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Frank Sinatra one time said, & # 8220 ; You & # 8217 ; re siting high in April, shot down in May. But I know I & # 8217 ; m gon na alter that

melody, when I & # 8217 ; m back on top, back on top in June. & # 8221 ; Does the prototype of individuality prevarication in the wordss of a

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Las Vegas vocalist? Is this truly how far we must look to happen the rules on which this state was

created? Unfortunately, this is the instance. Social plans implemented by the Federal Government have

produced a state of whining wimps. The construct of rugged individuality has been replaced by the

philosophy of victimization. Consequently, we find ourselves entrenched in a changeless conflict to salvage our

state from at hand catastrophe. Social and moral impairment is attributed to the followers: the media

castigating traditional positions, publically funded Federal press releases, and the dislocation of household values.

The median from which the bulk of Americans receive their intelligence has one major defect ; it & # 8217 ; s non

really the intelligence. NBC, CBS, and ABC report the intelligence from their position. Whatever intelligence they

deem of import is constructed to parallel the public sentiment. This has an tremendous impact on the manner

we form societal precedences, ethical motives, and personal rules. If were told what to believe, how do we go

independent? For illustration, when an person openly proclaims that public assistance is harmful, that same

person is called a bigot by the imperativeness. It is no longer safe to advance conservative ideals for fright of

public ridicule.

Our state has been in a downward spiral of all time since The New Deal. The Roosevelt

Administration attempted to rectify poorness by throwing money at the hapless, free for the inquiring. Although

we & # 8217 ; ve demonstrated for the past 50 old ages that this method does non work, it is still


however. The Federal Government subsidizes the hapless by directing them tax-exempt cheques. Alternatively of

promoting persons to recognize their full potency, the Government labels them as helpless ; unable to

survive without a bloated Federal Government supplying them things. Recent statute law is aimed at

assisting public assistance receivers by helping their occupation hunt. Traveling receivers off public assistance and into occupations gives

them a feeling of autonomy. This is the key to a happy, successful life.

Society & # 8217 ; s ideals have changed dramatically in recent times. Unfortunately, these alterations have a

negative impact on the households of America. Single parent families, divorces, and adolescent gestation is

going more common. Personal duty has long been abandoned. Even common courtesy has

been thrown in the background. The absence of a stable household threatens the hereafter of our kids. The

dismaying tendencies show us that kids of broken places have a greater hazard of going delinquents than

their stable household opposite numbers.

Undoubtedly, our establishing male parents would be ashamed of our state & # 8217 ; s unity. America was built

on nucleus beliefs. The apparently most of import belief is rugged individuality. The laminitiss decidedly

stressed the impression that every person is autonomous, and dependence on Government is political bondage.

America can still be saved. Every citizen should experience personal responsible for the public assistance of his or her

household. In add-on, Americans should learn their kids to emulate positive function theoretical accounts, instead than the

periphery subdivisions of our society. Many people believe that these are excessive ideals and that we could non

afford to upset the current criterions. On the other manus, can we afford non to?

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