Concept of the American Presidency in Law 2

We start with a quotation mark from Clinton Rossiter in his bookTheAmerican Presidency( 1987 ) . What he said about the American President so remains true today.

He remains today. as he has ever been. the ceremonial caput of the authorities of the United States. and he must take portion with existent or evident enthusiasm in a scope of activities that would maintain him running and presenting from dawn to bedtime if he were non protected by a inhuman staff. Some of these activities are grave or even priestly in nature ; others. through no mistake of his ain. are flirtings with coarseness.

The long catalogue of public responsibilities that the Queen discharges in England. the President of the Republic in France. and the Governor-General in Canada. is the President’s duty in this state. and the catalogue is even longer because he is non a male monarch. or even the agent of one. and is hence expected to travel through some instead undignified gaits by a people who think of him as a combination of scoutmaster. Delphian prophet. hero of the Ag screen. and male parent of the battalions.

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The United States Constitution provides for the powers and responsibilities of the Chief Executive in Article 2. ( US Constitution ) It is in that papers where the term. makings and primary responsibilities of the American President is chiefly written.

Notably. the Article presents the American President as the Commander in Chief. the Chief Appointing Officer. the Chief Foreign Minister and the Chief Executive as a whole.

As the Commander in Chief. he can name citizens into existent service of the United States.

As the Chief Appointing Officer. he has the power to name public curates and consuls. Ambassadors. Judges of the Supreme Court and all other officers of the United States subject to makings besides written in the Constitution.

As the Chief Foreign Minister. he besides has the power to come in into pacts. This power to come in into pacts is limited by the Constitution through the demand that Advice and Consent be given by the Senate. This consent is manifested by the needed two-thirds concurrency needed in order to go through the pact. In the exercising of this map. the President receives Ambassadors and Public Ministers. This is normally seen in State Dinners and Parades that are hosted by the White House for sing foreign caputs of province.

Last. as the Chief Executive he has the power to allow respites and forgivenesss. He besides has the responsibility from clip to clip to give Congress the Information as to the State of the Union. This is the more popular reference by the President to the Congress known as the State of the Union Address.

This numbering is in no manner sole. The power of the main executive is farther elucidated in the survey of Constitutional Law. These powers are limited by the Constitution but continually defined by the statues. executive orders and by jurisprudential jurisprudence.

Concept of the American Presidency in Movies

Our construct of the American Presidency is really much molded by the films we see in Modern Cinema. Whether it is Michael Douglas playing opposite Annete Benning in the American President or Harrison Ford in his function in Air Force One. the character of the Presidency is much understood by the laypersons utilizing these actor’s plants.

The American President mentioned above was a film shown in 1995. It was a romantic comedy directed by Rob Reiner and written by Aaron Sorkin. It stars Michael Douglas. Annette Bening. Martin Sheen and Michael J. Fox.

In the movie. Democratic President Andrew Shepherd ( Douglas ) is a widowman who pursues a relationship with a political lobbyist by the name of Sydney Ellen Wade ( Benning ) . At the same clip. Sydney had merely moved to Washington to win transition of an environmental measure she is buttonholing for.

Shepherd is portrayed as an highly popular president who is seeking to run for re-election with a 63 % blessing evaluation. The President’s work forces led by his Head of Staff Aj McInnerny ( Martin Sheen ) is seeking to do usage of this really high blessing evaluation in order to go through a moderate offense measure. The measure is debatable. It has small support from both Democratic and Republican Senators. Republicans and Conservatives do non desire the measure while Democratic Alliess think the measure is excessively weak to go through. However. if the disposal can go through the measure. the President is about a sure-win for re-election. It would demo the strength of Shepherd’s popularity.

The President of France is featured in the secret plan when it arrives for a province visit. The President is placed at an awkward state of affairs when he has to happen a day of the month for the event. His cousin who was purportedly attach toing him all of a sudden fell ill. Shepherd was already a widow from the start of the film.

The President’s attending shortly focuses on the attractive Sydney Ellen Wade ( Bening ) . who has merely moved to Washington. D. C. to work for an environmental anteroom in the effort to carry the President to go through statute law perpetrating his Administration to well cut down C dioxide emanations. The President is intrigued by Wade and a funny and guiltless exchange sparks a romantic air between the two. This is the scene in the Oval Office where Sydney can non look to happen the right door to go forth the office.

At the same meeting. Shepherd strikes a trade with Wade: if she can procure a certain figure of ballots for the environmental measure. he will present the remainder. He believes Wade will non be able to acquire adequate ballots to run into her duty. therefore let go ofing Shepherd who will be seen to hold tried. without being blamed for neglecting.

During the province dinner. every bit good as subsequent occasions ( during which Shepherd acts as chaser ) . the twosome fell in love. The relationship. every bit good as Shepherd’s politicking down the center. consequences in a diminution in his popularity. The President’s unstable state of affairs is exacerbated by the at hand failure of his offense measure.

Finally Wade does pull off to acquire adequate ballots to run into her portion of the trade. Before she can state Shepherd. he discovers that three Congressmans from Michigan are willing to present their ballots if he shelves the environmental measure. As he is precisely three ballots short. with no other apparent options to get them. he agrees. bewraying Wade. who breaks up with him.

The movie builds to a flood tide timed to co-occur with the State of the Union. planned as a conciliatory. non-partisan event. However. ruminating on Wade go forthing him and his forfeit of a measure he believes in for the interest of a measure he doesn’t truly believe will hold much consequence. Shepherd has a alteration of bosom.

He makes a surprise visual aspect in the White House imperativeness room to refute the Republican onslaughts on his values and character. and so sends the controversial environmental measure to Congress. promising that he will compose a stronger offense measure in due clip. and battle for that every bit good.

