In the early chapters of the novel we are introduced to pip who is a lonely, poor and vulnerable character. He is also the main protagonist as he is the one narrating the novel in first person. Pip is a lost soul with all his family dead apart from his sister and brother in law the play opens to him in a graveyard placing flowers on his families grave. The scenery behind him is dark, dull and miserable this setting refers to how pip is feeling, this is called pathetic fallacy, dickens also refers to pip in the early chapters as a “small bundle of shivers” this really sums him up at this stage, shivers is a cold and frightening word this creates sympathy for him and makes the audience feel a connection with him.

We are also in introduced to the convict (Magwich) in the early chapters when he rages up to pip and grabs him showing his anger the quote that shows this is “he took me by both arms, tilted me back as far as he could hold me” this show pips fear and anxiety but mainly shows Magwichs power and control, the audience feel scared for pip and are also intimidated by the convict, another quote to present the two is “keep still you young devil or I’ll cut your throat!” this quote is very powerful in the way the convict has control, there is an imperative I this sentence, “cut” is a very sharp and powerful word and the t makes it sound fierce and nasty, the use of an exclamation mark makes the audience feel worried for pip as the power behind it sounds threatening.

Also he threatens pip for food and drink, so pip steals him his food but not without any fear and guilt inside of him as in the film version we see him slouched at the table and is kept quiet. We also see when he is delivering Magwich his food, pip scared to tears imagining the cows calling him a thief and as though they are calling to others to report it. Dickens enhances the protagonists’ characters by creating them with little education and intelligence on how to say or pronounce words correctly as when he says “ours was the marsh country” this shows that they are not upper-class but poor, and that the lack of grammar really adds to the presentation of the characters. The audience here feel very sorry for pip that he has to live like this. Dickens uses characters in the novel to explore his ideas and feelings from social issues of his time, like when his father was put in jail for debt and following him in was his mother and five brothers this relates to the graveyard scene.

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He also uses in the story the reference to when the convicts are sent to Australia to work, in the novel this happens to Magwich but all his money goes to pips inheritance to make him a wealty gentleman just like he wanted to be. Dickens was strongly against capital punishment and he probably mad pip and the convict Protagonists because he wanted the issue to be changed for the better of innocent convicts. Linguistics devises play and important role in the novel to make the play interesting and fun to read, but he also uses them to convey characters like this use of personification in this quote “like a wicked Noah’s ark” this is referring to the prison ship saying that the convicts Are animals, this makes the convicts seem very nasty by the use of “wicked”.

Dickens also uses similies in this quote “except that somebody in the boat growled as if to dogs” this is also referring to the convicts as animals making them seem more and more evil, and the repetition of this reference to animals makes it sound as though they will forever be dogs and not human being, this symbolises to Dickens’s social issues. These two characters are significant later on in the story as both share an undiscovered relationship and connection to that is revealed in the later chapters when an unwelcoming knock at the door takes pip into shock and disgust as all his wealth was provided by the convict all the way through his adulthood.


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