So, the total work done is actually equal to the gravitational potential energy. In the result, it is obviously seen that high percentage error is calculated. It is because there are many ways of committing a mistake in this part.

Some of these factors are assuring the angle and the height and applying an extremely “horizontal force” The y-component of the tension doesn’t affect work done by force. It only changes the direction of the mass. The Ah-PEg graph is linear which has an equation of EH. Xx which means that the slope of the graph is almost the same as the mass of the object. As height of object increases, higher potential energy it restores. With each unit increase in height, work is done against force of gravity and equal amount of energy is stored. Potential energy of an object at the earth’s surface is not zero.

When a body moves away from he earth (I. E increases its vertical distance from the surface of the earth), it has to do work against the gravitational field which pulls the body towards the earth. This work done by the body against the gravitational field is stored as the potential energy of the body. Therefore as we go higher from the surface of the earth the potential energy of our body increases. Huge error, linear trend line is used. The slope of this (4. 67) is somewhat similar to the original equation (4. 9). The total force we had applied in the object is transformed into potential energy as it stops at a higher height.


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