Conclusion The objective of the lab is to help students review on what they learned on Chapter 2, each question serving as an example of questions on a test. The dependent variable is the horizontal distance because of it depending on the Box to know the distance it goes. This shows how the Box is the independent variable because of it not depending on anything. The height of the launch is the controlled variable because you can control how high it is and can move it at any time. Some variables that need to be held constant are the angle of the ramp and air resistance.

The angle of the ramp would need to be held constant in order to have similar outcomes to have an average velocity. Air resistance would need to be held constant because it could cause the time it takes to hit the ground to change and would result in different values for the distance. The mathematical correlation in the first graph is that the horizontal distance seems to increase as the initial velocity increases. The second graph correlation is that as the height of launch, the distance increases as ell but more gradual.

They agree because of the obvious case of the higher a ramp is the farther you go or the faster you leave the ramp, the farther you go. The significance of the slope is that it is close to . 5 and that concludes that as the velocity rises by . 2, the distance would also increase more or less by . 1 . An error that could have occurred would be the ramp moving from side to side. Some changes that would have helped would be having more precise measurements from rulers or buying brand new metal balls.


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