in these facets of one & # 8217 ; s life can do a drastic difference in that individuals overall mentality and attitude toward life, others and themselves. Therefore it is of import that we each do our best to alter those parts of our lives which need it and to promote others as they attempt to so the same.

So how should we populate our lives if we want to be an all-round healthy individual? What are some picks which we should and should non do if we want to be the best individual we perchance can be? Well, I believe that these inquiries are likely answered otherwise by each individual, but that these replies can

be discovered in much the same manner no affair who you are. Personally, I can look back and see legion determinations which I have made in the yesteryear which affected my life in ways I could non at the clip imagine. Some of these effects were good and others were damaging, but either manner they serve a intent. I can reflect on these determinations and by finding whether they were good or bad I can larn from them and cognize better how to manage future state of affairss in an even more good manner, or at least non do the same error twice. So you see it truly is true that every error is truly merely a learning experience, so long as we finally learn from these errors and halt reiterating them over and over once more.

I am certain that everyone can make this same exercising and recognize times when they have made such permanent determinations and from the consequences know how to manage such a state of affairs better the following clip it occurs, for remainder assured that it will happen once more at some point in their life.

Here is another inquiry which world has been inquiring since the beginning of clip. & # 8220 ; What is the intent of life? & # 8221 ; Hmmm, possibly this wasn & # 8217 ; Ts such a good subject to discourse after all, but hey, what can it ache to seek? As a slightly spiritual individual I believe that we were put on this Earth to convey some sort of glorification or joy to the One who put us here. Whether this is an almighty God, an uninvolved Godhead or some kind of & # 8216 ; alien & # 8217 ; life signifier I will non discourse here. Just suffice it to state that IT is some kind of more powerful being which likely takes at least some involvement in the actions of those IT has created or placed here on this Earth. It is with this in head that we should make our best to be our best, because otherwise this being may go displeased or bored and make up one’s mind that it is tired of watching us blow our possible on cockamamie picture games or worse yet spend all our clip watching some inanimate box we have dubbed a & # 8216 ; T.V. & # 8217 ;

In order to be my best, I must make my best to be an all around healthy individual, which I described in the first subject of treatment. But in add-on to this I must make all that is within my ability to assist others to accomplish this healthy life-style. Possibly it is clip I took more earnestly the words of the Dalai Lama when he encouraged us to do compassion, love and tolerance our greatest precedences. It is merely through doing these three features my ain that I can genuinely get down to go the healthy individual which I so want to be. I must foremost hold compassion on those around me in order to be willing to help them in their pursuit to better their quality of life. Following I must larn to digest the errors that others will do, recognizing that I have made errors as good and that a error is the best chance to larn and turn. Most significantly I must love those whom I seek to help, because if I do non love them so I can ne’er trust to be able to larn from them, which is the lone manner I can of all time go a genuinely healthy individual.

If I can get down to use each of these rules to my life, merely so will I be on my manner to going the best individual which I can perchance trust to be. Truly wellness is far more than merely eating right, exerting and practising good wonts. True wellness applies to every individual facet of my life: physical, mental, societal and religious.


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