The thought of Pizza Hut® was originated in the twelvemonth 1958 by two college pupils ( Frank and Dan Carney ) from Wichita and Kansas. whom were approached by a household friend with the thought of opening a pizza parlor ; though the thought was comparatively new to most of the Americans at that clip but certainly non the brothers. whom were speedy to anticipate the potency of this new endeavor. though it requires them to borrow about $ 600 from their female parent. with which they purchased some fairly-used equipment and rented a little edifice on a busy intersection in their place town. The consequence of such entrepreneurial attempts did non merely limited debut of the first Pizza Hut® eating house. but besides served as the foundation for what has became the largest and most successful pizza eating house in the universe. Analysis has shown that. over the past four decennaries. they built a repute for excellence that has earned them the regard of consumers and industry experts likewise. Their merchandises have been voted Number One in infinite consumer studies countrywide ; with more than 7. 200 units in the U. S. and 3. 000 units in more than 86 other states. among which is Malaysia. Pizza-Hut’s coming to Malayan Market

It operations in Malaysia began on the 19th of May. 1982. It opened its first mercantile establishment at Yow Chuan Plaza. Kuala Lumpur. Cerebos ( a Singapore based-company ) was the first proprietor until after it had opened about 29 mercantile establishments so it decided to sell out the franchise to KFC Holdings Malaysia Berhad in December 1995. The figure of Pizza Hut mercantile establishments since so has grown to 72 mercantile establishments today. The house was projected so. to turn at a planned mean rate of 10 new mercantile establishments per annum for the following 3 old ages. Vision:

?To be the taking integrated nutrient services group in the Asia Pacific part based on consistent quality merchandises and exceeding customer-focused service. ?To be able to run into with intense competition in the fast nutrient industries. ?To provide her employees with the tools they need in order to be successful. ?To introduce a particular fast nutrient tiffin bundle at a monetary value equal or cheaper to the fast nutrient opposite number. ?To making a alone work environment where everyone counts and knows they make a difference.

Mission statements:
?To strives to continually develop. innovates bing pizza in footings of assortment. gustatory sensation and value in the nutrient industry ; ?Create chance for personal and professional growing and development of all staff by hammering excellence through gifted people ; ?Continue to present client satisfaction through Quick Service Restaurant Operators ; ?Increase market portion and return on investing of the stockholders.

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Servicess at Pizza Hut: Servicess can be defined as intangible offering of values that do non hold physical signifier and provided to a client or client ( William P. Anthony. B. J. Hodge ) . The tabular array below represents the two types of services offers by pizza-hut to her clients. Table 1. 1 Servicess at pizza.

Computerize Servicess
Manual Servicess
?Online order
?Greet clients like invitees
?Free telephone call service for their client.
?Project a positive linguistic communication
?House bringing
?Advertising on their web site and on Television channels about new merchandises or publicity.
?Say please sorry and thank you.
?Given feedback by the client.
?Turn unhappy client into happy 1s.
?Catering for take-away.
?Constant market.
?A insouciant dine-in eating house which cater for household repast.


?Offline: This can merely be defined as the manual minutess between pizza hut and her clients without utilizing cyberspace and it can be done in two ways: Procedure ‘A’ ( Phone calls )
The client will name the Centre office of Pizza-Hut utilizing their Centre figure. and book for a tabular array ; this comprises the clip he/she will get at the subdivision. All his/her necessary information will be saved so that when he arrived. waitress/waiter will now corroborate the engagement and pizza will be served to the client after payment must hold been made to the teller and reception is given to the client. Procedure ‘B’ ( Traditional )

It comprises the migration of the clients from their assorted houses to the nearby pizza-hut eating house for their repasts. without booking for a tabular array before coming. Besides gait to gait speaking between clients and the waitress/waiter after fall ining the cue when telling. Besides reception will be issued to the client etc. Advantages:

I. When a client trek from his house to nearby pizza-hut eating house. which may function as preparation. which is good for wellness by maintaining the organic structure tantrum. II. It may make chance for the client to run into of import people. Disadvantages:

I. Long cue may make client weariness.
II. Too much noise can make lost of concentration.
III. There may be waste of clip in waiting for your bend to come. IV. There may be linguistic communication barrier between the clients and the workers. V. The environment may non be contributing for a peculiar client. VI. Regular visit of the client to pizza subdivision may expose him to some menaces.

Online: This merely stands for the antonym of the offline ; in other ward. it can be define as an act of dealing between pizza-hut and her clients in which the clients will stay in their assorted houses or offices and do order via their web site. Process ‘C’ ( Computerized )

The client will merely logon the World Wide Web. pizzahut. com registry as a user if he doesn’t have an history. so he can do choice based on his/her pick through the bill of fare. while supplying his bringing enquiry. Each merchandise has it’s necessary information attached to it. After 30min of the completed ordered. bringing will be made to the client at his house so payment will be made on the received of the delivered pizza. Booking can besides be made on-line if the client wants.

