A. Background of the Study

A Pineapple is a fruit wherein you have to skin off the desquamations to eat it. like any other fruits. The research workers chose this as their undertaking to turn out that Pineapple desquamations have other utilizations. The research workers besides noticed that the households in our state are really practical presents. Alternatively of throwing the desquamations off. many households can gain something from it by utilizing our experiment. They can bring forth a merchandise and possibly get down a concern or they can bring forth it for their ain usage. The research workers wanted to turn out that nil in this universe is useless and desquamations count as utile stuffs excessively. and can somehow help people to utilize their originative heads to do things possible out of such wastes.

B. Statement of the Problem

Our state is sing economic crisis and many Filipinos do non hold stable occupations. Our job in waste direction besides has a immense impact on why the research workers chose this survey to get down with. The wastes in market says it all.

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C. Aims

-To collect most of the desquamations from Pineapple sellers and turn it into a acetum that can be used in cooking or can be the start of a concern. -To teach the sellers how to do acetum out of desquamations so that they can gain excess income.

D. Significance of the Study

The research workers find this survey important in a manner that it can be a key to assist households earn excess income if the procedure is performed good. With this survey. people will be able to do their ain acetum and salvage adequate money from purchasing acetum every now and so.

E. Scope and Delimitation

This survey was delimited to the readying and execution in a manner that we merely used specific fruit desquamations. Namely the Pineapple desquamations. we do non hold any endorse up desquamations for our survey intents. This survey was besides delimited to rating because it was confined to the responses of the pupil and the instructors. This survey covers the usage of Pineapple desquamations that can be utile in both support and environment-friendly facets.


A. Materials and Equipments

Pineapple Peelings which can be found in markets and from stall sellers. – Sugar – Bottles – Strainer – Yeast – Water – Knife

B. Treatment

1. Wash the desquamations exhaustively.
2. Cut into regular hexahedrons ; reassign into a casserole and add adequate H2O to cover.
3. Let it boil.
4. Strain and allow cool to lukewarm.
5. Fix all the needful containers.
6. For every four cups of juice. add 1 cup of sugar and 1/4 teaspoon barm
7. Leave little sum of desquamations into the juice
8. Fill into the bottles and agitation. make non upset.
9. After a hebdomad. take the desquamations and add the acetum starting motor.
10. Agitation for another hebdomad.
11. After 3 hebdomads. the merchandise is available

Consequences and Discussions

A. Findingss

After many tests and mistakes. our merchandise became a acetum. The aroma of Ananas comosus was still present and the gustatory sensation was really similar to the acetum that can be sold from the market. The research workers used two theoretical accounts to stand for the survey. The first one contains Pineapple Peelings and the other 1 does non hold. The continuance of the Fermentation procedure was precisely the same. In both theoretical accounts. the research workers added acetum starting motor to do it more appealing to the odor and at the same clip convincing. At the first hebdomad. the barm started to settle at the underside. The research workers did non mind it because it is portion of the experimentation.

B. Analysis of Datas

The research workers observed that Pineapple desquamations can be made into acetum. The researchers’ aim was pointed out and was implemented. The acetum that is made from the infusion of pineapple desquamation can now be used as a replacement for the commercialised acetum we frequently use.

pineapple desquamations as acetum

-The Ananas comosus ( Ananas comosus ) is a tropical works and fruit ( multiple ) . native to Uruguay. Brazil. and Paraguay. It is a medium tall ( 1–1. 5 m ) herbaceous perennial works with 30 or more trough-shaped and pointed foliages 30–100 centimeter long. environing a thick root. The Ananas comosus is an illustration of a multiple fruit: multiple. spirally-arranged flowers along the axis each produce a heavy fruit that becomes pressed against the fruits of next flowers. organizing what appears to be a individual fleshy fruit. The foliages of thecultivar ‘Smooth Cayenne’ largely lack spinal columns except at the leaf tip. but the cultivars ‘Spanish’ and ‘Queen’ have big spinal columns along the foliage borders. Pineapples are the lone bromeliad fruit in widespread cultivation. It is one of the most commercially of import workss which carry out Crassulacean acid metamorphosis. or CAM photosynthesis.


