Political Ideology Essay, Research Paper

An political orientation is a reasonably coherent and comprehensive set of thoughts that explains and evaluates societal conditions, helps people understand their topographic point in society, and provides a plan for societal and political action. When people fall under certain political orientations such as Communists or women’s rightists we are robbing them of their individualism. There are an infinite figure of beliefs, so political orientations should be infinite as good. The few political orientations are non realistic for the one million millions of persons. It is non possible to group the full population into the limited figure of political orientations. Not everyone follows all of the dogmas of a certain political orientation. For illustration, a women’s rightist could want equal rights for adult females in the workplace and in public, but at the same clip want males to command all facets of the authorities. Therefore, she would non be a true women’s rightist, and it is unjust to label her as one. Political political orientations should be more of an single belief instead than a group label.

On the other manus, political orientations are highly helpful in legion facets of human lives. They help people understand history and aid describe and measure the states and communities of Thursday

vitamin E yesteryear. Peoples can larn from past errors and repetition past accomplishments. Today s society now can now see both the positive and negative effects of a Communist society through researching the Soviet Union and it s past. Political orientations besides help us categorise other states, but one time once more we can non categorise the single people of the state. Peoples are educated through researching political orientations.

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Freedom is indispensable in any political orientation. Without freedom you one time once more lose the individualism of the individual or province. Freedom is what helps make the political orientation and without it there would non be the legion political orientations that are in this universe today. Freedom is a controversial subject. There are assorted types of freedom and different grades of these types of freedom. When analyzing an political orientation, we must look at its usage of freedom and what type of freedom it is concerned with. Freedom plays a cardinal function in all political orientations.

Political orientations perform a figure of undertakings. From mislabeling to educating, people use political orientations in both positive and negative ways in their lives. Political orientations are indispensable in the survey of political relations and the universe. In order to understand political relations we must foremost understand political political orientation.


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