Several categories are provided in this essay. The reason was to demonstrate the different ways language can be used to communicate different meanings. For example, on numerous occasions Vive been ask out for a drink when the real meaning was a date or even more in some situations. Mr.. Pinker took the examples to extreme I felt but did convey his meaning well. Hypocrisy is universal, simply meaner that it’s common and even necessary in some situations. Can you imagine a 300 lbs. Woman asking you if a tiny shirt looks good and you saying absolutely not you look like the Goodyear blimp! This is a situation where the truth should be avoided. 4. Humans have trouble conversing because they are worried about being nice or politically correct, whereas a modem is straight downloading with no feeling to consider or whether or not you’re speaking out of urn. . Felicity conditions are when someone gives a command by using ordinary politeness. It is a prerequisite to a sensible request. We all use this on a daily basis for communicating in a civilized manner. 6. Indirect speech is the process of speaking indirectly about a subject matter or creating loopholes in certain documents. Diplomacy is ever-changing and evolving, indirect speaking is a way for a politician to have some wiggle room in certain situations.


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