Apartment a. Phone Call, split screen Lola on the and Manna in phonetic b. Black & White recall of events during phone conversation I. Store for cigarettes, moped gets stolen II. Taxi goes to wrong street can’t get Manna iii. Manna doing Job lb. Manly walking v. Subway VI. Bum evil. Manna runs forgets money bag VI”. Rennin’s going to kill me k Loll’s glass shattering scream 5. Lola Spinning 6. Living Room a. Loll’s mom b. Animated Lola on TV . She’s In the stairwell .

Street a. Lola running 8. Papa’s Office a. Discussion between him and his mistress 9. Street b. Guy on Bike- peek into future he marries waitress he’ll meet moments later c. Woman Pushing baby- bad future 10. Accident near bank a. Confrontation 11. Manna Phone booth a. Blind woman that lent Mann’ a phone card 12. Street a. Lola runs past bum 13. Papa’s office a. Lola comes in. B. Loll’s glass shattering scream c. Escorted out as she’s being denied by father. 14. Outside Bank (“papa’s” building) b. Lola starts running again 15. Manna in Phonetic 16. Emergency Vehicle on Street .

Lola talks to driver as she runs alongside it. 17. Outside Bole/ Lola running a. Manna holds it up b. Lola at Bole window. C. Lola starts helping Manna rob Bole 18. Street a. Lola and Manna attempt to run. B. Cornered by police c. Lola is shot fatally 19. Lola flashback a. Her and Manna in bed. 20. Loll’s phone falling back onto the hook a. Loll’s Mom in living room 21 . Animated Stairwell a. Lola falls 22. Street b. Bumps woman with baby-accompanied by a peek into her future, lotto winner c. Guy on bike- peek into guys future, he’s homeless. D. Manna phone booth e. Lola causes accident f.

Bumps into bum 23. Papa’s office a. Lola comes in, interrupting argument. B. Leaves 24. Bank Lobby a. Lola grabs gun b. Holds papa hostage to rob bank 25. Street a. Police don’t think Lola robbed bank and shoo her away from the scene 26. Street with Ambulance on it. A. Lola asks for a lift, he says no. B. Ambulance shatters glass being walked across the road. 27. Outside Bole, Manna/Lola running a. Clock b. MANN’! C. Manna gets hit by ambulance 28. Manna Flashback a. Manna and Lola in bed 29. Money bag and phone fall simultaneously a. Alternate story begins 0. Animated Lola in stairwell a.

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She doesn’t fall 31 . Street a. Woman with baby-snapshots into future show her becoming religious b. Guy on bike 32. Food stand a. Guy on bike sells his bike to the bum 33. Street near bank a. Lola doesn’t cause accident b. Lola running c. Papa walking to car 34. In front of bank a. Misses papa. Upset 35. Manna Phone booth a. Blind woman turns his attention to bum riding by on bike. 36. Papa and Mr.. Meyer in Car a. Car accident. 37. Street b. Stops when almost hit by a truck c. Notices Casino 38. Casino a. One 100 chip b. Roulette, same bet twice. . Glass shattering scream as ball is about to settle d.

She wins the money 39. Casino Shout a. Everyone staring at Lola b. The clocks ticking 40. Street a. Manna pulls gun on bum to stop him and get his bag back b. Bum hands bag over, Manna gives him gun c. Manna runs away 41 . Street a. Ambulance stops before hitting glass b. Lola hops in the back for a ride, has calming effect on patient. 42. Intersection where Manna was a. Lola hops out of ambulance b. Calls out for Manna c. Manna gets out of car that he was in with Ronnie 43. Street a. Manna and Lola walk away with 100,000 dim Lola is in the Casino and wins the money, starting after she enters casino floor.


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