His passionate defense mechanism of what he believes. in contrast with his earlier moderate conciliation. galvanizes the imperativeness room and his staff. His speech author Rothschild has merely half an hr to re-write the State of the Union address to reflect the new. confrontational tone of the disposal – yet seems happy about the challenge. Wade comes back to him. geting in the Oval Office merely before he leaves for the Hill taking to a rapprochement.

The film ends with Shepherd come ining the House to rapturous hand clapping. ( Wikipedia. The American President )

On the other had. Air Force One is a 1997 action movie starring Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.

Ford plays President James Marshall. In a address in Moscow. he announces in a address that the United States will non negociate with terrorists. after an operation by U. S. and Russian Federation particular forces captured the oppressive leader of Kazakhstan. General Ivan Radek ( Jurgen Prochnow ) . On his manner back to the US. Soviet neo-nationalists sitting as a intelligence crew have infiltrated the plane.

The terrorists storm the plane and take sureties.

Several others are killed during the gunfight. including the military officer charged with transporting and protecting the atomic launch codifications of the United States Strategic Command ( carried in a briefcase known as the football ) . The flight crew declares an exigency and fix to set down at Ramstein Air Base. Germany. Secret Service agents evacuate the President to an flight cod. At the last minute. Marshall flees the flight cod and retreats to the luggage deck. The terrorists kill the pilots and take control of the plane. which takes off once more. to the surprise of standby Ramstein crew.

In Washington. D. C. Vice President Kathryn Bennett ( Glenn Close ) arrives at the White House. measuring the state of affairs alongside the Secretary of Defense Walter Dean ( Dean Stockwell ) and other functionaries ; they shortly learn that Marshall did non board the flight cod. The terrorists call the Vice President. demand the release of General Radek. and endanger to get down put to deathing sureties.

Meanwhile. Marshall is still on the plane. While trying to name the White House. a 2nd terrorist discoveries Marshall and detains him ; however. the call reaches the Situation Room. Marshall manages to covertly order an onslaught on Air Force One so he can repress the terrorist. The program works. and Marshall attempts a fuel shit to set down the plane.

Acknowledging the presence of person on the luggage deck. Korshunov executes Deputy Press Secretary Melanie Mitchell in an attempt to coerce Marshall’s resignation. While two of the terrorists attempt to reconstruct the fuel controls. Marshall faux pass by and takes another terrorist surety. utilizing his keys to liberate the sureties.

Korshunov forces the President to name Petrov to procure Radek’s release. In Washington. Dean persuades the Cabinet to subscribe a Presidential Incapacitation Document. but Bennett refuses to subscribe it.

As Radek’s release is prepared. Marshall and the sureties free themselves and kill the staying terrorists. but Korshunov captures Grace and besides shoots Chief of Staff Shepard and flees to the parachute incline. In a barbarous battle. Marshall manages to chuck out Korshunov from the aircraft by deploying the latter’s parachute while it is wound around his cervix. Marshall calls Petrov before Radek’s release. and prison guards kill the former general as he flees.

Kazakh MiG combatant jets loyal to Radek make Air Force One and inflict serious harm on its engines and steering mechanisms. U. S. combatants intercept and fend off the hostile aircraft merely in clip to salvage the President’s plane. With Air Force One unable to set down. an air-to-air ropeline deliverance is arranged. Before the emptying can be completed. the plane begins a rapid descent with Marshall. Gibbs. Major Caldwell. and a savior.

Marshall insists on delivering his household and so a hurt staff member before he evacuates the plane. Once it is the President’s bend to go forth. Gibbs drops all pretence. killing two of the others. Marshall battles with Gibbs. and escapes on the ropeline. go forthing Gibbs aboard the 747. which clangs into the sea. The C-130 deliverance aircraft announces that it is now “Air Force One” . and the movie ends with the plane winging toward safety with the F-15s flight and the First Family on board. ( Wikipedia. Air Force One ( movie ) )

Discrepancy between the Two Concepts

The difference between the construct of the American President we seen on Film and in Reality is surprisingly small. Moviemakers do non go a whole batch from the construct of the American President we see in world in order to make a gloss of such a world with the spectator.

Our treatment on the wide functions of the American President is seen in both films summarized.

The function of the American President as the Commander in Chief is seen in both films. In the American President. Shepherd finally orders an onslaught disrupting his day of the month with Sydney Ellen Wade. Upon advise of his military generals. Shepherd makes a tough determination of telling such an onslaught. He does this after taking into history the casualties in the lives of guiltless civilians working at the military base.

In Air Force One. the power is highlighted from the fact that controls to the US military armory are with the President. One of the guards keeping the computing machine to entree such controls is killed in one of the gunfights.

The function of the American President as the Chief Foreign Minister is seen in the American President. The visit by the President of France plays a cardinal function in the film. This is the polar minute when President Shepherd asks Sydney to travel out with him. This portion of the film exhibits the function of the President in having caputs of provinces.

The function of the American President as the Chief Executive Officer is seen in both films. In the American President. President Shepherd ends the film in deafening hand clapping by turn toing Congress in his State of the Union Address. In Air Force One. we seen this facet of the Presidency when the Joint Chiefs of Staff asks the frailty president to take over the responsibilities of the Presidency. This exhibits the bounds of the presidential term and state of affairs of vacancy upon decease. surrender. or incapacity of the President.


Our construct of the American Presidency is really much molded by the films we see in Modern Cinema. Whether it is Michael Douglas playing opposite Annete Benning in the American President or Harrison Ford in his function in Air Force One. the character of the Presidency is much understood by the laypersons utilizing these actor’s plants.

The difference between the construct of the American President we seen on Film and in Reality is surprisingly small. Moviemakers do non go a whole batch from the construct of the American President we see in world in order to make a gloss of such a world with the spectator.


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