I. It increases flexibleness and provides easy entree to information on clients. providers. and rivals. II. It provides stimulation to rethink a firm’s scheme and to originate reengineering undertaking. III. It provides more security as client will stay at his/her house and do order. IV. There is really small weariness as clients don’t have to travel from topographic point to topographic point. V. Everything is at that place on the web-site merely for the client to choose and do order. VI. It beautifies the concern by maintaining gait with modern engineering. VII. It promotes chance for pizza to go portion of the planetary economic.

I. Online ordination is geographically limited such that smaller towns might hold really small entree to it. II. Some nutrient telling package may track purchases and administer customer’s information to many different eating houses. III. It may ensue to mistakes that are difficult to repair when it involves a 3rd party bringing. IV. Information about the run outing day of the month of the merchandise may non be included. and this may deter a client who is really active about that. V. Obtaining a dependable. fast connexion to the Internet can be really expensive. VI. There is demand for a high grade of proficient cognition.

Strategic Planning is a planning activity through which one confronts the major strategic determination confronting the organisation ( Laudon 2002 ) . For this strategic program. the undermentioned series of stairss will be used. The figure below shows the procedures undergone in traveling towards a strategic way

Mission: From the company’s missions statement as stated earlier. Aim: This is besides based on the restaurant’s objectives as stated earlier.

The tabular array below shows a brief analysis of pizza-hut utilizing SWOT techniques. to internally analyse the company. More item of this will be in inquiry no. 4. under the description of the eating house characteristics. Table 2. 1

•Strong name and trade name image
•Powerful partnership
• Strong client relationship
•Making a difference
•Ability to transport the two services ( offline and online ) . Failing
•Online ordination is geographically limited such that smaller towns might hold really small entree to it.

•Other major states
•Desire for richer products/ altering gustatory sensations
•Increased importance of vacations. Menace
•Product allergic reactions to client
•Greater environmental concern
•Increase in cost to “keep up” with production.

A value concatenation theoretical account enables a company to sketch specific activities in the concern where competitory schemes are best applicable and where exactly. Information System has great impact strategically. value concatenation theoretical account comprises of 2 mainly activities viz. Primary activities and Support activities. Administration and Management

Human Resource


Inbound LogisticsOperations Gross saless & A ; Marketing Services Outbound Logistics

Figure 1. 2: Value Chain Model ( Source: Laudon ( 2002 ) )
•Administration and Management: Based on the analysis carried. the disposal at pizza is rather cunning merely that they should go on to maintain gait with engineering alterations that happens every twenty-four hours. •Human Resources: Pizza-hut has at least moderate. if non perfect work force planning system. The employee recruitment/ preparation are rather good ; but there must be a demand for a changeless update in order to run into up with the rate at which engineering alterations. •Technology: The debut of Information Technology ( IT ) substructure in pizza has truly helped the house in hunt of her set ends. But it is really critical to maintain upgrading. in order to make the end. •Procurement: This involves buying natural stuffs and ingredients e. g poulets. beef. spices and other ingredients which are used for doing pizza. The house has tried so far to be able to bring forth all the necessary natural stuffs from within the organisation through the usage of agricultural farming e. g. domestic fowl farming. PRIMARY ACTIVITIES

•Inbound Logisticss: There is a good supply concatenation both from within and outside the organisation. which helps pizza to supply a changeless market for her valued clients. •Operations: Pizza’s productions are bettering with the coming of engineering which help the company in running concern both offline and online. •Sales and Selling: The information systems are non bad. merely that there is ever need to consistent in supplying the best for the clients. An debut of Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) system will maintain this changeless. •Services: The ability of pizza to run two types of services ( offline and online ) . is one of many advantages that pizza has achieved over her rivals. •Outbound Logisticss: Delivering finished pizza is rather cunning at pizza-hut.

Table 3. 1. Technologies
ERP System FeaturesSolutions Provided
PeopleSoft Enterprise Application. version 9. 1 Supplier Relationship Management ( Procurement ) . Fiscal Management. Campus Solutions. Enterprise Performance Management. Human Capital Management. Enterprise Service Automation. Customer Relationship Management etc. Helps in enlisting and Staffing the company. Increase productiveness. accelerate concern public presentation. Applications user experience. administration. hazard and conformity direction. prophet application integrating architecture. extended tools and architecture. Database Management System/Server

Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. version 11gDatabase clouding. support for one million millions of records and direction easiness. public presentation and scalability. application development. Reduce waiter costs by factor of 5. improve mission critical systems public presentation by a factor of 10. eliminate idle redundancy in the information lope. simplify overall IT package portfolio etc. Virtualization

