A serial killer is a person, who has committed a series of two or more murders, as separate events by one offender acting alone. Characteristics of serial killers include: Common found There are four basic types of serial killers. Power and control-Experiences sexual gratification by humiliating and controlling Visionary- Hears voices sees visions Mission-Feels it’s his duty to kill certain classes of people (prostitutes, ethnics groups, homosexuals etc Hedonistic-Receives pleasure from the act they take their time torturing their victims.

I will now introduce you to one of the most grotesque serial killers of my time. Jeffrey Dammed was an American serial killer and sex offender. Rape, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism were involved in his murders. His victims were all African Americans except for 1 Asian boy. His crimes consisted of 17 murders, 1 molestation and 1 attempt. Most of the victims were strangled. After he drugged them. Unlike most serial killers Jeffrey Dammed attacks included crimes against his victim’s corpses. He would masturbate over the corpses and have sex with them, then dismember the body to dispose of the remains.

He would sometimes keep their skulls and refrigerate organs which he ate later. He was was not the typical serial killer. Most serial killers are sadists, driven by evoking fear in their victims, but it seemed that Damper’s motives stemmed from a deep seated fear of abandonment, causing him to want to Fully possess his victims and keep them with him forever. This is why he ate parts of them. Early Life PAGE 3 Dammed was born on May 21, 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His parents Were Lionel and Joyce Dammed. He seemed to be a normal child until the age of six, after undergoing hernia surgery that his personality began to change.

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The surgery also coincided in time with the birth of his brother. He became a loner. His once happy face turned from smiles to blank stares. 1966, the Dammars Moved to Bath, Ohio. Damper’s became very insecure and shy. He had a difficult time making friends. This is a common characteristic of serial killers. When all the children were doing normal Activities for their ages, he was collecting road kill. He attended Revere High School. He was an average student with average grades… But it was at this time he developed an alcohol problem. His parents divorced when he was 18.

This is where it seems he went downhill emotionally . He lived with his father. After high school Dammed enrolled at the Ohio State University After two semesters he dropped out and returned home. In 1979 he enlisted for six years into the Army, minion, after serving only two years, he was discharged because of his drunken behavior. His killing spree then started. Victims 1978- June 18: Steven Hicks, 18. Bludgeoned and strangled to death with a dumbbell before being dismembered. Remains pulverize and scattered in woodland behind house Damper’s childhood home. 87-November 20: Steven Tumor, 25… His body was dismembered in the basement of Damper’s grandmother’s house and the remains discarded in the trash. No remains were ever found. 1988-January 16: James Dictator, 14. Dammed strangled Dictator and kept his body in the basement for a week before dismembering him and discarding the remains in the trash. No remains were ever found. March 24: Richard Guerdon, 22. Drugged and strangled in Damper’s bedroom at West Allis. Dammed dismembered Guesser’s corpse in the basement, dissolved the flesh in acid and disposed of the bones in the trash.

He bleached and retained the skull for several months before disposing of it. No remains were ever found. PAGE 4 1989-March 25: Anthony Sears, 26. Sears was the last victim to be drugged and strangled at Damper’s grandmother’s residence; he was also the first victim from whom Dammed permanently retained any body parts. [His preserved skull and genitals would be found in a filing cabinet at 924 North 25th Street following Damper’s arrest in 1991 1990- May 20: Raymond Smith, 32. The first victim to be killed at Damper’s North 25th Street apartment. Smith was a male prostitute whom Dammed encountered at a tavern.

Dammed gave Smith a drink laced with sleeping pills, and then strangled him on his kitchen floor. [98] His skull was spray-painted and retained. June 14: Edward Smith, 27. Dammed acidified Smith’s skeleton; his skull was destroyed unintentionally when placed in the oven in an effort to remove moisture no remains were ever found. September 2: Ernest Miller, 22. He was killed by having his carotid artery severed before being dismembered in the bathtub, with Dammed storing his entire skeleton in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet and his heart, biceps and portions of his legs in the freezer for later consumption.

September -24: David Thomas 22. Dammed strangled Thomas, taking Polaroid photos of the dismemberment process. No remains were ever found. 1991- February 18: Curtis Straighter, 17. The youth was drugged, then handcuffed and strangled before being dismembered in the bathtub. His skull, hands and genitals were retained. April 7: Errol Lindsey, 19. Dammed drilled holes into the skull, through which he injected mercuric acid into the brain. He was strangled to death. Dammed flayed Linseed’s body and retained the skin for several weeks. [His skull was found following Damper’s arrest.

May 24: Tony Hughes, 31 He was strangled and his body left on Damper’s bedroom floor for three days before being dismembered, with Dammed photographing the dismemberment process. His skull was retained and identified from dental records. May 27: General Assassinations, 14.. Was drugged and had mercuric acid injected into his brain before Dammed left the youth unattended as he left the apartment to purchase beer. When he returned, he discovered Assassinations naked and disoriented in the street, with three hysterical young women attempting to assist him.

When police arrived, Dammed persuaded them 5 e and Assassinations were lovers and that the youth was simply intoxicated. When police left Assassinations with Dammed in his apartment, Dammed again injected mercuric acid into Comprehension’s brain, and this proved fatal. His head was retained in the freezer and his body dismembered. June 30: Matt Turner, 20. Turner was drugged, strangled, and then dismembered in the bathtub. His head and internal organs were placed in the freezer and his torso subsequently placed in the 57-gallon drum Dammed purchased on July 12. July 5: Jeremiah Weinberg, 23..

Dammed drilled through Winegrower’s skull and injected boiling water into the cavity. He later recalled Winegrower’s death to be exceptional as he was the only victim who died with his eyes open. Winegrower’s decapitated body was kept in the bathtub for a week before being dismembered; his torso was placed in the 57-gallon drum July 15: Oliver Lacy, 23.. Lacy was drugged and strangled with a leather strap before being decapitated, with his head and heart being placed in the refrigerator. His skeleton was retained to adorn one side the private shrine of skulls and skeletons Dammed was in the process of creating when arrested one week later.


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