Once a body is in top physical condition, the 24-hour recovery period after low-intensity exercise can be safely skipped.
Which of the following activities BEST describes proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation?
B. The stretch involves using a partner to apply force against your contraction
According to the principle of overload you should __________.
A. gradually increase the difficulty of a workout
Trunk rotation is the most common static flexibility assessment.
Which of the following BEST defines dynamic stretching?
A. Dynamic stretching features slow, deliberate, controlled motions useful for activity preparation and reducing muscle tightness.
Why are dynamic flexibility tests NOT used as often as static flexibility tests?
A. Dynamic flexibility tests involve more subjective measurements.
The trunk rotation is a common dynamic flexibility assessment.
Ballistic stretching is dangerous and should NOT be performed.
What characterizes static stretching?
B. assuming and holding a stretch positio
Which of the following BEST distinguishes static from passive stretching?
C. the need for a partner

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