Jabing Fun At Personal Ads Essay, Research Paper

To the SWF with a Ph.d. : Basically, I? m a nervous individual. I? ll tell you now that I? ve ne’er had a day of the month, but I merely know that we were meant to be. The things you look for, ? slender physique, cognition of the Wicca faith, and the ability to distinguish between Van Gogh and Picasso? depict me to a tee. I can? t delay until our nuptials twenty-four hours, which should be shortly because I? m about over two hills. Did I mention that I? m a nervous individual? Refering the line of your ad saying? Slim physique is a great feeling of a adult male? s true character, ? good, I may non really fit that petition. I agree that a slender physique is attractive ; nevertheless, I know of many fat people that have great personalities. I? m non stating that I? m fat, instead compact or big-boned. The job is that I don? t fell my weight good. Actually, the truth is I look like a gnu covered in tartan and khaki. I have more pelt on my dorsum than all 11 of your cherished Persians. To exceed things off, I have an incomprehensible olfactory property that creeps out no affair how much Cologne I bath in.What I lack in the looks section, I surely make up for by my cognition of witchery. I? ve realized something about you smart biddies ; you ever have some overzealous beliefs that are certain to be contested ( adult females? s right to vote, for illustration ) . I? ve got this one though ; I? ve seen every film vitamin E

ver made concerning witchcraft: Hocus Pocus, The Craft, and best of all, The Wizard of Oz. I have also memorized portions of Bewitched for our first date. Can you really turn Samantha into a dog by wrinkling your nose? I?ve always wondered that. As my hero, the Wicked Witch of the West would say, ?I?ll get you my pretty,? and your eleven Persians, too. I hope you also like a guy with a sense of humor.As for the differentiation between Picasso and Van Gogh, I?ll be completely forward with you: I have no clue who those people are. I ran upstairs and asked my mom who Picasso was and she told me that it?s the name of a cat I had when I was five. If Van Gogh is another cat?s name, Picasso was cross-eyed, bob-tailed, and could never find the litter box. I?ve done it. I?ve successfully filled your requirements in a man.I feel that we have connected on some level. Please call me when you?re free and we?ll plan our date. I?ll have to request that you pick me up because my mom?s car is a horrible ride. While I wait for that phone to ring, because I know it will, I?ll be looking for our first house on the internet. I just want you to know that there is a little place in the jumbled sock drawer of my heart where you match up all the pairs, throw out the ones with holes in them, and buy me some of those neat dressy ones with the weird black and red geometrical designs on them.


I'm Niki!

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