The ‘self-image is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the ego image and you change the personality and the behavior. ( Maxwell Maltz ) Sociology is a systematic manner of analyzing the societal universe. It seeks to detect the causes and effects of intercommunication and interaction that in societal relation. While the functionalist provided a inactive position of society. Functionalism views society like a biological being. The parts or establishments of the being or society map suitably to guarantee the whole construction works expeditiously and efficaciously.

They believe that the whole has greater power than the single parts. The three chief purposes and aims of functionalism are to keep order. stableness and equilibrium in society. ( Functionalist and Marxist Perspective ) Max Weber ( 1864-1920 ) . a German sociologist and a coeval of Durkheim’s. besides became a professor in the new academic subject of sociology. Weber besides believed in societal actions as an action responsible by the person. He believed that the single demand to take history for his ain actions to be considered societal.

Weber defined societal action as an action that an single takes and attaches significance and is witting of the action. The person must besides take into consideration how others react to their actions. If the person is non witting of their action so it can non be termed as societal action and if they do non pay attending to the reaction of others for their action so it’s non societal. On the base point of the socialist. they need to happen out the significance of the action of the person. From this. Weber took on the realisation of societal actions into societal interactions – the interaction of persons.

He did non take into history faith. household. work or school. Marx. on the other manus believed that societal actions leaned to a great extent on economic constructions. but Weber did non hold because he believed they influenced the response of the action. Weber besides had his positions on faith as an influence on societal action. He believed that faith stemmed what is called the spirit of capitalist economy or Protestant ethic. Religion one time believed that since they were the lone true faith that they had no concerns and will ever be saved.

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Protestants came in with the thought face-to-face to this belief and so changed people’s perceptual experience of being saved. They so believed that fiscal success is a approval from God and so began populating economical lives. puting money to do more money. Hence this brought about the position of capitalist economy. On the other manus. Weber nevertheless had a different position on societal actions as to functionalism. Functionalism believed that society is a whole unit made up of interconnected parts that work together. Functionalism believed that for a society to work in harmoniousness they must work together as a whole.

Durkheim believes that society is composed of many parts. each with its ain map. When all the parts of society fill in their map. it’s a normal province. If they do non so it’s unnatural or pathological. This major difference of these positions of society is their degree of analysis which is micro-sociological and macro-sociological. Micro-sociological examines little scale forms of societal interaction which is the position of interactionism. whereas macro sociological examines big scale forms of society which is the position of functionalism.

The micro-sociological facet of society. like Weber. believes in the persons and what influences or causes their actions and the reactions of others based on the actions. The macro-sociological facet. like Marx. believes in the larger image of society as a whole with each portion working together to accomplish a map. Both functionalism and societal interactionism has their varied positions of packs in society. Functionalism does non back up packs because it makes society unstable. Functionalism believes in society as a whole which makes it stable.

Functionalism looks at packs and how they contribute to or take away from society. Gangs contribute to society since they classify people into different identifiable groups. supply an illustration of rebelliousness. and animate the development of establishments of societal control and entire establishments. They detract from society in that they separate persons from the chief watercourse of society and there is a deficiency of societal integrating. Socialists like Weber. would look deeper into the ground behind packs. Gangs. although portion of society. but non considered a portion of society since it has no map which shapes a stable society.

Gangs are made up of little groups of people as small and three persons. Harmonizing to The Oxford Study Dictionary. “A pack is a figure of workingmans working together or a set of people traveling about together or working together. particularly for some condemnable intent. ” They form a pack for a ground and act upon it. Their action is as a consequence of their beliefs and they are accountable for their actions. It becomes a societal action as the reaction of packs form a negative portion of society as determined by many.

The societal action. as Weber describes. gives a better apprehension of packs. since functionalism looks at packs as a negative portion of society. Social interactionism positions packs as a agency to society accomplishing a end. whether negative or positive. They look deeper into the persons who make up the pack and the intent of the pack. Peoples in our hapless urban Caribbean centres will be encouraged to fall in packs because they are unable to accomplish socially recognized ends through legitimate agencies. Gangs could be seen as pioneers or accomplishing societal ends through an illicit procedure.

Persons in the Caribbean articulation packs for a assortment of grounds. illustration for individuality acknowledgment that is accomplishing a degree of position that can non be achieved within the society ; for protection because pack members protect their members ; family or brotherhood since packs serves as an extension of the household where the members are called their brother ; bullying and peer force per unit area as being forced to fall in a pack to turn out a point ; the fact that gangs causes the person to experience of import particularly if this is missing at place ; where they really join a pack to execute condemnable Acts of the Apostless since they are assured protection and net incomes of the group.

Because of the huge grounds for fall ining a pack. it is to be considered chiefly by the socialism since they look into the grounds or underlying significance behind the action of the person. In the Caribbean people join packs for many grounds and since Weber expression at the action behind the person for their action I think he best explain a better apprehension of why people in the Caribbean articulation packs. Harmonizing to The Jamaican Gleaner people join packs for a sense of intent. belonging and value. hence the person logical thinking behind it all. We all face the ailments of society yet merely a few articulation packs yet the bulk does non. We are all a by-product of our environment ; nevertheless we do hold an single pick of conformance.

So. what makes a few articulation and the bulks abstain. It boils down to the individual’s reaction to the state of affairs that propels them to fall in a pack. Weber’s societal action theory of one’s ain single witting pick of fall ining a group is the driving force here. True. society does impact one’s actions to move in a certain manner but if this provides a better apprehension of why people in the Caribbean articulation a pack why non the bulk join a pack? Why merely a few articulation packs in the Caribbean? I believe that it is the single ain personal witting determination to fall in a pack provides a better apprehension. Weber looks deeper into why the person articulation a pack.

If it is the society so harmonizing to Durkheim our society should be in a pathological province since the bulk does non fall in a pack. The job in the household is the 1 major driving force behind immature people fall ining packs. They do so for a sense of belonging harmonizing to the Jamaican Gleaner. The single ain witting determination semen to play here as to why they join a pack. They do so in an attempt to make full in the nothingness. The pack provides them with a new household and brotherhood. Peers pressure people to conform to a certain manner of life and a pack is no different. One’s equals are portion of the people whom they associate with because they are at school or workplace and so forth.

Peers tend to hold a great influence on the single determination they are face with on a day-to-day footing. so they have to do that pick of yielding to the force per unit area or overmastering it. They must each do that witting pick in agreement with Weber theory of societal action. As mentioned in the debut. Greg is an illustration of why people join a pack for protection. Greg was good on his manner of doing a witting determination to fall in a pack ; once more taking to the point that people make an single ground for fall ining packs in the Caribbean.

In decision. It is my belief that both the functionalist who believes that society should work as a whole. one unit and the sociologists who states that its all about the action of the single both contribute to the manner people behaviour and the impact each theory has on society.


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