Oracle VM Premier Limited three times more efficient than other server virtualization merchandises. Linux and Windows Operating Systems Support. Certification of Oracle Database. Middleware. Applications etc. Support for both Oracle and non- Oracle applications. Enterprise-class waiter virtualization package and support. Lower entire cost of ownership through no licence cost. lower support costs. consolidation of waiters


1. It will cover the development and direction of long term programs of pizza-hut. doing certain that all undertakings tantrums within this program. 2. Care of relationships between pizza-hut. clients and the providers. 3. Designation of calling waies & A ; administration of preparation for the pizza staff. 4. The development of procedures that guide telecommunications. client devices. waiters. scheduling and constellations. certification processs. backup storage and information security. 5. Constitution of outsourcing process options that take into consideration the organizational criterions and aims. Description of the eating house characteristics: The description will be best on the internal analysis of pizza-hut utilizing SWOT format as shown below.

Table 4. 1
?Pizza Hut served 50 million pieces of garlic staff of life. utilizing about 12. 500. 000 cloves of garlic ?Pizza Hut uses the equivalent of 525 million lbs of Portuguese tomatoes each twelvemonth and more than 700 million lbs of pepperoni per twelvemonth to do its pizzas. ?Presence of many mercantile establishments around 72 within Malaysia.

? New bringing characteristic to hike consumer convenience.
?Wireless Credit/Debit Card Payment Facility.
?‘Hot on Wheels’ Mobile kitchen which travels across the state supplying oven hot pizzas at out-of-door maps and events.
? Powerful partnership.
?Strong client relationship.
?Ability to cook up to 100 pizzas in one hr. Failings:
?Online ordination is geographically limited such that smaller towns might hold really small entree to it.
?Long cue may drive away some clients.

?Availability of economic constituent.
?Expansion chance.
?Demands of different gustatory sensations.
?Awareness addition
?Regionalisation to heighten operational efficiency.
?Better bearer advancement chances.
?Branches in many states.
?Serving a host of large clients including telecom Malaysia. tenaga national and Toyota Malaysia.
?There is extended Corporation’s Entrepreneur strategy
to the integrated domestic fowl farming sector which can assist carry through the turning demand for birds from subordinate companies.

?Product allergic reactions to client
?Threat of upcoming competition
?Lowering duties on franchising and licensing
?New entryway like Domino’s Pizza in Pakistan’s market can impact their market portions.
?Social factors can impact their image as a Western organisation. ?Greater environmental concern.
?Increase in cost to “keep up” with production.
?Presence of rivals.

Important concern procedure in pizza:
1. Full services: They are the traditional pizza hut offering a sitting service and takeout. 2. Home services: They offer place bringing.
3. Restaurant based bringing: They are full service eating house combined with a bringing and takeout. 4. Express units: This offer a batch of chance to spread out into nutrient halls and other busy retail locations ; with about 24 express units. 5. Franchise:

Business schemes: The scheme is explained in the below diagram.

Suggested scheme information system:
•Using Business Process Reengineering to re-transform the company’s concern procedure by taking full advantage of the latest engineering available in the market. •Making usage of an endeavor system to ticket tune the company’s concern flow and taking the advantage of the endeavor system’s extended faculties such as Customer Relation Management and Supply Chain Management. •Utilizing the most advanced Database engineering.

•Adopting PeopleSoft’s ERP system engineering
•Upgrading the Internet’s web platform to present our drawn-out services to our valued clients.
•Using virtualization to enable us to work with/on different applications and platforms. Benefits for the eating house:

•It will assist in enlisting and staffing the organisation.
•It will assist in increasing productiveness at pizza.
•It will besides speed up the concern public presentation.
•It will assist in advancing the applications user experience.
•It will besides governance hazard and conformity direction.

Management of alteration and invention:
Top Management will go on to play great function by funding every bit good as guaranting policies that will advance Pizza-Hut by guaranting that the organisation is maintaining gait with engineering alterations which happens about every 2nd. this will guarantee invention within the organisation at that place by puting Pizza-Hut in front of her rivals. Parameters will be set to command and mensurate client satisfactions level. engineering and merchandise invention. relationships between providers. Pizza-Hut and the clients etc.

SWOT analysis and value concatenation theoretical account were used to analysed and investigate pizza hut both from within and outside the organisation. Servicess were investigated ( on-line and offline ) . jobs were outlined every bit good as possible causes that lead to the job particularly with the offline services which happens as a consequence of technological quandary. IT and IS solutions is being designed to advance stableness and criterion of the concern in order to guarantee client satisfaction throughout the concern lifetime while adhering to the organization’s vision. A well defined scheme is besides being devised for Pizza as an ultimate strategic motion for the company. which will assist in maintaining gait with engineering alterations. The scheme will enable the company to ever set along with the latest engineerings in the IS and IT market.


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