Determining a Person’s Power through height/work Power is denoted by the formula, P = MGM/t. In lifting a bag, work is done. So in order to get power we recorded our weight, measured the weight of the bag, and the time it took to lift a bag. The experiment is done in two ways 1) with constant time and 2) with constant height. In this way, we can compare and know if there will be a difference in the amount of power exerted by a person if either time or height will be constant. The formulated hypotheses are 1) work is directly proportional to power in constant time 2) time is inversely proportional to power in constant work.

Variables vary in the experiment. Below is a diagram portraying the variables involved in experiment 1 and 2. Dependent Power Experiment 1 (Time is Constant) Experiment 2 (Height is Constant) Independent weight of the bag Independent Weight of bag, Time Controlled Time Height Determining the power using this experiment was done by using a meter stick, a weighing scale and a timer. We first weighed the bag by using the weighing scale. The meter stick was used to measure the height. And lastly, we timed our lift by using the timer. On our experiment l,time is constant meaning there will be a time phrase, which is . Second, that will signal us to lift the bag and it will be recorded. However, in experiment 2 height is constant meaning the time will depend on how fast he or she can lift the bag. The illustration below describes the set-up of our experiment. The results of experiment 1 and 2 are presented on a tabular form. Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Below are the sample computations: According to the tables above, power is directly proportional to work but inversely proportional to time. In experiment 1, where in the work is varying due to the variation in height in constant time.

We have observed that as the value of work increases (in constant time) power also increases. On the other hand, in experiment 2 where in work is constant and the time is varying, we have observed that as time is increasing (in constant work) power is decreasing. As you can see in table 1, Zaire exerted the greatest work and also he exerted the greatest power while Jan exerted the least work and the least power. In table 2, Christian had the greatest power exerted. From the data, the power depends on the work done and the time consumed. The time and work affects on how much power you do on an object. As they change the power is also changed.


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