The Title of this verse form is “Dulce Et Decorum Est” which translated from Latin agencies “it is sweet and right” . From this it can be deduced that the remainder of the verse form will speak about something that is “sweet and right” . possibly award. Yet merely by peeking at the 2nd line it is apparent that the intensions behind the rubric are likely sarcastic. as there is nil “sweet and right” about “cursing through the sludge” . The full verse form reads like a scene out of a horror film. in which the soldiers in it are consistently being taken down by the most barbarous gas onslaught. Alternatively of picturing the soldiers as loyal heroes deceasing for a God cause. the verse form high spots their agony. Most significantly it highlights the hapless conditions in which they “live” ; and the manner they’re humanity is stripped off from them. The really first stanza sets up the scene. in which work forces in catatonic provinces “trudge on” whilst “cursing through the sludge” despite the atrocious conditions they are enduring. They are all “lame” . “blind” . and “drunk with fatigues” ; so much so that they are “deaf” to the dismay sounds that might salvage their lives. Here we see a displacement in tone ; where before it was a melancholic hapless image. now it becomes a frenetic terrorizing minute of baffled terror. There are cries of “Gas. Quick. Boys” . The short. crisp bids adding to the sense of urgency.

Meanwhile the “fumbling adjustment of the gawky helmets” adds a sense of defeated craze to the tone of the verse form. The tone shifts to one of dismaying item of the one “boy” ( non even a adult male ) who does non acquire his mask on rapidly sufficiency and suffers the effects of the gas. The male child “floundering around like a adult male on fire” . with perfectly no manner of stoping his torment. “before my incapacitated sight” Once more the tone displacement. and this clip the talker makes it clear that these are images that haunt him in his slumber: “… I saw him submerging. in all my dreams” . Within a surrounding “green haze” he watches as the male child lunges at him in lame despair “guttering. chocking. drowning” . The following displacement in tone is abrupt. as the talker addresses the reader precisely. This creates a image in your caput. of a war veteran who is stating you the narrative of his experience yet he keeps joging as if he is live overing the haunting minute. Then the talker suddenly realizes he is turn toing person else and refers one time more to “you” .

“You excessively could gait behind the waggon that we flung him in” . which implies that his hurting is so great it does non count if he is “flung” onto the waggon. because the hurting he is in can non compare to any other hurting. Finally comes the concluding subject where the talker is pointedly turn toing the audience. “if you could hear. at every jar. the blood rippling from his lungs” . if you could see the images “obscene as malignant neoplastic disease. bitter as the cud” painted on “innocent tongues” . you would non make as you do now. You would non promote immature male childs to put on the line their lives for this glorification. You would non blindly recant the old stating “dulce et decorousness est pro patria mori” . If you knew the world of war. you would non be so speedy to promote it. It is the artlessness of those who participate in war that makes the message so powerful. This atrocious decease is non go oning to some foreign enemy. nor is it the by-product of some baronial forfeit. It is the actual corruptness and devastation of an inexperienced person who is the by-product of a state that celebrates war and award. Thematically this is a review of war that uses shockingly existent images to demo war’s true face. It says. ‘there is no award in deceasing this manner ; there is no glorification in war. merely unpointed slaughter. DULCE ET DECORUM EST ( 1 )

Bent double. like old mendicants under pokes. Knock-kneed. coughing like beldams. we cursed through sludge. Till on the haunting flairs ( 2 ) we turned our dorsums And towards our distant remainder ( 3 ) began to slog. Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots But limped on. blood-shod. All went square ; all blind ; Drunk with weariness ; deaf even to the hoots ( 4 ) Of tired. outstripped ( 5 ) Five-Nines ( 6 ) that dropped behind. Gas! ( 7 ) Gas! Quick. male child! – An rapture of groping. Suiting the gawky helmets ( 8 ) merely in clip ; But person still was shouting out and faltering. And flound’ring like a adult male in fire or calcium hydroxide ( 9 ) . . .

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Dim. through the brumous window glasss ( 10 ) and thick green visible radiation. As under a green sea. I saw him submerging. In all my dreams. before my helpless sight. He plunges at me. guttering. ( 11 ) choking. drowning. If in some suffocating dreams you excessively could gait Behind the waggon that we flung him in. And watch the white eyes wrestling in his face. His hanging face. like a devil’s sick of wickedness ; If you could hear. at every jar. the blood Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs. Obscene as malignant neoplastic disease. bitter as the rechewed food ( 12 ) Of vile. incurable sores on guiltless linguas. My friend. you would non state with such high gusto ( 13 ) To kids ardent ( 14 ) for some despairing glorification. The old Lie ; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori. ( 15 ) Wilfred Owen


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