Police Brutality In The Us Essay, Research Paper

Police Brutality in the United states

Picture if you will a beautiful cheery afternoon in the center of San Francisco, Ca. A local group of bicyclers, known as Critical Mass, gather for a peaceable drive through the metropolis. The monthly drive was designed to advance the thought that motorcycles are a positive option to autos. Alternatively of the normal hundred or so riders a mass of 6,000 or more bicyclers gather for the drive. There was a address from the city manager and so they set off to cruise the metropolis, lead by their ordered constabulary bodyguard. Now picture your ego, mongering along basking the sight in forepart of you. Suddenly you see congestion in front of you. & # 8216 ; What & # 8217 ; s the job? & # 8217 ; you ask your ego. & # 8216 ; Are those police autos obstructing the motorcycle class? & # 8217 ; You come to a halt. You hear a disturbance about the bodyguard being called off and the bulls halting the drive. Suddenly, with your motorcycle at a complete halt, you are torn off your motorcycle by two bulls and throw to the black asphalt. Scared and worried, you try to collaborate every bit much as possible so that the constabulary officers don & # 8217 ; t confound you with a condemnable. Your helmet comes off your caput, the tegument on your weaponries and legs bruised and split as you are brought to lye on the land. Three Cops, one threatening with Piper nigrum spray and another with his public violence chiropteran cocked back ready to swing. The last bull feeling he needs to confine you by coercing you to remain down with his articulatio genus jammed against the castanetss in your cervix. Panic sets in. & # 8216 ; WHATS HAPPENING, & # 8217 ; you scream in and outside of your caput over and over once more. & # 8220 ; Hey you got the incorrect cat, I didn & # 8217 ; t do anything, & # 8221 ; you insist. No, they don & # 8217 ; t have the incorrect cat because after the maltreatment you are arrested for improper assembly. While this drive, organized with the SFPD, was to be a peaceable trek through the metropolis. When it ended 200 rockerss and non-involved bystanders had been viciously attacked by jurisprudence enforcement. One informant described the manner the officers handled them egos, & # 8220 ; The constabulary were reasonably awful about it, and I didn & # 8217 ; t see any rime or ground to it. & # 8221 ; ( Zamora, # 1 ) Police ferociousness is an all to frequent offense, non merely in our states major metropoliss but all over the state. The existent offense is that the officers that commit these flagitious Acts of the Apostless get off scot-free.

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Police base to & # 8220 ; protect and serve & # 8221 ; the people of this state from those who commit offenses, this is their credo and they are sworn to it. Still these incidences of maltreatment happen more than you would believe. But why? Regardless of the pledged curse and processs they are to adhere to, constabulary officers are traveling to transport out their occupation in conformity with their ain personal beliefs. ( Bauman, # 3 ) Each officer & # 8217 ; s perceptual experience and opinion of a state of affairs will be different due to their ain prejudices. In most instances where people had been unnecessarily attack these knave bulls were involved. These prejudices can be anything from on the occupation experience to certain racialist and political beliefs. One illustration of this is the Rodney King whipping, in which several white bulls beat a black adult male who was to the full collaborating with them during his apprehension. The officers & # 8217 ; actions involved were subsequently proven to be racially motivated. ( LA Times, # 4 ) How can let one adult male or adult female to transport out their personal blood feuds, taking their single ideas and actions and keeping their jurisprudence above what should rightly be done. Keeping them above their responsibility, which there are sworn to. Keeping them above the Torahs of this a, democratic state. Keeping their emotions above our civil autonomies that allow our citizens to be free.

How frequently does constabularies ferociousness occur in this state. Here are some statistics collected during a canvass sing

these bad bulls and their actions. In 1996 the Bureau of Justice Statistics conducted state broad study refering the Publics contact with Police. It stated that there are 663,535 pledged officers in merely the province and local jurisprudence enforcement bureaus state broad. That works out to around 25 pledged officers for every 10,000 U.S. occupants. 1 in every 5 people 12 old ages or older, that’s 45 million, had had face to face with an officer in the last twelvemonth. Out of those surveyed 1.2 million were handcuffed with 500,000 or more people stating that the officer used force. Not endangering to take them to imprison but these officers had hit, held, choked, sprayed with chemical spray, or threatened with a gun these half a million citizens. That’s 1.3 million, in 1996 entirely, abused by constabulary. These rogue officers seem like the felons, when guiltless citizens are treated like violent criminals.

Unless we want these people to go on intruding on our autonomies with impunity, we must stand up. Unless we speak our sentiments and allow our voices heard, these rogue & # 8216 ; defenders of the peace & # 8217 ; will maintain acquiring off with it. We can & # 8217 ; t allow them win by seeking requital through force ; we must make the one thing they hate, allowing every individual in this state no WHAT IS go oning and WHO IS accountable. If we do non we will hear more head lines like, & # 8220 ; Recent events left four adolescents shooting and one adult male kicked to the land by Providence constabularies have given organisations incentive to contend to keep police. & # 8221 ; ( Berlin, # 5 ) If there should be an incident of maltreatment, the parties involved will be held straight accountable, face immediate penalty, and the event will be made public. Why should we hold this individual acquire off with slaying? Start a & # 8216 ; Wall of Shame & # 8217 ; , naming the victim & # 8217 ; s, and other informant & # 8217 ; s histories. If these people know they will be caught they will discontinue their actions.

From what I have said you may acquire the thought that every constabulary officer is on a holy campaign or is by and large out to acquire you. This is non true ; most constabulary officers are good, lovingness, and levelheaded people. They make the right determinations coming from a impersonal and indifferent head. It is merely the opprobrious bulls that cause these offenses. The bad bulls thrive as a school bully does, striking fright in heads of his victims ; that any reference of the truth to the principal will take to a whipping on the basket ball tribunal. The bully merely has power when the childs are divided as persons. So they rally together to stand up to their bully as one. We to will stand against this sedate unfairness, these toughs among work forces. Acting together we the people by the people will stand. Stand against these misdemeanors of our trust. Today take your base, make what is right. Make non fear them because you are armed with the power of your head, and the sound of your voice.


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