Chapter 1 The Problem Introduction Automated Inventory System designed to facilitate the number of items sold in a day. On the other hand, it will also automatically determine the needed items to be ordered in the specific number of days. This system resolves a lot of problem and can minimize deficiency in the determined of the sales and incoming stocks needed in an establishment. Background of the study In the year 1993 Benjamin Chining build a small Merchandise named Chining Consumers for Whole sale, and Retail Grocery stocks.

It has been successfully manage by Mr.. Chining by 20 years past they realize that by upgrading their Merchandise they need to use Computerized rather using Manual every day. By using computerized system in inventory it could assure the exact computation, back- ups for the documents and notification for all the stocks that coming in and out. “The first time I manage my Mini Mart by using manual it’s really hard to make a list of my products and making inventory. I had experienced losing a big amount of money because of using manual inventory.

We also lose a big percentage of our products that we couldn’t easily identify the products expiration. Alex Scott-2005)” In the local scene, by using manual it may affect to the valued customers, which without even knowing that the products they were selling was already expired. In that case 50% it might lose the trust of the costumers. “When I was handling a business it’s to hustle to make a list either inventory, it takes a lot of time to compute step by step which it could affect to my costumers that I couldn’t entertain them well. Will Baker-2011)” “In my experiences of managing a store it takes a lot of efforts and time to list the entire product by using manual, you need to hire someone to compute for the entire rice that delivered in my establishment. Dean Clarion-2008)” The researchers found out that using manual on computing, listing all the stocks in, and writing the entire documents it could be hard for them to enhance their daily inventory.

While in cashiering department they only using calculator which they cannot proper entertain those customers who’s going to pay, and they can’t assure the exact computations. This study aimed to propose a system that could present an automated inventory that easily input or compute a number, and to be notified all the products that Statement of the Problem The study endeavors to implement the Automated Inventory and answers the following question: 1) What would be the process on having automated inventory? ) What part of the automation affects the problem of the establishment? 3) What is the advantage of automated inventory system? Objectives of the study The key purpose of the study is to obligate an Automated Inventory System. This would facilitate automation to any products that enrolled in any executable files. Below are objectives: 1) To organize all the files that products delivered on establishment, and automatically computes all the stocks in and also to be notified all he products that could be Refund. ) To have back-ups off all entire documents, easily inputting numbers by using computerized system rather than manual, and to implement Automation in system. 3) To make the work easy in monitoring and control stock flow of the establishment. Scope and limitation of the Study This study, Automated Inventory System focused on automation in entire documents of the establishment, especially in creating inventory this could only applied on programming languages such as Visual Basic.

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This study also provided to access and views the automation inventory for administration only The system allows he admit to Add, edit, delete and accept data of those particular products that has been purchased, received and delivered. It also easily identifies its prices, quantities, name of product and the manufacturing and expiry date. This study was realized through the intensive efforts of the 3 members of the group. The researchers started to develop this study from the month of July and were able to complete on a month of coming September 2013.

Significance of the study The proposed study will be significance endeavor in improving the inventory system of the chining merchandise by upgrading the merchandise regarding to their uncial aspects. It would be beneficially to the owner Mr.. Benjamin Chining that instead of using manual everyday spending a lot of time doing computation, documents and inventory in automated inventory system it could be easily for them to facilitate the number of items sold in a day, it will also automatically determine the needed items to be ordered in the specific number of days.

This study will also be beneficial to the customers are rest assured that the payments are well computed. Definition of Terms * Programming language- in computer science, artificial language used to write a Similar to natural languages, such as English, programming languages have a vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. * Endeavors- to make a serious and sincere effort to achieve something. * Visual Basic- Sometimes called the Rapid Applications Development system is used to build applications quickly.

CHAPTER 2 RELATED LITERATURE This chapter involves the systematic identification, locating and analysis of documents containing information related to the research problem being investigated. It also sells at the relationship of the proposed research to the previous concluded research. LITERATURE REVIEW Inventory Control Systems “According to Animosity (19950 [1 1], Inventory control – in whatever sense it applies to your business- can be done manually, of course but you can almost certainly do it faster, cheaper, and better by automating some or all of the inventory control process. ” Animosity (19950 [1 1], found that the four aspects of inventory control: counting and monitoring the items actually in inventory; recording and retrieving the precise locations of items in inventory; recording changes to inventory frequently and precisely enough so you make possible accurate inventory control; and anticipating inventory needs well enough to re-order Just in time and to plan for inventory handling requirements. Computerizing your inventory system brings you the potential for improving sales and profits through better analysis of inventory trends, including patterns of delivery and demand.

It will almost certainly pay a significant return on your investment (4). This really spells why the automation of inventory is apparently very much needed and not only computerizing but also with the appropriate software. ” Types of Inventory Manual Systems * Fixed re-order stock level. The fixed re-order stock level is whereby the business decides the minimum level of stocks it can tolerate and then re-orders before the stocks reach this level. * The exact timing will depend how long the stocks take to arrive.

This minimum level is set so as to be able to give time to the suppliers. * Fixed time re-ordering, the firm re-orders stocks at a fixed time each month or week. Stocks. * Economic order quantity, firms usually estimates what is needed and order at once. * This method is used at the beginning of each yearly quarter. * Just-in-time production this method involves keeping stocks to an absolute minimum and the raw materials are ordered only when they are needed. * It was developed in Japan.

