Political Parties Essay, Research Paper

As I rapidly near the legal vote age, I find myself faced with a large determination

; should I register as a Democrat, as my sires before me have or, look into

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into some of these other political parties. -After much consideration, I decided

to see what all the disturbance was approximately. What a surprise it was to me to see

that there were parties other that Democrats, Republicans and Liberals.

Political parties server some utile intents in the U.S. political system.

They are, in fact, ready to hand vehicles for carry throughing one indispensable intent of

political relations & # 8230 ; .winning elections ( 1 )

In the approaching pages, I have given at least a brief description of the Political

Parties I have found. The 1s that interested me the most I researched more

in deepness.

Until I began researching this paper, I truly ne’er dreamed there was this

many political parties & # 8230 ; ..I had merely heard of Democrats and Republicans. Boy

was I in for a surprise.

1. American Reform Party & # 8211 ; free-standing, national group that officially split

from Ross Perot and his Dallas-based Reform Party. ; On October 3 to 5,

1997, an historic convention of province Reform Pprinciples of reform espoused

by Ross Perot, the new party has officially split from Mr. Perot and his

Dallas-based Reform Party. arty functionaries was held in Schaumburg, IL. The

American Reform Party ( ARP ) was established as a democratic, self-

government, and free-standing national party.

( 2 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //dir.yahoo.com/Government/U_S__Government/Politics/Parties/

2. Communist Party U.S.A. ; Marxist-Leninist working-class party that

unites Black, Brown and white, work forces and adult females, young person and seniors.

For some ground, I could non even be attentive to this info. I guess it is a

predjudice instilled in me since a kid

3. Confederate Party of America & # 8211 ; Now this caught my oculus. I am a

member of the Confederate Sons of America ( ggrandfather and ggrandfather

were Confederate Soldiers ) so I thought this one would truly be deserving

looking into, but as it turnd out, I do non believe a batch of common sense is

used here. The Confederate Party believes in get rid ofing the IRS and

set uping a National Gross saless Tax ( NST ) and is supposed to be a party of

common sense. The Confederate Party believes in a authorities that our

establishing male parents designed & # 8212 ; a authorities that serves us & # 8212 ; the people. The

citizens of the United States are non retainers to the authorities. Americans

should non be enslaved nor dependent upon a authorities that systematically

violated the Constitution of the United States of America. Election after

election has given us Republican and Democratic disposals that are

incapable of pull offing the state & # 8217 ; s personal businesss aptly, rightly, or legitimately.

The Confederate Party supports State & # 8217 ; s Rights and guaranting the inalienable

right of every American to Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of

Happiness by supporting the Fundamental law of the United States of America. We

believe in get rid ofing the IRS and set uping a National Gross saless Tax

4. Constitutionalist Party & # 8211 ; new political party dedicated to the

promotion of human autonomy and attachment to the U.S. Constitution.

? Creator & # 8217 ; s Rights Party

5. Democratic Party? Democratic Socialists of America,

Democratic Party stands non merely for working people, but for conveying people who are

hapless and disenfranchised into the system to do us all a portion of a better society.

Democrats frequently refer to themselves as the Part of Hope, and refer to their opposite number,

The Republicans, as The Party of Memory. Democrats believe in traveling on. As Senator

Ted Kennedy one time said, & # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; the cardinal entreaty of the Democratic Party has ever

been grounded in the rules of equity, chance, equal justness for garlic and a house

belief that the mission of authorities is non to stand on the out of boundss, but to be active in

prosecuting these ends for the people. & # 8221 ; ( 4 )

Our household has been Democrats for coevalss but when I ask my pa for a

definition of a Democrat. His answer was merely, & # 8221 ; Hes a darn good adult male & # 8221 ; .

You don & # 8217 ; t even want to cognize his definition of a republican.

6. Green Party This Party & # 8217 ; s first precedence is said to be value-based political relations, in

contrast to a system lauding development, ingestion, and non-sustainable

competition.They believe in an alternate, independent political relations and active,

responsible authorities. They believe in authorising citizens and

communities and offer hope and a call to action.

