Situation: The Boston Beer Company is a publically owned regional trade brewery headquartered in Boston. Massachusetts. Known for its high quality trade brews. it is considered a little. independent and traditional American brewery. Recognized by the name Samuel Adams. the trade beers are brewed in Boston. Ma. Cincinnati. OH. and Breinigsville. PA. Major brews include the Boston Lager. and Sam Adams Light along with 50 other drink choices under typical merchandise lines such as our Seasonal Brews. Brewmaster’s Collection. Barrel Room Collection. Forte Beers. Limited Release Beers. Twisted Teas. and Difficult Ciders. The Boston Beer Co. distributes to all 50 provinces every bit good as 20 international states including Canada. Germany. and Australia. The company produces two and a half million barrels of beer yearly and makes up less than one per centum of the United States beer market. The Boston Beer Company has been one of the taking trade beer makers since its origin in the 1980’s.

However. the beer industry has seen recent alterations in the market portion between trade beer makers and the larger companies of MillerCoors LLC. and Anheuser-Busch. Due to an aging population in America. beer ingestion is decelerating and consumers are valuing quality over measure. Therefore. the trade brewing industry has seen a 14 % encouragement in overall gross revenues even with a 2 % diminution in beer ingestion as a whole. Witnessing this growing within the trade brewing industry. the market is certain to see a moving ridge of incoming competition.

Problem: The job as it stands. although non instantly dashing. is the hazard of losing credibleness and market portion amongst the trade brewing community. Samuel Adams has held such a strong place within the trade brew industry for some clip. it doesn’t seem as if it is at any hazard of falling from its base. However. the hazard is really existent so. Not merely are at that place legion benefits for new entrants to interrupt into the market right now. but large house beer makers are discreetly taking advantage of this growing every bit good. The figure of new entrants in the market is up 11 % from last twelvemonth. and it’s no admiration with recent developments for draw a bead oning trade beer makers. Due to the long-standing successes of the Samuel Adams trade name and its stance as the lone publicly traded trade brewing company. the trade name is besides at hazard of losing its local trade brewed image. which has been revered for throughout its upbringing.

Cause: With consumer tendencies tilting towards the penchant for quality. flavourful brews over mass-produced light beers. higher gross revenues have resulted overall. which our company should be profiting most from sing our place within the market. Alternatively. our top-line outlooks for following old ages growing in gross has been lowered to 1-2 % per barrel. Following. with the debut of legislative measures pressing tax-cuts for little breweries. cutting the $ 7 per barrel in half for the first 60. 000 sold. current rivals and new entrants will be taking advantage of those enhanced net incomes. Last. with the $ 100. 000 in little concern loans we provide each twelvemonth. new rivals will surely be happening their manner into the trade brewing market finally.

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On top of these issues. choose other rivals provide an wholly different menace to our market portion. Many of the loyal trade brew consumers are incognizant that strong rivals such as Blue Moon. Shock Top. Leinenkugel. and Goose Island are in fact wholly under the ownership of large beer makers such as AB InBev and SABMiller. Furthermore. many are besides incognizant that these major beer makers besides own important equity bets in rivals such as Red Hook. Widmer. and Kona. which they sell through their mass distribution channels exhibiting them as independent. locally owned small-business beer makers. As I have illustrated. the Boston Brew Company must see the menace of these current and incoming rivals and must take advantage of this booming clip for trade beer makers.

1. In order to keep or derive extra market portion. one solution could be to research international enlargement chances. Not merely does our company already have international acknowledgment and coactions with German beer makers. but the Boston Brew Company has greater fiscal ability than many viing trade beer makers to take on such an enlargement. American trade brew gross revenues are up 52 % in Europe as of last twelvemonth. of which Samuel Adams has gained a big ball. Samuel Adams has besides earned awards worldwide for our trade brews. farther exemplifying a planetary grasp and therefore demand for our merchandises. Developing an international distribution location could farther spread out the brand’s planetary acknowledgment and hike one-year gross revenues. which would finally gain the Boston Beer Company a greater market portion worldwide.

2. Another possible solution for Boston Beer Co. would be to take advantage of this growing in trade brewing by developing coactions. partnerships. or acquisitions with other major and minor trade breweries throughout the U. S. Through partnering or geting other successful breweries. the company is non merely back uping other little beer makers and the industry itself. but we would besides be deriving a greater market portion and extra grosss. This may turn out good to both the grosss and net incomes of the company every bit good as the monetary value of stock and demand for portions in the market.

3. With the long-standing successes of the Boston Brew Co. and the recent debut of the company being the merely publicly traded trade beer maker. many believe it has lost its nickel-and-dime image. The company was founded on the ideals of back uping little concern and quality trade brewing. nevertheless. we are no longer a little trade beer maker and hazard losing the trade name image we were one time founded upon. Therefore. my 3rd proposition for a solution would be to recover our relevancy as a local trade beer maker through catering selling and merchandise development to stand for merely that. By conveying the company to revisit its roots through new merchandises. and encourage ideals of tightly knit vicinity through selling. the Samuel Adams trade name could add value back in the eyes of consumers.

Decision: My determination for work outing this job would be the 3rd option of reintroducing the Samuel Adams trade name to the consumers as a local quality trade beer maker. Through developing a new selling run and presenting a new line of local brews to the American consumers. we can remind our clients that. although the company has seen great successes. our beginnings were merely every bit modest as many local trade beer makers today. The company has non lost sight of our quality trade brewing rules and will decline to be overshadowed by newer trade beer makers prophesying the same ideals. American consumers appreciate witnessing the successes of the smaller rivals. which in todays beer market. we still are really much an underdog to human dynamos like InBev and MillerCoors. Simply put. the Boston Brew Co. needs to derive back that American grasp for being one of the first pioneering trade breweries. and needs to remind the American people that we will non be forgotten in visible radiation of the turning competition within the trade brew industry.

Action Plan: The run should be budgeted to about one tierce of the company’s one-year advertisement budget. which comes to about $ 10 million. The undertaking should take no longer than 8 to 10 months. and advancement should be measured based on quarterly ratings to guarantee it remains on path. The first measure would be to develop a squad dedicated to the re-branding of Samuel Adams. A section of the squad would be responsible to research historical values of trade beer devising in America and to capture the kernel of what makes trade brewing so extremely valued. Another section would be dedicated to the aesthetic and design of selling ads and merchandise labeling for the new line of merchandises. This squad would necessitate to carry on market research on design facets that evoke a historical feel. yet still appeal to a really modern market of trade brew partisans.

A 3rd section of the squad would necessitate to be dedicated to capturing the indispensable spirits of what makes the Samuel Adams trade name so valued. while besides capturing a local historical brewed spirit that can appeal to beer drinkers everyplace. It is likely that there will be opposition from stakeholders. because we are basically altering the manner consumers view our trade name. Many stakeholders value the trade name as it is presently depicted and has been depicted since its start but confidence shall be stated that one time a market alterations. trade names must follow suit so every bit to non be forgotten or left behind. Stakeholders must understand that even though the image of Samuel Adams may be somewhat altered one time this undertaking is complete. the high quality merchandise and strong ideals upon which it stands will ever stay.


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