Poe? S? Pit And The Pendulum? And? Masque Of The Red Death? Essay, Research Paper

In Edgar Allan Poe? s? The Pit and the Pendulum? and? The Masque of the Red Death? , the writer uses different symbolism to exemplify the image of decease. In both of these narratives, decease is the concluding consequence of a penalty, the terminal of a human? s life. However, in the first narrative, Poe shows us that there exists something in human? s life that is more awful than decease. And in the 2nd narrative, Poe tells us that decease is inevitable and it is useless if you try to get away it.

From the beginning of? The Pit and the Pendulum? , Poe starts to demo us the despair and the panic the storyteller feels in the prison. He is entirely and lost, he can? t see anything and hear any voice. It makes him experience hopeless and scared. The complete dark cavity where the Inquisition shuts the storyteller up creates an ambiance of decease and fright. The fact that the cavity is an abyss makes the readers think of decease. In add-on, the ceiling of the prison where a immense pendulum with a scythe bent shows that the storyteller? s life is in danger. The image of decease becomes clearer when the storyteller finds out that the pendulum is in gesture. ? But what chiefly disturbed me was the thought that it had noticeably descended. I now observed- with what horror it is gratuitous to say- that its neither appendage was formed of a crescent? ? ( 68 ) . Death becomes impossible to forestall in this instance. Particularly when the pendulum keeps traveling down. As Poe describes, ? Down- still unceasingly- still necessarily down! I gasped and struggled at each quiver? ? ( 70 ) However, when we all wait to see the terminal, the storyteller is saved by the rats. This unexpected alteration gives us a message that life is full of unexpected and we can ne’er lose hope.

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But a more impossible thing happens right after the flight from the pendulum.

The prison ( the cavity ) becomes hot like a het Fe. Furthermore, ? a richer shade of ruby diffused itself over the envisioned horrors of blood? ( 72 ) Here, we can do a connexion between blood and decease easy. Once once more, the storyteller? s life is in threat. Fortunately, the storyteller is saved at the last minute, but the panic and the fright he feels during that period seems more terrific than decease. In fact, Poe shows us compare to the affliction the storyteller suffers in the cavity, decease becomes a alleviation. In some state of affairs, decease is non the most awful thing a human can hold, in the antonym ; decease can assist us go forth from the hurting.

In the 2nd narrative, ? The Masque of the Red Death? , Poe depicts a wholly opposite state of affairs. Death, in this instance, becomes an terminal. First of wholly, the prince? s name, Prospero, means felicity and prosperity and this are what the prince

has in his life.

He chooses to get away when there has a pestilence. Alternatively of assisting his people, he leaves with his prosperity and continues his epicurean life. It shows clearly his selfishness and in the world, it is the ground why he has to be punished and has to decease. The fires in each of the suite suites represent in fact decease. ? ? a heavy tripod, bearing a brasier of fire that projected its beam through tinted glass? .But in the Western of black chamber, the consequence of the fire-light that streamed upon the dark hangings through the blood tinted window glasss? .bold plenty to put pes within its precincts at all. ? ( 58 ) This description produces a cryptic ambiance in the West in contrast to those Chamberss at east. This can associate to the form of the Sun? s motion. The dawn in the east represents new life of a twenty-four hours. At the other manus, the sundown in the West means the terminal of a twenty-four hours and darkness. Poe, in his narrative, ever uses darkness to visualise decease, as in? the Pit and the Pendulum? .

Furthermore, the vitamin D? cor of the black chamber is in fact a symbol of decease. As Poe describes, ? The window glasss here were scarlet- a deep blood color. ? ( 58 ) The relationship between blood and decease is an indispensable facet because Poe wants the reader to hold a ocular image of the blood fluxing down the walls as a signifier of decease. This is an obvious mention to the? Red Death? . When the masked? Red Death? makes his visual aspect, he moves quickly from the eastern room ( the beginning of life ) to the western room ( the terminal of life ) . In add-on, Poe describes that the prince hastes? hastily through the six Chamberss? ( 61 ) , but when he approaches to the black room, he stops and falls dead upon the black rug. This signifies that decease can non be avoided even Prospero attempts to forestall from it. Significantly, the visual aspect of the? Red Death? at midnight is besides symbolic. This is the terminal of a twenty-four hours and no uncertainty, represents the terminal of life. Poe demonstrates that decease is something we can ne’er foretell. Besides, decease is the biggest penalty a human can hold, because life is the most cherished thing a human being? s ain. When one loses one? s life, it means this individual loses already all has.

Worlds ever try to forestall decease. It is true that no 1 wants to decease. But Poe shows us, by his two narratives, that decease is non prevented. However, if we think in a different point of position, decease is non ever a bad thing. Between everlastingly pain and decease, I think most of the people will take decease. If we can understand this rule, decease will go less atrocious.

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Images of decease in? The Pit and the Pendulum? and

? The Masque of the Red Death?


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