1. 1 Trace the beginnings of American authorities What is a democracy? How does a democracy differ from other signifiers of authorities in both practical and theoretical footings? What demands must be met for a authorities to be called a democracy? Which of the democratic ideals do you anticipate as non being achieved in Iraq. and why? Will Iraq still be considered a democracy without this ideal? From the other signifiers of authorities mentioned in this chapter. argue for a better signifier of authorities for Iraq than a democracy. 1. 2 Show how European political idea provided the theoretical foundations of American authorities.

1 Can socialism coexist with democracy? Is extended economic freedom indispensable to democracy? Can the unequal economic results of capitalist economy be considered “undemocratic” ? In his 1651 Leviathan. Thomas Hobbes observed that without authorities. life would be “solitary. hapless. awful. brutish. and short. ” Justify his statement. With this justification. warrant the being of authorities as it soon operates in the United States today. What demographic and socioeconomic factors do you believe are related to democracy? Wealth? Education? A homogenous population?

Can you happen states that don’t run into your outlooks? Does democracy necessitate equality of income and wealth? Does bulk regulation undermine freedom and endanger single rights? What was James Madison’s position. and what is your reaction? 1. 3 Describe American political civilization. and place the basic dogmas of American democracy 1 Discuss the theories of elitism and pluralism as accounts of how American authorities plants. Harold Lasswell’s book. Politicss: Who Gets What. When. and How. can be seen as associated with the often-made statement “It’s non what you know. but who you know.

” How make the two different statements relate to each other. every bit good as to contemporary political worlds? Americans frequently possess a healthy cynicism of authorities. whether big or little. Identify the grounds for such beliefs and how authorities should try to turn to these. Can a few elect determination shapers control all of import determinations made in the United States today? Some leaders are made by mounting the “ladder of success” instead than being born into power categories. How does this attack comparison to “elitism” versus the attack defined as “pluralism” ? How does democracy in America comparison to democracy in other parts of the universe?

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What are the most of import beginnings of stableness in American authorities? What are the most of import forces for alteration in American authorities? Suppose the United States passed a constitutional amendment necessitating all eligible citizens to vote. what would be the advantages and disadvantages of this step? Do you hold with the statement. “Equality. individuality. and openness are the important values of American political relations in the 21st century” ? Although there is widespread support for the constructs of freedom and autonomy in America. there have been many invasions into basic rights in American history.

Can you explicate why we find such disagreements in an country where we besides find about complete public support for the general rule? 1. 4 Explain the maps of American authorities 1 What are some of the ends of terrorist Acts of the Apostless? How can terrorism impact the paradox of democracy? How can/should democracies respond? Must security semen at the monetary value of autonomies? How can democracies. peculiarly the United States. cover with new limitations imposed as a consequence of terrorist acts/threats? Identify the functions of authorities and the construct of “public goods.

” Are at that place any other establishments. other than authorities. which might be charged with executing the functions of authorities? Is such a consideration realistic? What can single American citizens do to act upon the actions and policies of their authorities? Name some ways in which authorities policies influences your normal work/school twenty-four hours. Analyze the statements of President George Bush on the demand to promote the spread of democracy in the Middle East. Is this a good end for the United States? Is it a practical end? 1. 5 Analyze the altering features of the American populace.

1 Define and discourse political relations in the concern scene. the health-care scene. and the educational establishment puting. What are the similarities and differences between political relations in authorities and in the identified scenes? Discuss the statement that most of American life is organized in anti-democratic manner. In the household. the school. the mill. the office. and the church. determinations are made by the powerful. without much concern for bulk sentiment. Discuss ways whereby more Americans would be more likely to take part in U. S. political life.

Use the beginning of the 21st century to excite your believing about how should we be governed. What are the strengths of our democracy in the new millenary? Our failings? Why? And what should we make about them? Today’s Americans frequently question the “American Dream. ” What is the American Dream and how could you travel about turn outing that the Dream is still alive or that the Dream is deceasing? What types of grounds would you necessitate and where might you happen it? Discuss the thought that if more citizens could go to college. so democracy would be strengthened in America.

Is this premise true or non and why? Given the singular diverseness in America. how is the state able to work every bit swimmingly as it does? Make this diverseness threaten to do the state less controllable now than in the yesteryear? 1. 6 Assess the function of political political orientation in determining American political relations 1 Think about the function and size of authorities as cardinal to modern-day American political relations. Is the range of authorities excessively wide. excessively narrow. or merely about right? Discuss. utilizing modern-day illustrations. what is meant by authorities being “too large.

” Do you differ with what “too big” is? Why? Why don’t Americans divide themselves into societal categories? Why hasn’t the Communist Party caught on in America? What are both the failings and strengths of “direct democracy” ? Assume that 1000000s of American telecastings could be hooked up to a centralized computing machine system that in bend could register outright the public’s positions on issues ( “yes” or “no” responses ) . Would this be a plus or subtraction for American democracy? 1. 7 Characterize alterations in Americans’ attitudes toward and outlooks of authorities.

1 Periodically. civil noncompliance has been used to reform authorities procedures. processs. and even jurisprudence. In the visible radiation of often-identified demands of society. what subjects today appear to warrant civil noncompliance? Today. big proportions of Americans believe that most or all politicians are corrupt. that authorities serves the involvement of the few. and that authorities is dominated by the wealthy and powerful. Measure these statements. Discuss whether or non the tragic events of September 11. 2001 changed the progressively degage behaviour of Americans.

Do you experience the events of September 11. 2001 changed the manner Americans position immigrants and/or foreign visitors/tourists? Should English be the official linguistic communication of the United States. and should all governmental concern be conducted in English? Why. or why non? Discuss what could be done. either by the media or by politicians themselves. to renovate the image of elected functionaries today vis-a-vis the populace. How can the thought of political relations as “an honest profession” be inculcated. possibly even in modern-day American young person?


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