It deals in the production of goods. This can be wonderful for helping to reduce the need for working capital, but requires a very high level of organizational skill and a very close relationship with suppliers. These fours methods would suite the company that employs them but still, the manual work is too much plus the related problems that come with it. Combining the four methods and automating the whole inventory control process will give that particular organization a very big boast in managing its inventory.

Caskets(2003) [6] stated the problems that exist with manual inventory record system as being inconsistencies incurred when entering products onto stock cards, increasing volumes of stationery used, making it hard for the workers to identify the stock cards in time. Inventory management is one aspect of business computing that enhances a company is business performances so as to reap big from the business venture being undertaken. Maintaining too high e level of stock items with a limited shelf life can only result in wastage and unsold stock. “According to Siberia (1996) [8], Inventory in most organizations is the largest single investment. Its therefore sensible that the management understands what it is and also effectively controls it, and due to this new era of system automation there is need to computerize every system in the organization to reduce on the problems associated with manual systems. Effective inventory management is, therefore about implementing strategies to meet or exceed customer related to products availability by maintaining a sufficient stock of each of stock item, which will also maximize the convenience organizations profits.

How can one maintain this aspect or come up with it? Automation of inventory will effectively maintain a sufficient buffer stock for the smooth Running of the organization. ” “Academia (2005) Inventory control in the store business is important because these businesses depend on the rapid turnover of inventory items with a limited shelf life at relatively small margins. The store must be able to satisfy the customers by being able to supply the desired commodities when required. The stores shouldn’t have a large amount of capital tied up in the inventory items lying in the store.

Inventory is the value of firm’s current assets that are shown on the balance sheet, generally at ND of the accounting period, which does not maintain a detailed record of the actual inventory kept during the accounting period. Persons in charge of managing the inventories in a business must follow certain steps and perform an accurate inventory control system in order to avoid highly costs due to over stocking matters. Such is how important is inventory is to an organization that it must be really taken seriously. “Amour (2004) [2]in his project Automation of Business Transaction, whereby he focused on the system to be able to track the records of customers, orders as well as roving the reports on business transaction. The project was mainly to deal with production and sale of items in the establishment putting emphasis on production organizations. This mainly tackled issues concerning organizations dealing in production and able to offer discounts unlike Victoria Ins glass Ltd that cannot offer discounts and does not dealing production but it offers services by selling licenses.

Inventory control in the convenience store business is important because these at relatively small margins The automation of the inventory system will hence help angers make the right decisions because information will be rightly available and in a correct format. Computerizing your inventory system brings you the potential for improving sales and profits through better analysis of inventory trends, including patterns of delivery and demand. It will almost certainly pay a significant return on your investment hence the significance of Victoria Ins glass Limited automating its inventory management system. Importance, Purpose and Functions of Related Literature and Studies A survey of review and related literature and studies are very important because it serves as the inundation of the proposed study. Related literature and studies serve as a guide for the researcher in pursuing his research venture. Reviewed literature and studies help or guide the researcher in the following ways: 1. They help or guide the researcher in searching for or selecting a better research problem or topic. By reviewing related materials, a replication of a similar problem may be found better than the problem already chosen.

Replication is the study of research problem already conducted but in another place. 2. They help the investigator understand his topic for research better. Reviewing related literature and studies may clarify vague points about his problem. 3. They ensure that there will be no duplication of other studies. There is duplication if an investigation already made is conducted again in the same locale using the same respondents. 4. They help and guide the researcher in locating more sources of related information. This is because the bibliographies of a study already conducted indicate reference about similar studies. 5.

They help and guide the researcher on making his research designs especially in: * The formulation of specific questions to be researched on. The formulation of assumptions and hypothesis if there is any. * The formulation of conceptual framework. * The selection and application to the methods of research. * The selection and validation of research instruments for gathering data. * The selection and application of statistical procedures. * The analysis, organization, presentation and interpretation of data. The making of the summary of implications for the study. The formulation of the summary of findings, conclusions and recommendations . . They help and guide the researcher in making comparisons between findings with he findings of other researchers on similar studies with the end view of formulating generalizations or principles which are the contributions of the study to the fund of knowledge. Literature * Literature is a term use to describe written or spoken material. The term is most commonly used to refer to words of the creative imagination including works of poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction. Literature is the art of written works. It is the body of written works of a language period or culture.

Literature is published in written works in a particular style or particular subject. Literature is the mirror of life. Our life and all the subject are related to our life is the subject matter or element of literature. So we can get the touch of our life trough literature. Automation * Automation refers to the use of computers and other automated machinery for the execution of business-related tasks. There are many different reasons to automate. Increased productivity is normally the major reason for many companies desiring a competitive advantage. Automation also offers low operational variability.

Variability is directly related to quality and productivity. Other reasons to automate include the presence of a hazardous working environment and the high cost of human labor. Some businesses automate processes in order to reduce production time, increase manufacturing flexibility, reduce costs, eliminate human error, or make up for a labor shortage. Decisions associated with automation are usually concerned with some or all of these economic and social considerations. Aside from the studies presented, some related literature regarding Automated inventory system also helped the researchers in coming up with a solution to the problem.

Analysis of the related studies helped the researchers in creating and assessing possible solutions that would best fit for the client. The analysis of the studies revealed that a computerized inventory can be considered as an effective solution to improve the process of the establishment in terms of speed and accuracy in calculation. The studies also revealed the data or information can be managed easily without having to pile up lots of paper as the time passes and reports can be generated automatically without having to create another document and individually adding and checking each entry. CHAPTER 3


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