In this image. it showcases a adult male playing a musical instrument called bagpipes which are outstanding and widely used in Scotland and Ireland. Based on the composing of the image. the adult male is likely a instrumentalist from an mean societal category because his pick vesture is typically worn by common mans likely during the Renaissance period. By and large. this illustration depicts an ordinary event in a musician’s life in the early periods. There are many constituents in this image that can state the narrative of this individual image. Lines. forms. colour. shading and proportions are the elements that give life to a portrayal.

For the chapeau. it is a simple caput decoration made from a field cloth. The colour grey with touches of brown suggest that it must had been used legion times. The colour combination gives it an elderly expression doing it in a manner expression fashionable. More so. the flower with a intimation of light purple and babe pink colored petals that is surrounded by a twosome of olive green foliages provided a natural constituent in the musician’s caput screen. At first. it may look that the beautiful flower is wilting likely because of its downward place but if viewing audiences would look closely. the comeliness of the flower resides on its perfect colour combination which exudes harmoniousness.

Additionally. a two-toned colored plume is besides present on the chapeau. It is seamlessly intertwined with the flower. The plume added life on this really minimum chapeau through the blending of the colourss gold and pick. Furthermore. the soft brushstrokes on the strands of the plumes give a sense of motion. It contrasted the stiff but delicate place of the flower. Furthermore. the plume and the flower can be considered as speech patterns of the chapeau that showcases the creativeness of the instrumentalist and his love for things that possess simple yet striking beauty.

On another note. chapeaus are normally are worn out-of-doorss during cheery yearss to protect the face from the beams of the Sun. But on this image. the black background suggests that the clip was about in the eventide or he was likely indoors which justifies the dark background. Meanwhile. the comparatively big lip of the chapeau had cast a shadow on the musician’s face. In a manner. his furrows were partially concealed from the viewers’ line of sight. But if it will be examined closely. the series of lines on the brow and on the mouth country can be considered as the focal points of the facial characteristics.

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These lines indicate that the instrumentalist is likely in his late 40s or early 50s. On the other manus. the eyes tell a different narrative. It is difficult to state whether the arch of the left supercilium and the rotundity of the eyes signify an emotion. He can either be experiencing tired or stolid during his public presentation. The semi-closed oral cavity with ripplings of lines along the cheek country besides adds up to the namelessness of the musician’s emotions. No outstanding characteristic can truly be distinguished doing it difficult to find the outstanding temper of the picture.

Overall. the musician’s face was painted in inside informations. The realistic skin-toned colour of the face accented by a little bloom of ruddy on the cheeks. the stick outing olfactory organ. large black eyes. arched superciliums. bare lips and the all right facial lines made an accurate representation of a male’s physical visual aspect. Furthermore. the beds of closet added more personality into the picture. The instrumentalist is have oning three beds of garments. In the first bed is a white collared long sleeve shirt which is covered by a ruddy V-shaped long sleeve with a broad neckband.

The underside of the ruddy shirt is tightened by a supporter bring forthing subdivisions of scrunched up cloths. Besides. it seems that there is a set of embellishment at the underside of the ruddy shirt which serves as the speech patterns to this apparent piece of vesture. It is apparent from the collar line to the arms that the instrumentalist is have oning superimposed apparels. Besides. the combination of ruddy and white complements really good. The simpleness of the white is balanced off by the strength of the ruddy. The 3rd bed is a coat which has the same colour as the chapeau with a dominant grey tone but with touches of light brown and white.

Besides. the use of dark colourss gave a slimming consequence on the instrumentalist which made him look less compact. The liner of the coat has a similar shadiness with the ruddy shirt but more on the orangish side. Probably this was intended to give continuity and proper blending of the colourss used in the outfit. The whole expression of the apparels did non look stiff because of the creases seen all over the beds of vesture. The creases were elaborately added to add motion in order for the apparels to look like as if they were traveling with the instrumentalist.

More so. these creases or lines contrasted the weightiness of the coat which gave a unstable quality to the whole image. An unusual component was present on the left arm of the coat. This object has a round form with three beds of different sizes runing from little to big. At one terminal is a hole where a ruddy thread was tied which was pinned into the coat. Most likely this object is a type of decoration that represents the musician’s profession or his accomplishments or this could merely be an decoration used for manner intents.

Regardless of its map. the round object adds a touch of luster to the whole garment. Furthermore. the beds of vesture suggest that the conditions was cold and that the instrumentalist needed the three degrees of shirts to supply heat in order for him to properly play his bagpipes. Meanwhile. the bagpipe was illustrated in a impersonal mocha brown colour. Four pipes of changing highs and visual aspect were strategically strewn all over the irregularly shaped leather bagpipe. Because of the different sizes of pipes. it gave an semblance of lift giving some dimension to a level medium.

Besides. the folds on the bagpipe added some motion and tenseness to the image. Furthermore. the custodies of the musician keeping the chief pipe were exactly demonstrated. The venas. the nails and even the lines on the brass knuckss were accurately portrayed. The viewing audiences can truly detect these inside informations which suggest that these custodies have been through a batch of experience in playing musical instruments. Despite the rigidness of the inside informations on the custodies. the manner the custodies were positioned displayed softness and delicacy which is a true grade of a gifted instrumentalist.


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