7. Labor Party, A dream it is, sounds good but would ne’er work


1. Amend the Constitution to Guarantee Everyone a Job at a Life Wage

2. Pay Discharged Workers Two Calendar months Severance for Every Year of Service

3. Restore Workers Rights to Form, Bargain and Strike

4. End Bigotry: An Injury to One Is an Injury to All

5. Guarantee Universal Access to Quality Health Care

6. More Time for Family and Community

A 32-Hour, 4-day Work Week, Double-time Minimum for All Overtime,

An Hour Off with Pay for Every two Hours of Overtime, 20 Mandatary

Paid Vacation Days for All, One Year Paid Leave for Every Seven

Old ages of Work

7. Protect Our Families? Paid Family Leave, Flexible Working Schedules,

? Low-cost Child and Elder Care for All, Mandatory Minimum Pensions for

All, ? Guaranteed Adequate Annual Income for All

8. Ensure Everyone Access to Quality Public Education

9. Stop Corporate Abuse of Trade

10. End Corporate Welfare as We Know It

11. Make the Wealthy Pay their Fair Share of Taxes

12. Regenerate the Public Sector

13. End Corporate Domination of Elections

14. Construct A Just Transition Movement to Protect Jobs and the Environment

15. Enforce Safety & A ; Health Regulation with Worker Inspectors

16. Reclaiming the Workplace: Job Design, Technology and Skill

I think the Labor Party would be ideal for me. Seems to me that they merely

desire more money for less work. I would love this, but realistically, no

company could afford to run into their demands, and if they did, their services to

consumers would be hideous. Sounds good on paper though

8. Libertarian Party



Libertarian Party is America & # 8217 ; s 3rd largest and fastest turning political party.

Libertarians engage in a assortment of undertakings, working for everyone & # 8217 ; s liberty on

every issue.

The Libertarian Party was created in December of 1971 by people who

realized that the politicians had strayed from America & # 8217 ; s original libertarian

foundation, with black consequences. Their vision was the same as that of

America & # 8217 ; s laminitiss & # 8212 ; a universe where persons are free to follow their ain

dreams in their ain ways, a universe of peace, harmoniousness, chance, and


Libertarians are practical ; we know we can & # 8217 ; t do the universe perfect. But, it

can be better. Libertarians will maintain working to make a better, freer society

for everyone. As William Allen White said: & # 8220 ; Liberty is the lone thing you

can non hold unless you are willing to give it to others. & # 8221 ;

Libertarians believe in the American heritage of autonomy, endeavor, and

personal duty.

Libertarians recognize the duty we all portion to continue this cherished

heritage for our kids and grandchildren. : Libertarians believe that being

free and independent is a great manner to populate. We want a system which

encourages all people to take what they want from life ; that lets them live,

love, work, drama, and woolgather their ain manner. :

The Libertarian manner is a lovingness, people-centered attack to political relations. We

believe each person is alone. We want a system which respects the

single and encourages us to detect the best within ourselves and

develop our full potency. :

The Libertarian manner is a logically consistent attack to political relations based on the

moral rule of self-ownership.

Each person has the right to command his

or her ain organic structure, action, address, and belongings. Government & # 8217 ; s merely function is to

aid persons defend themselves from force and fraud. ;

The Libertarian Party is for all who don & # 8217 ; t want to force other people around

and wear & # 8217 ; t want to be pushed around themselves. Live and allow live is the

Libertarian manner.

The Liberterian Party, now that is precisely what it would be & # 8230 ; .. a party. I

would about think that this party was established during the 60 & # 8217 ; s epoch. Sounds

like a no restrictions/ no moral sort of authorities to me. Sounds like merriment,

but what happens when the partys over?

9. National Patriot Party & # 8211 ; affiliates in 26 provinces, including several with

ballot position. Its focal point is on democratic political restructuring and financial

reform. . The Patriot Party, founded in April 1994, was, in kernel, an

experiment. Pro-third partyists who had become politically active through the

Perot & # 8216 ; 92 run and mugwumps based among what have been

traditionally Democratic Party and broad constituencies & # 8212 ; African

Americans, Hispanics, homosexuals and imperfects & # 8212 ; came together in hopes of

making a new party. Claiming to hold set out to make something alone and

specifically suited to this minute in American political life & # 8212 ; a minute in

which the huge bulk of Americans, from different walks of life, are profoundly

alienated from and distrustful of our authorities and its two party regulation. Ross

Perot & # 8217 ; s 1992 run had exhaustively exposed this and the Patriot Party

wanted to make a political instrument that was antiphonal. The Patriot Party

is non a party based on any political orientation & # 8212 ; non conservative, non chair, non

broad & # 8211 ; but has a vision of including all Americans, irrespective of political orientation, in

a new sort of party orientated toward political and financial reform and

authorities answerability.

10. New Party The New Party is a progressive political organisation taking

root around the U.S. By get downing little and believing long-run, They are

constructing a multi-racial, lively and originative political organisation that can, over

clip, interrupt the chokehold that corporate money and corporate media have

over our political procedure.

For the last five old ages they have focused on local elections, and have won

more than 200of our first 300 races. This autumn, for illustration, they won 7 of 7

races in Little Rock & # 8211 ; electing New Party members tothe City Board, County

Board, and State Legislature.They now have 4 members on the 10-person

City Board, andare establishing amajor run toend urban conurbation and put

in hapless vicinities.

