What can be said about population alteration in local authorities countries in Scotland and the alteration in age construction for 2000-2010.

In the first portion of this appraisal I will depict the information provided on the chrorpleth map and a graph by the General Register Office of Scotland to assist specify the alteration in population in Scotland besides the alteration in the age construction in Scotland between the old ages 2000 and 2010. Using figure 1 the chronopleth map I will specify some of the chief forms and fluctuations of population alteration which can be seen on the map. Figure 2 will be used to depict the fluctuations in the changing age construction from 2000-2010.

Figure 1 shows a clear differentiation in population alteration from 2000-2010. In topographic points like the Highlands. Orkney Islands. Stirling. Fife. and the Scots lodgers the map shows that the population alteration is 4 % to less than 8 % . Aberdeenshire. Perth & A ; Kinross. Edinburgh metropolis. west & A ; East Lothian have the biggest population alteration at 8 % over 10 old ages. Aberdeen metropolis. Moray. Shetland. Midlothian. Glasgow and the environing countries along with Dumfries & A ; Galloway show a alteration in population at 0 % to less than 4 % . Leaving the smallest population alteration in Dundee the West Coast and the Western Isles at less than 0 % of a population alteration. This information besides shows that out of Scotland’s 4 biggest metropoliss 3 of them are demoing a population alteration of less than 4 % . The map shows that there is a higher population alteration in the Highlandss and the north E compared to the West seashore this could be seen as positive growing because of the chances given by Aberdeen based oil companies and easy entree to the offshore industry may hold caused the population addition of over 8 % over 10 old ages in these countries.

Figure 2 shows the altering age construction of Scotland’s population between 2000 and 2010. It shows that the age group 0-15 old ages shows a lessening in population of 7. 4 % because in 2000 there was a population of 984. 763 people compared to 2010 when there was merely 911. 794 people in this age group. Age group 16-29 shows an addition of 8. 5 % traveling from 829. 149 to 975. 384 people. Ages 30-44 shows a lessening of about 11 % get downing with 1161. 095 people in 2000 and dropping to 1035. 794 people this is the biggest lessening shown on the graph. Age group 45-59 has one of the biggest population addition as it goes up by about 12 % traveling from 962. 212 people in 2000 to 1092. 147 people on 2010. Group 60-74 besides shows an addition in age population by 11. 6 % traveling from 708. 448 to 801. 346 people in 2010. 75’s and over has the biggest addition in population traveling from 354. 273 to 405. 635 giving it about a 13 % addition. The graph shows that the 3 groups with the highest rise in population are the older aged groups at 45 and over. It is clear from looking at the graph that people are populating longer in Scotland. Figures for 1980 give life anticipation of 69 and 75 old ages for work forces and adult females severally for 2008 the figures now stand at 75. 3 and 80. 0 old ages severally ( Scots Government. 2010 ) Taking all of the age groups in to account it shows that there has been an overall addition in population by over 3 % since 2000.

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Analyze the statement that the rural- urban divide is overstated.

The 2nd portion of the appraisal I will be trying to analyze the statement that the rural-urban divide is overstated. I will take in to account the drug fright for childs in rural countries chiefly by utilizing the article on drug usage in Dumfries and Galloway. I will be looking at how individualities of topographic points are constructed and reconstructed. I will besides seek to place the ways in which the rural is connected and how it relates to the urban.

Urbanization foremost occurred in more economically developed states during the industrial revolution. Peoples were attracted to urban countries ( pulled ) from rural countries to work in mills. They were besides pushed as developments in engineering led to mechanisation on farms. ( internet geographics ) . In Britain entirely there was a 40 % rise of population in what are now deemed as major metropoliss ( doing societal lives ) . With the inflow of people in to metropoliss from the countryside they had to do alterations to their manner of life. they traded the freedom. fresh air and in some respects the privateness of the countryside for metropolis life which included populating closer to other people. for the first clip holding to cover with life and traveling around aliens and crowds. There were new faiths to meet along with different idioms and linguistic communications to be herd ( Hinchliffe. 2009 ) . City places were described as dirty. unsmooth and smelly with pools of sewerage in them.

