Format salon show two identical wheelbarrows of same mass and load being pushed and pulled by a gardener respectively. [1 mark] (b) In the Diagram 8. 1 and Diagram 8. 2, (I) draw the direction vertically force by the gardener on the wheelbarrows handle [2 mark] (it) determine the magnitude of resultant force acting vertically on the road. (the answer is increase or decrease) Diagram 8. Is Diagram 8. 2 is -? [2 marks] Table 8 shows the properties and the method the force acting on the wheelbarrows handle when it brought on the muddy road Wheelbarrow Method the force acting on the wheelbarrow Surface area of tore The track of the tore pushed large More grip pulled small Less grip s Large Table 8 (c) (I) State the suitable method to use by the gardener on the wheelbarrows handle on the muddy road. Reason The surface area of the tore.

Based on your answer in 8(c), which the tore and the way most suitable for carry the wheelbarrow on muddy road. Salon no 11/12 sum 1 1 . You are assigned to study the measurement of the length of wooden block in a living skill laboratory. Table 10 shows the characteristics of the rulers available in this laboratory Ruler ephemeris Smallest size of scale LLC Consistency Kathleen Material banana Thickness Guatemalan 10 High/timing Wood/Kay Thin/nips High/ timing Aluminum Thick/debate 0. Plastic/plastic Low/render Moderate plastic Table 10 (a) What is meaning the accuracy? (b) You are required to measure the thickness of a piece of paper used in a book. Explain how you will measure the average thickness of a piece of the paper . [4 marks] (c) You are required to determine the most suitable ruler to measure the length of the wooden block. Study the specification for all the four rulers in table 10, based on the following aspect. I) the size of smallest scale (it) the consistency reading of instrument (iii) the material of the ruler banana ephemeris tit (iv) the thickness of the ruler Guatemalan ephemeris Explain the suitability of the aspects and Justify your choice Termagant essential aspen-aspen Dan beer kebab papilla and [10 marks] (d) A metal block, 10 keg has a dimension of 15 CM, 20 CM and 30 CM. Calculate (I) the volume of the metal block sipped blob logjam [2 marks] (it) the density of the metal block in SSL unit. [given : ] [3 marks] Japan; Untrue bagging Actual 1.

Boles Jab dalai bent Actual Characteristic Smallest size of scale Small More accurate/ the measurement more close to actual value High High persistence/ small deviation/ the measurement more close each other Material Plastic Flexible Thin Less Parallax error/ Reduce parallax error (more accurate) Mark 3rd or 4th, Mark 5th or 6th and Mark 7th or 8th, But If you don’t make any choice – you will get maximum 4 marks from your reason only If you give the explanation for all type of ruler and choose one of the ruler- the examiner will read for your chosen only (see the example 2)

Smallest size of scale is small More accurate High Consistency High persistence/ small deviation/ the measurement more close each other/ the reading more constant/more accurate Plastic material Thickness is Thin Canton Japan 1 1. The smallest scale is 0. 1 CM 2. The smallest scale is small , 0. 1 CM 3. The smallest scale is small Which the answers will get 1 mark. Canton Japan 2 ephemeris U Menominee Kathleen yang timing, Curran yang dipole’s libel persist, guaranty hamper Sam. ephemeris T Jug Menominee Kathleen yang timing.

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