I think this mounds awesome. I believe I have the most important traits of a fitness trainer, including endurance and extreme motivation. To become employed as a fitness trainer, one needs specific abilities, education, and training. First, a fitness trainer needs to be physically fit and be extremely motivating. Being physically fit is especially important when being a fitness trainer because they need to keep up with their athletes. Their main goal is to work with individuals to develop exercise programs based on their needs.

For instance, if a tennis player is being rained to have quick feet using the agility ladder, the trainer needs to be able to do all drills at ease to set a professional example for the client to follow. Next, a fitness trainer must be highly motivating. One wouldn’t have successful athletes if one was not motivating and was not easy to work with. For instance, if there is a client who seems to be struggling at pull ups and is ready to give up, it is their trainer’s Job to cheer them on and keep reminding them of their goal. Motivation and physical fitness is key in being a successful trainer.

Next, a fitness trainer needs specific education. One must have a high school diploma in order to receive the education to become a fitness trainer. Basic classes such as physical education and anatomy are very helpful. Anatomy is the study of the structure and relationship between body parts. For example, if the trainer trying to help a client rehabilitate after an injury or surgery, being educated on the skeletal system of bones, Joints, and tissues can help one form exercises to do so. Also, it is suggested to choose a major in human kinetics.

This major educates one on the physical activity and different health fields such as recreational and organized sports. One will also teach about accelerometers and heart rate monitors, which are used to monitor exercise intensity. For instance, if one was training a competitive athlete this would show the intensity of the exercise and enable the trainer to form one to fit their client’s abilities. Furthermore, in order to become a fitness trainer one needs special training. In addition to course work, one needs to be cardiopulmonary resuscitation certified.

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The American Red Cross offers ongoing classes throughout the country, and these can be completed within one to two days. For example, if one of the clients was overweight or out of shape, they could be at a high risk for a heart attack or coronary arrest. Plus, your Tallest, most tentacle client could convoke on a piece AT gum aurally a workout Ana being CPRM certified would provide all the skills needed to help that client. Next, an associate or bachelor’s degree is also needed to become a fitness trainer. Associate degree programs typically last one to two years.

A bachelor’s degree might take four r five years of full time study to complete. Completing education to become a fitness trainer can be done in as little as two or three months using a program with a certifying institution. Being a fitness trainer simply involves a love of exercise and the satisfaction gained from teaching others to do the same. It would allow me to live healthier, better, and feel good about myself. It is a hobby as well as a necessity. In order to become a fitness trainer, certain traits, abilities, education and training are necessary. I believe I have the most important traits to become a fitness trainer.


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