Blackballing Look Think Motion can be described using graphs. Graphs and charts are common tools used in science. To interpret graphs, read the axis labels as well as the numbers on the axis. The title should give you some clue as to the purpose of the graph. Next, examine the content. Try to describe the content in words, using “As _(quantity on the x axis), _(type of change, such as increases or decreases), (quantity on the y axis) _(type of change such as increases or decreases).

For example, the graph above could be described, “As time increases from O to 8 seconds, the velocity of Billy increases linearly from O to about 14 m/s. ” One dimensional motion, such as a car trip, can be described using several different graphs. A velocity vs.. Time graph can be used to describe both acceleration and displacement. Acceleration is shown by the slope of the graph, displacement by the area. Their house. They recorded their velocity every second. After they got home, each of them added their data to the graph above. Write

Using physics vocabulary, compare/contrast Billy’s and Crystal’s trip. Be sure to – understand the type of graph that is being used. Center your thoughts around a central idea and write directly to the prompt. Organize your composition in one paragraph with an introduction and conclusion. Use terms such as velocity, acceleration, position, displacement, correct units, direction of motion do not use graphing terms such as slope, up, down, positive, negative write at least 5 sentences sketch a position-time graph and an acceleration-time graph WRITING SCIENCE!


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