Abstract expressionists. James Pollock created an abstract full of symbolically concealed messages. called The Portrait and a Dream. 1953. First feelings that are given off by this picture sends messages of confusion. choler. hopeless dreams. possibly the interior idea and feelings of the creative persons when he made the abstract. The art work portrays person who furiously scribbled many lines across the canvas in no controlled mode. working from hostile and angry emotions. If music was made to fit this picture. it would non be smooth wind or classical. but like blame with an angry fast techno round bring forthing force.

When sing the rubric of the picture. and looking at the line agreements. Pollock was stating a narrative about his defeats over empty dreams. Dull. kick off colour canvas is chosen as the background for this art. To the right is a really black and Halloween orange colored caput. possibly an indicant of what is traveling on in his head as he was painting ; or it could be a resemblance of him in his slumber at dark. The chief subject or point behind this picture appears to direct messages to allow person cognize this individual is disquieted. Many creative persons write vocals. create pictures. choreograph dances to acquire certain points to person who has made them disquieted.

Pollock seems to be directing an implicit in message to one individual. a individual who somehow blocked him from his accomplishments. even though many people are fascinated with this abstract. To the centre pitching to the right. is an oculus that can be of human signifier. The remainder of the face takes on the individuality of an animate being. possibly a wild cat. The selected mixture of fall colourss with concealed images of a cat top outing through to the audience implies this painting applies to Halloween. or autumn season. The overall form of the Halloween colored ball or caput has a few stray extensions taking off from the ball. The caput is looking toward the mass of confusion. on the left side of the picture.

On the left side. is many scribbled black lines. portraying confusion. or desperation. The black fills in some of the empty infinites supervising the left side of the portrayal. Most of the picture is hollowed or emptied. merely lines cranking and traversing one another. A twosome of possible faces are drawn into the scrambled lines. One of the faces centers the overall portrayal. another is found at the bottom right side. The face focus oning the portrayal has clenched dentitions. the eyes resemble choler. The possible face at the bottom right really much expressions like a skeleton with cross castanetss. the national symbol for toxicant or danger.

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Looking at the overall position of this picture. the unit of ammunition colored object on the right of the picture is smaller than the baffled lines on the left side of the picture. The pulling part of the art fills up most of the infinite. spliting into two separate signifiers. ballads against a solid background. The round object on the right side resembling his ain caput. uncovering the interior close contents looking out at the painting resembling confusion. indicates that his confusion. desperation and hopelessness is. possibly to much for him to bear.

The readings of this picture can be illimitable. However. anyone can look at this picture. immediately acknowledge this picture is non conveying a pleasant. peaceable or unagitated key. Lack of bright contrasting colourss may portray images or thoughts that are the entire antonym of confusion. Person else may construe the concealed significances of the abstract portrayal as tonss of energy. or hyperactivity. unable to sit still or even a pleasant exhilaration.


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