Evils can be used in two ways- when person has done immoralities and when person has suffered evil. Since God is good. God does no moral immorality ; nevertheless. because God is merely. God punishes the wicked and therefore causes the immorality of penalty. Peoples are the cause of their ain transgression. Furthermore. because acquisition is good a thing. we do non larn evil. It is people’s inordinate desires that drive their transgressions. There are two laws- ageless jurisprudence and temporal jurisprudence. Both Torahs are good and warrant people to populate absolutely.

To populate absolutely and good. we need to cognize that we are alive. that we live with ground and apprehension. And when the urges of the psyche are guided by ground. a individual is absolutely ordered- ageless jurisprudence. However. it is possible that the ground or head does non govern. Harmonizing to Augustine. this can merely go on if a person’s ain will and free pick make the head a comrade of avarice. It is up to us to make up one’s mind whether we want out will to be good or bad. and whether we desire things we can lose or we can’t lose.

Thesis ( What is the cardinal point of the reading? Use no more than three sentences. ) : Augustine claims that people do evil by the free pick of our will. Your inquiries So if God is all good and omnipotent. so why will God let anyone to make evil by the free pick of their will? If we are images of God. and God is all good and almighty. shouldn’t we be all good and non move in ways that conflicts with God’s image?

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