Interconnectedness’s around the world, cars are used throughout in most people’s everyday life. From Just going to the super market across the road, and going across the country boarder, cars are one of the most essential sources of item, to live a typical life style in developed countries. And although cars seem to look very simple, and can be used very simply, it can be said to be one of the most complicated machines in the world. And to get to the design of cars we use now, billions of hours were spent on research. And most of these hours have been spent Just on safety issues.

Imagine you’re in a car, and a baby crawled out into the road 30 meters ahead of the car. This is not a major issue, as all you have to do is step on the break, and the car will stop before it hits the baby. Believe it or not, 100 years ago, if this happened, the only way for you to avoid the crash was to turn your steeling wheel, as the technology in today’s society did not exist 100 years ago. Also, the roads itself have been designed so sympathetically, to insure safeties for not only for drivers and passengers, but also for pedestrians. Road rules also exist to lessen the amount of ascribable accidents.

Every year, or even every month, cars are getting safety and even more safe, and roads keep advancing, for example, the roads in the Japanese highway are made out of concrete which absorbs water, which means, there is less slipping and sliding of the cars. All these features do not exist Just to save our own lives, but also to save everyone around us in our living community. And this car safety, can be investigated thoroughly through the use of Physics, and throughout the report, the wide world of physics behind car safety will be investigated.

Vehicle Designedly features found in cars are there to reduce the force component of the impulse, or the change in momentum. By reducing the force component of the impulse, the impact on the people inside the car will have less effect. This can be shown through the formula of impulse. Ap = F x t, where Ap is the change in momentum or the impulse, F is force in Newton’s and t is time in seconds. Examples of safety features that use impulse in cars are, seat belts, air bags and crumple zones. 1 . Seat Belts (Impulse/Momentum)A seat belt is one of the most imperative safety features.

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The main idea of the seat belt is to apply a force called the ‘stopping force’ to the body over a long period of time as possible, comparison to the instant shock of hitting the windscreen. As stated above, the formula for Impulse is Ap = F x t. And due to the law of conservation of momentum (which states that, the momentum transferred from one object to another is the same), by increasing the time taken to stop, it means that smaller force is required to reach the same change in momentum. And therefore, smaller force means that less damage is done to the body.

If this person did have a seat belt on, the chance is that, this person will have INN(equivalent to 1 sumo wrestler tanning on you) of force exerted to the person’s body, where the seat belt is touching, which could leave that person with major bruises, which is certainly better than a crushed skull. So one of the most ideal methods to maximize car safety is to improve on the stable’s stretching time. As you can see above, Just 0. 1 seconds of extra stretching time can minimize the force exerted to the body by extraordinarily more less, and therefore, it can be said to be one of the most important safety feature in car safety.

Road Designed a car is to drive on a circular path, there are two types of ways. The first method is using circular motion (and friction) in order to turn. The second method is banking the circular path, in order to use the weight component to help the car turn. 2. Cornering using Circular Motion and Frictional you are driving and you are to turn on a circular path, cornering is depended by circular motion or “centripetal acceleration” by the using the friction of the tires. To find out the force supplied by the tires on the road, the formula for circular motion can be used.

FCC = move/rand this formula can be fixed around to make calculations easier by obstructing the formula for Friction, If= pen. When it comes to cornering, mass is an relative variable, so therefore, when designing a road, the only 2 essential things you have to worry about is, the radius of the circle path, and the speed of the car. Case:Assume a car is trying to turn left in a speed of km/her, to head towards perfectly right angle to the highway.


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