And in Montgomery County, MD, they helped elect the former manager of

Common Cause to the County Council, unseating a15-year officeholder

conservative.They now have 4 members on the 9-person council and are

contending to win an ambitious Life Wage and Responsible Development


Trying to make the same thing in other metropoliss across the state & # 8211 ; from

Chicago to Missoula, Long Island to Minneapolis. Hoping to show

that by constructing strong alliances, enrolling a existent rank base, and

concentrating on the issues people care about, imperfects can win and regulate


11.Pansexual Peace Party & # 8211 ; Platform and propaganda of this extremist grass-

roots party. The Pansexual Peace Party ( PPP ) is a grass-roots political party

based in the United States of America. The chief premiss of the PPP is

that peace is possible. The primary intent of the PPP pages is to advance

positive political advancement and the partnership paradigm through prurient

propaganda. The particulars of public policy which the PPP advocators are

complex, and are outlined below. The basic implicit in moral principle is maximization

of peace, freedom, originative look, and the glory of homo

gender. This of class entails the minimisation of force, authorization,

indoctrination, and sexual repression. The slogan of the PPP is the Wiccan

Rede, and the PPP aligns itself with all political and societal organisations

which are working to cut down the injury that human existences inflict on one

another every bit good as on the remainder of the Earth. The political doctrine of the PPP

is rooted in many diverse philosophical and religious traditions.

The PANSEXUAL PEACE PARTY in no manner advocates the overthrow of

any existing authorities. We condemn all Acts of the Apostless of force, including but non

limited to undermine, assault, larceny, bombardment, blackwash, and anguish.

Mankind without a common authorization, is marauding. Society released, as

on occasion happens, from the regard and apprehension of authorities quickly

exhibits the most violent and awful inclinations. ( 3 )

It is my sentiment that this is a unrealistic point of position, If you take off

athority, you are inquiring for force

12. Puritan Party & # 8211 ; purposes to resuscitate the state as a theocracy.

While I am a God Fearing immature adult male, I have no desire to head back into the

yearss in which 1 could be put to decease for fornication.

13. Republican Party At the clip of its initiation, the Republican Party was

organized as an reply to the divided political relations, political convulsion, statements and internal

division, peculiarly over bondage, that plagued the many bing

political parties in the United States in 1854. Abolishing bondage. Free address. Women & # 8217 ; s

right to vote. were the early ends of the republican Party, Reducing the authorities.

Streamlining the bureaucratism. Returning power to the provinces is the platform that they now


On July 6, 1854, in Jackson, Mich. , the Republican Party officially

organized itself by keeping its first convention, following a platform and

put uping a full slate of campaigners for province offices. Other provinces shortly

followed, and the first Republican campaigner for president, John C.

Fr? mont, ran in 1856 with the motto & # 8220 ; Free dirt, free labour, free

address, free work forces, Fr? mont. & # 8221 ;

With the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, the Republicans steadfastly

established themselves as a major party capable of keeping onto the

White House for 60 of the following 100 old ages.

Very small involvement did I acquire in this country

14. United States Independent American Party & # 8211 ; united by a common

Religious Right political orientation.

A spot more broad than the Puritan Party but still seems to pick out certain

spiritual thoughts and seek firm to advance them while litterally disregarding


15. Workers Party USA & # 8211 ; propertyless party that battles against capitalist economy.

I ne’er could understand precisely what this meant. It seems that this party

seems to advance the thought that workers and their higher-ups should portion the

same priviledges and wage. Could stop up with & # 8221 ; Too many heads and non

plenty indians & # 8221 ;

I hope by my research I have enlighened you, the reader, on some of the

many picks confronting you. To sum it all up I must state, While the party 1

affiliates onself with can state you a batch about a adult male, acquire to cognize the

persons ends, hopes and dreams.

More of import than anything, be certain and ballot! Many issues have been

decided by a one ballot border, so ne’er think your ballot does non number!

Good Luck on decoding all the political slang out at that place and retrieve if

non satisfied with your determination, you can ever alter parties.

Equally long as there are individuals with different thoughts and dreams there will be

differant politacal parties organizing. We have the right to make that. That is a

guaranteed right we inherited though The Constitution of The United States of

America. It genuinely is great to be an American.

( 1 ) Anonymous. & # 8220 ; The Volume Library & # 8221 ; , Copyright, The Southwestern Company 1992

( 2 ) Anonymous.

& # 8220 ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www.dir.yahoo.com/Government/U_S_Government/Politics/Parties/ & # 8221 ;

( 3 ) The Lincoln Library of Essential Information, The Frontier Press Company, Buffalo

New York, First Edition, 1924, Twentfifth Edition, 1961, Library of Congress

Catalog Number 24-14708

( 4 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //www.kydemocrat.com/faqs.htm


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