What are the different types of psoriasis? B. What causes psoriasis? 1. How do you get psoriasis? 2. How can you prevent psoriasis? C. What are the symptoms of psoriasis? 1. How can you treat it? 2. Is psoriasis contagious? Body: I. Psoriasis is a dry, scaly skin disorder.

A. There are seven types of psoriasis. B. They differ in many ways. 1. Plaque psoriasis Is the most common, It usually lasts for years. 2. Gutter psoriasis starts In early childhood, they are thinner than plaque. 3. Inverse psoriasis don’t have scales like all the others. 4. Pustules psoriasis is uncommon and usually appears in adults. 5. Erythrocyte’s psoriasis Is least common, but It Is very serious. 6. Nail psoriasis occurs In up to half of those who have psoriasis. 7. Psoriasis arthritis is very common in those who have been suffering with psoriasis for at least ten years.

II. It is usually caused by the immune system being mistakenly triggered and causing skin cells to be rapidly reproduced. A. There is a genetic link and it tends to run in families. B. There a many ways to keep psoriasis from flare-ups’. 1. Keep skin moisturizer. 2. Avoid dry, cold weather. 3. Get some sun. 4. Reducing alcohol intake, especially in males. Symptoms include a constant shedding of dead cells, intense itching and burning, and red, patchy skin. A. There are a few ways you can treat breakouts. 1 . Some over the counter medicine can help with psoriasis. OFF notations, but those who do have psoriasis may suffer from social exclusion and discrimination. Conclusion: I. Psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder that causes the human body to create skin cells at an ABA- normal rate, causing the skin to shed ten times the normal cell production. II. Psoriasis is not uncommon, and those who do suffer from psoriasis can not help it. I will gladly try my best to answer any questions at this time, I apologize in advance if I am incapable of answering any of the questions. Thank you for giving me your full and undivided attention, now I would like to give the floor to


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