Popular Music Essay, Research Paper

Popular Radio

These yearss you get into your auto, somersault on the wireless, and what do you hear? A bombardment of bogus music. Lets name merely a few to familiarise you with what I am talking of: Back Street Boys, N & # 8217 ; Sync, Brittany Spears, 98 Degrees, Christina Agulera, Jessica Simpson, the list goes on and on.

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Where did this rush of teenybopper music semen from? Well, it has ever been about, yet I don & # 8217 ; t believe it has played such a function in popular music like it does today. Groups like New Kids on the Block and Minueto were some of the first & # 8220 ; boy bands & # 8221 ; and Paula Abdul and Madonna were among the first & # 8220 ; female adolescent aces & # 8221 ; in the music modern music universe. Now how did music like this fundamentally dominate the industry? Look at the market you are covering with. Young males and females who are normally in households that have the money to pass to do their kids happy. Look at the other groups you are covering with in the music market ; college pupils who spend all their money on school, nutrient, and refreshments, 18 to 35, get downing to hold a stable manner of life, worried more about mortgage payments and paying off pupil loans than purchasing frivolous things like CD & # 8217 ; s, 35+ bargains CD & # 8217 ; s really infrequently, and the scope of music that the 35+ group listens to varies so much that there is no individual type or group that thrives off this group. The focal point on the kids & # 8217 ; s market is how these bands prosper


I merely think that large concern has merely taken so much off from the music these past few old ages that we are now surrounded by manufactured sets who & # 8217 ; s music means perfectly nil to the creative persons that sing it. For one case ABC had a particular merely a few hebdomads ago called & # 8220 ; Making the Band. & # 8221 ; This show displayed how a record label will pick out the & # 8220 ; perfect & # 8221 ; group of immature cats that will appeal to this female audience. It went on to demo the tests and trials about being immature and celebrated. This show merely made me perfectly ill.

All I could trust for is parents in the hereafter to demo their kids a little more civilization than what is placed on the tabular array for them on Television. Beauty plays excessively big a portion in society, and I am speaking physical beauty, non musical talent-beauty. If kids really listened to the music, alternatively of watching the picture on MTV, I think there would be a big displacement in the younger purchasing market.

What is in shop for music in the hereafter? No 1 truly knows but I could foretell that there will be a & # 8220 ; new wave & # 8221 ; of teenybopper manner groups coming out shortly after this moving ridge dies out. Once this flower of immature people start to turn up who knows where their music penchant will fall. I hope, once more, that as they mature, their gustatory sensations in music falls out of the mercenary music, back into the existent art signifier, vocalist songsters who really know what they are singing about and experience their music from the interior.


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