In Poe’s narrative the “The Pit and the Pendulum” he distinctively uses symbolism. repeat. temper and enunciation to state a narrative of hope over circumstance to do this narrative come to life for the reader. Unlike the allergic characters from other narratives. such as the storyteller in “The Tell-Tale Heart. ” this storyteller claims to lose the capacity of esthesis during the faint upon having his decease sentence that opens the narrative. This narrative is different from Poe’s other plants such as this storyteller remains hopeful in his emotional province ; he is able to depict his milieus while besides portraying his emotional pandemonium. We the readers are non given specific fortunes of his apprehension. nor are we given any grounds for his artlessness. Although. even without those inside informations he gives us a celebrated suspense narrative that is violent and in writing yet hopeful and ethically allusive.

The narratives purposes aim at non merely the physical hurting of decease. but the realisation that a victim has no pick but to decease. Whether the storyteller chooses to leap into the cavity or acquire separated by the pendulum. he faces an identical decision —death. This may non be the way any of us want to take in our life clip. but in the terminal. we have no pick. This narrative strives to expose his deficiency of pick while exposing hope when he does what some would name about impossible ; he does non subject to the swooning and recruits his reasonable abilities. When he awakes from his faint. he faces complete darkness. This narrative has plentifulness of symbolism throughout the narrative such as the cavity that represents the cavity of snake pit or the pendulum which like a clock pendulum singing back and forth represents clip. The rats viewed usually as unwanted animals. stand for a 2nd opportunity as they chew through his bindings liberating him to get away from the pendulum. General LaSalle is a symbol that resembles a Christ-like figure who overtakes the corruptness of the church and is the voice of ground. The storyteller used something horrific to his advantage in this narrative. He uses repeat of words such as ill. decease. faint. and down in this narrative. He uses anaphora of sick and down at the beginning of the sentences every bit good as utilizing initial rhyme within his sentences.

Poe used reduplication to escalate the horror and the enjoyment. Effective repeat topographic points accent on a cardinal word or thought such as when he says “… Oh! Horror! —Oh! Any horror but this! ” This story’s temper is full of fearful expectancy. This adult male was saved from the threshold of decease when he thought for certain he was traveling to decease one manner or another. Though he escaped executing. he can non get away from himself. Every paragraph is full of intense descriptions of disking events that will lodge with him the remainder of his life and he won’t be as fortunate to get away from those memories. In “The Pit and the Pendulum” Poe uses scriptural imagination from disclosure such as the tapers. the Judgess. the cavity. the general. the loud blast of many huntsman’s horns and the Inquisition. Although. unlike the bible Poe is conveying the topic in dark imagination and horror whereas. the book of disclosure is all about the judgement of adult male and the terminal yearss. The cavity as I mentioned resembles snake pit and the general resembles a Christ-Like figure. The general rescued the adult male when he had lost all hope and was in his darkest minute. The tapers resemble hope in adult male with Christ. The Judgess and the Inquisition represent the church.

The Judgess resemble the accusers in the church and the Inquisition resembles the condemners. The loud blast of many huntsman’s horns resembles the ecstasy in which takes those who are alive in Christ. The disclosure returns in the signifier of a blast of huntsman’s horns and a 1000 booms. “The Pit and the Pendulum” is an amazing word picture of the ceaseless conflict between triumph and licking. Some people label Poe as a horror author ; nevertheless I think he had an idiosyncratic manner of conveying his emotions. I believe Poe intended “The Pit and the Pendulum” to be a small-scale representation of life and the tests and trials within. He uses symbolism. repeat. temper and enunciation to state a narrative in which is portrayed in a superb narrative.

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