Steve Hinchcliffe states that the daze and experience of urbanization could be described as a loss of topographic point. The daze and the turbulence of going urban. has given some societal scientists the apprehension that urbanization is one in a long line of societal alterations in which peoples topographic point in life becomes less and less. It has besides been said that rural life may non be every bit good as what it foremost seems. The people who stayed in the countryside alternatively of following the crowds in to the metropolis left chiefly land proprietors or husbandmans. who kept the fresh air of the countryside and alternatively of combating the crowds and uncleanness of the metropolis they battled with the elements harmonizing to William Corbett a nineteenth century author. Corbett was besides appalled by the life conditions he describes them to that of a hog.

It makes sense that with the population of metropoliss increasing every bit does the development of metropoliss and the rural countries. portion 1 of the appraisal confirms that. With for illustration Aberdeenshire shows an addition in population with dual or more than in the metropolis. It would look that nowadays people are traveling back in to more rural countries. It is evidently easier now than in the nineteenth century to transpose from place ( rural ) to work ( urban ) . They get the best of both universes.

As little rural small towns or towns are turning there are more schools. houses and people. but occupation chances are few and far between. While instruction and preparation are frequently regarded as of import paths out of unemployment. these paths tend non to be so of import or available in rural country. the deficiency of inducement to ship on instruction or preparation paths may go forth rural young person in a lasting rhythm of intermittent short-run occupations intersperse with enchantments of unemployment Young people’s experience of unemployment in rural countries involved isolation. ennui and adversity. Many felt so cut-off from employment chances that they had small opportunity of deriving work. ( JFR. org )

Drugs are another fright for people populating in rural countries. Peoples may believe that it’s safer to populate out with the bunco and hustle of the metropolis but rural countries are possibly non rather every bit bad as the metropolis Centre but the figure of drug nuts are lifting in the rural country of Dumfries and Galloway as it has the highest drugs abuse job out of the other preponderantly rural countries in Scotland. In fact the figure of nuts in the Highlandss has came down but the figure of people acquiring intervention for their dependence has gone up. This indicated that they are get downing to turn to the job and they are seeking to acquire it sorted. Which can’t be said for other rural countries in Britain. Drug and intoxicant issues In many rural countries these are concealed jobs. with small recognition of their being. ( nacro. org )

The drug job in Dumfries and Galloway is non needfully traveling to be restricted to that one topographic point. Mike McClurg ( the chair of intoxicant and drug support South West and Scotland ) states that this addition of drug maltreaters is a large job in such a rural country besides he implies that the drugs would be accessible to anyone who wanted them. and the traders are more than probably to acquire them across the part. Dumfries and Galloway is the perfect topographic point for the providers to present to as the chief expressway between lodgers tallies through the country and there is the agencies to transport it overseas to Northern Ireland by ferry like in November 2012 there was a drug flop of an estimated ?2. 5m worth of hemp. ( bbc. co. United Kingdom )

Harmonizing to Ricky who was a drug maltreater since the age of 12 and a diacetylmorphine nut for 8 old ages. the mounting rate of maltreaters in rural countries is down to boredom and holding nil to make. Ricky said it was easy to acquire a clasp of the drugs. His ain female parent introduced him to cannabis. McClurg thinks that equal force per unit area has got a batch to make with taking drugs but Ricky that it was ennui and that other people had nil to make with it. Surely to assist the ennui state of affairs the council should be taking action such as supplying agencies of amusement installations for the rural childs to take part in. like a wellness nine. film. bowling or even merely a nine where they can hang out a few times a hebdomad.

In decision what is evident is that there was slightly of a divide between rural and urban countries at the clip of the industrial revolution as they led wholly different and separate lives. Nowadays though with the rural countries going more populated and transposing to and from the metropolis centre easy at that place seems to be less of a divide. Look at the drug job yes the metropolis is bad for drugs but it seems that the smaller communities have that same job they merely seem to disregard it.


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