The poem “Lonely Hearts” by Wendy Cope is a little too dramatic in my opinion. In the poem, she writes about a man who is seeking for someone to love and that will love him back because he is lonely. In the poem the lines “Executive in search of something new?perhaps bisexual woman, arty, young, Do you live North London? Is it you? ” (7-9) informed me that this guy is so desperate to find somebody that he would settle with pretty much anyone that came along. I believe that no one should rush into something like that, no matter how lonesome you are.

I understand that the man has been solitary for quite some time now, but he shouldn’t lower his standards Just to be able to find someone to keep him company. At the very end of the poem, Cope writes “Please write (with photo) to Box 152. Who knows where it may lead once we’ve begun? ” (16-17). Is he Just giving his address out for anyone to see? This man, in my view, is not thinking very smart; I don’t like this poem because of the plot it has. It has a very odd mood to it, and it was a boring, unusual poem to me. Unlike “Lonely Hearts”, I actually liked “The Chimney Sweeper” by William Blake.

This poem is very emotional, and it really made me realize how good of a home life I really have. Blake informs in his poem about young boys who spend their life sweeping chimneys, getting filthy from the soot, and not being able to experience a real childhood. It also made me appreciate how kids get treated in today’s time. Back in the day like most kids, those boys were put to work at a very young age. For example, “There’s little Tom Decree, who cried when his head, that curled like a lamb’s back, was shaved: so I said “Hush, Tom!

Never mind it, for when your head’s bare you now that the soot cannot spoil your white hair. ” makes you think that the little boy is referring to not only soot ruining Tom’s hair, but that it will ruin anything that it gets into like the boys lives. The way William Blake uses rhyme in his poem makes it easier and more fun to read. At the end of this poem, it left me feeling sentimental towards those boys. Even though they had miserable lives cleaning chimneys every day at the crack of dawn, they still always did what they were supposed to do in hope of it one day getting better for them.

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