-we all know that our state today are enduring crisis. That was the ground why I want to establish this survey. cause I want to assist our community to be utile. The Pineapple is a really popular fruit in many tropical parts of the universe. The fruitlets of a Ananas comosus are arranged in two engagement spirals. eight spirals in one way. 13 in the other ; each being a Fibonacci figure. This is one of many illustrations of Fibonacci Numberss looking in nature.

*Statement of the Problem*

-Does the desquamation of Ananas comosus ( Ananas comosus ) can be made as acetum?


-If I use the desquamations of Ananas comosus as acetum. it can be utile to our community because it contains a proteolytic enzyme bromelain. which digests nutrient by interrupting down protein. Pineapple juice can therefore be used as a marinade and tenderiser for meat. The enzymes in Ananas comosuss can interfere with the readying of some nutrients. such as jelly or other gelatin-based sweets. These enzymes can be risky to person enduring from certain protein lacks or upsets. such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

*Significance of the Study*

-It makes my survey of import because the root and fruit are either eaten or applied locally as an anti-inflammatory and as aproteolytic agent. It is traditionally used as an antihelminthicagent in the Philippines. A root decoction is used to handle diarrhoea.

*Scope and Limitations*

-I want to include in my survey the other parts of the Pineapple that has extract so that I will find which portion have more extract. And besides I will statistical trial used to find the possible restrictions of the determination.

*Definition of Terms*

PINEAPPLE ( Ananas comosus )
– is an illustration of a multiple fruit: multiple. spirally-arranged flowers along the axis each produce a heavy fruit that becomes pressed against the fruits of next flowers. organizing what appears to be a individual fleshy fruit.

– is a liquid processed from the agitation of ethyl alcohol in a procedure that yields its cardinal ingredient. acetic acid.

*Review of Related Literature*

-In the USA in 1986. the Pineapple Research Institute was dissolved and its assets were divided between Del Monte and Maui Land and Pineapple. Del Monte took 73-114. which it dubbed MD-2. to its plantations in Costa Rica. found it to be well-suited to turning at that place. and launched it publically in 1996. ( Del Monte besides began marketing 73-50. dubbed CO-2. as Del Monte Gold ) . In 1997. Del Monte began marketing its Gold Extra Sweet Ananas comosus. known internally as MD-2. MD-2 is a loanblend that originated in the genteelness plan of the now-defunct Pineapple Research Institute in Hawaii. which conducted research on behalf of Del Monte. Maui Land & A ; Pineapple Company. and Dole.

-Southeast Asia dominates universe production: in 2001 Thailandproduced 1. 979 million dozenss. the Philippines 1. 618 million dozenss while in the Americas. Brazil 1. 43 million dozenss. Entire universe production in 2001 was 14. 220 million dozenss. The primary exporters of fresh Ananas comosuss in 2001 were Costa Rica. 322. 000 dozenss ; Cote d’Ivoire. 188. 000 dozenss ; and the Philippines. 135. 000 dozenss. In commercial agriculture. blossoming can be unnaturally induced and the early harvest home of the chief fruit can promote the development of a 2nd harvest of smaller fruits.


a. ) Materials & A ; Equipment

*Pineapple desquamations


1. Wash Peels before chopping finely.
2. Add adequate H2O to cover and boil.
3. Strain and allow cool to lukewarm.
4. For every 4 cups of juice add 1 cup of sugar and 1/4 tsp. barm. 5. Fill into bottles and screen with cheese fabrics or tissue paper.

*Result and Discussion*

-I observed that the Pineapple desquamations can be made as acetum and it is utile to our community. Because it is low-cost and Pineapple can be easy found in tropical countries like Philippines.


-There forward I conclude that the Pineapple desquamations can be made as acetum and it is low-cost like any other acetums and besides it is effectual.


-This investigatory undertaking would ne’er been realized without the fiscal support. attempt and unselfish aid of the people who volitionally helped the research worker. In due acknowledgment of all those who contributed to the success of this survey. The research worker extend her deep gratitude and heartfelt grasp to the followers:

First of all. our all-powerful God. the Godhead and Jesus who give life. good wellness. wisdom and counsel to complete this investigatory undertaking.

Ms. Balve Granido our research instructor who gives support and counsel to do this survey successful.

To our parents for the fiscal aid and counsel to the research worker to do her undertaking successful.

To my schoolmates particularly Apple Jane Sajulan. Karen Jane Guzmanand May Ucat who helped the research worker in her survey.


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