Recently. a study was conducted refering about the development of Hong Kong and the related air pollution issues over the last 20 old ages. The study investigated the Air Pollution Index ( API ) of different territories in Hong Kong. including Central. Mong Kok. Kowloon City. Tung Chung and Yuen Long. Harmonizing to the consequence. API has been turning in Central. Tung Chung and Yuen Long from 1992 to 2012. Meanwhile. the Air Pollution Index of Kowloon City and Mong Kok have been increasing within these ten old ages. It demonstrates that air pollution becomes serious because of the rapid development of society.

Air pollution is an inevitable effect of economic development in Hong Kong. Since there are many vehicles and mills in comfortable countries in Hong Kong. fumes gas are created and air pollution will deteriorate. For case. due to the building of Hong Kong International Airport in Tung Chung in 1998. legion aeroplanes taken off and landed leads to the progressively serious pollution jobs.

Therefore. API has increased from 32 to 174 over these 20 old ages harmonizing to the information. Besides. some mills and makers may be keen on the chase of net incomes but refering less about the protection of environment. As a consequence. air pollution job in Hong Kong go more terrible in these ten old ages. The authorities should pay more attending to advance environmental protection.

One of the executable solutions of bettering the air pollution job is to advance environmental protection on a regular basis. It is of import for the citizens to construct up their consciousness of protecting environment. Peoples need to cognize more about the effects of hapless air quality which may harm their wellness. The authorities may take some methods to manage the job arising. For illustration. advertisement through telecastings. keeping negotiations and educating the following coevalss. Therefore. makers may take their societal duty to cut down the harm on environment. Air pollution job can be improved when people are refering more about the state of affairs.

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There are some possible benefits and challenges for implementing the solution. First. if the authorities and citizens can fall in custodies in work outing the job. it is possible that publicity of environmental protection can run into our aims. However. it may be hard that the air pollution job can be improved instantly.

In long-term. Torahs and restrictions should be introduced to better air quality. such as presenting stricter pollution controls for mills. presenting higher enrollment fee of private autos and restricting the private autos on the route. As a effect. the air quality of different countries in Hong Kong can be improved through these effectual steps.

In decision. harmonizing to the study. the air pollution job is progressively serious in different comfortable territories in Hong Kong due to the economic development. There are tonss of executable and effectual schemes of bettering air quality. If the authorities and people collaborate in work outing the job. it is non far to take a breath in fresh air in Hong Kong.


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