The intent of this class work is to develop and pull off a major IT undertaking and put in a new IT system. Microsoft Project 2007 will be used to delegate suited names to assorted undertakings and delegate suited clip and cost based on cognition without altering the predecessor of the undertakings. And it is besides used to make the work dislocation construction ( WBS ) and define critical way of the undertaking. Microsoft Excel dispersed sheet will be used to expose the clang clip and cost computation of the undertaking.

Harmonizing to the coursework, IT undertaking has to be developed and managed by the undertaking director. So, this undertaking which is developed is based on developing the web site for the infirmary. Harmonizing to the coursework, suited undertaking names and undertaking agendas will be assigned for this undertaking. So there will be chief undertakings and sub undertakings in this undertaking.

We assume that after undertaking induction, undertaking planning, demand shaping and specification will be done in analogue. The database design undertaking will be carried out after be aftering the undertaking and specifying the demands and we assume that database design can get down their undertakings while in the center of finding the specification undertaking. We assume that both develop website paradigm undertaking and construct website design undertaking can be run in analogue. These two undertakings will non be run earlier than Database design undertaking because we assume that those two undertakings can non be start without cognizing the design of the database. Website Implementation undertaking will be started after developing the database design, website paradigm and edifice web site design. Testing will be operated after website execution. Each undertaking has their sub undertakings.

In the induction undertaking, the bomber undertakings such as Assign undertaking director, define undertaking squad, make undertaking charter and charter signed will be involved.

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In the undertaking planning stage, the bomber undertakings such as brand squad contract, determine undertaking range, reappraisal undertaking range and undertaking range approved and find cost undertakings will be involved.

In the define demand stage, the bomber undertakings such as define user demands will be involved.

In the specification stage, the bomber undertakings such as define system demands, define hardware demand, specify proficient demands undertakings will be involved.

In the Database design stage, the bomber undertakings such as define standardization, define entity relationship, cross cheque, define field and field size, produce certification and database execution undertakings will be involved.

In the develop website paradigm stage, the bomber undertakings such as choose templet and tool, draw throw-away paradigm undertakings will be involved.

In the build website design stage, the bomber undertakings such as website layout design, define site hierarchy and construct website user interface for Hospital undertaking will be involved.

In the physique website execution stage, the bomber undertakings such as concept infirmary front terminal web page cryptography, concept infirmary back end web page cryptography and bring forth study and unit proving undertakings will be involved.

In the Testing stage, the bomber undertaking such as Integration proving, system proving, system proving, credence testing and proving sign-off will be involved. Mile rock will be occurred at the sub undertaking of proving sign-off. The followers is the screen shooting of the undertaking Gantt chart.

Fig ( 1.0 )

2.2 Critical way of the undertaking

After delegating the suited undertaking a name and undertaking agenda in the undertaking, a critical way appears in the Gantt chart of the undertaking. The critical way is A, D, G, H, I.

Fig ( 1.1 )

2.3 Crashing the undertakings of the undertaking

Harmonizing to the coursework, we have been asked to crash the undertaking continuance by 4 hebdomads. So, we have to look into the options available in crashing the undertakings. We besides need to cipher the cost for the crashed undertaking. So, we made three different options in crashing the undertakings of the undertaking.

While crashing the undertakings, we do non cut down the continuance of first four undertakings such as induction, undertaking planning, and specify demand and specification because we assume that we need adequate continuance to garner the right information from the clients.

So, in the clang option one, we cut down the database design undertaking, develop website paradigm undertaking, construct website design undertaking by one hebdomad.

In the clang option two, we cut down the Database Design undertaking by two hebdomads. We besides cut down the undertakings such as develop website paradigm and construct website design by one hebdomad each.

We cut down the two undertakings such as database design and website execution by two hebdomads each in the clang option three. And we besides calculate the cost of the three clang options and compare the cost of those three options. Then we choose the clang potion two because the entire cost of the clang option two is less than the other clang options. The followers is the cost of clang option one, clang option two and clang option three.

Fig ( 1.2 )

Appendix A

Section 3. Description of cost computation in excel dispersed sheet

Harmonizing to the coursework, a robust spreadsheet theoretical account is required to do the computation of clang costs. We choose the clang option two to cipher the cost in excel dispersed sheet. We need to look into the cell proof and cell protection of the excel dispersed sheet. Furthermore, we need to execute the cell computation for the excel dispersed sheet so that we use some expression in cell computation. The expression we use are as follow:

Clang cost per week= ( Max Crash Cost-Normal Cost ) / ( Normal Time-Crash Time )

Max Crash week= Normal Time-Crash Time

Actual clang cost= Crash Cost per Week * Actual Week Crashed

Grand Total Cost= Normal Cost + Actual clang cost

Entire Normal Cost= SUM

We check the cell proof of the excel dispersed sheet with comprehensive trial program and trial log. The undermentioned figure is the excel spreadsheet sheet theoretical account of the clang option two.

Fig ( 1.3 )

3.1 Test Plan


Trial Name


Test cell protection


Test watchword login to entree excel spread sheet


Test cell proof


Test cell computation

3.2 Test Log

Test No.

Column Name

Cell No


Test Value



Normal Time ( hebdomads )


& A ; lt ; 0


Error message will look because value is less than 0.


Crash Time ( hebdomads )


& A ; gt ; Normal Time


Error message will look because value of clang clip is greater than normal clip


Normal Cost


& A ; lt ; 0


Error message will look because normal cost is less than nothing


Max Crash Cost


& A ; lt ; Normal Cost


Error message will look because soap clang cost is less than normal cost.


Actual hebdomad crashed


& A ; gt ; Max clang hebdomads


Error message will look because Actual hebdomad clang is greater than max clang hebdomads

Appendix B

Section 4. Screen shooting of presentation

This is the cover page of the presentation.

Fig ( 2.1 )

This page explains the item topics which will be included in the presentation.

Fig ( 2.2 )

This page shows the chief undertaking of the undertaking

Fig ( 2.3 )

This page shows the Gantt chart of the undertaking.

Fig ( 2.4 )

This page shows the web diagram of the undertaking and critical way of the undertaking.

Fig ( 2.5 )

This page explains the expression which will be used in computation of clang cost of the undertaking in excel dispersed sheet.

Fig ( 2.6 )

This page explains how we crash the undertakings of the undertaking.

Fig ( 2.7 )

Fig ( 2.8 )

This page shows the comparing of the costs of the clang options.

Fig ( 2.9 )

This page explains how we choose the clang options.

Fig ( 2.10 )

This page shows how we calculate the clang cost of the clang option two.

Fig ( 2.11 )

This page shows the web diagram of the crashed option two.

Fig ( 2.12 )


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