Remnant’s Villain Ten-Headed Rakish Raven’s ever-sleepy younger brother Kandahar (who got that long sleep because when asking God for the boon of Perennial Pleasure – “Entity Guam” in Sanskrit Entity= Perennial and Guam=Pleasure – he ended by a slip of his tongue asking for the boon of Perennial Sleep (“Anthrax Guam” in Sanskrit Anthrax=Sleep) “r” instead of “y” “Perennial Sleep” instead of “Perennial Pleasure and God, as usual, said “Thousandth! ” (“So Be It! “) and, in more recent times long-sleepers in real life like Ms.

Leningrad from Norway, ho slept for 30 years despite all efforts of physicians to wake her up, the 1564 royal Hispanic Spanish lady who slept “like a corpse” for four days and hence believed dead misleading the great Andrea Vesuvius(Father of Modern Anatomy and author of the monumental seven-volume book De Humans Corpora’s Fabric – “About the Structure of the Human Body. “) into taking her “dead body” for autopsy / burial but woke up, as soon as Vesuvius cut her chest – screaming with her heart beating(! ) leading to the great Dry.

Vesuvius being punished by Inquisition to death himself, later muted to Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the course of which he died in a ship-wreck at the tender age of 50- leaving behind his monumental book De Humans Corpora’s Fabric with the fitting epitaph of that books mourning skeletal figure: “Genius lives on, all else is mortal. “, Russian Scientist Ivan Patriotic Pavlov’s 62 years old Schizophrenic male patient B. Chalking (putt 22 years’ long sleep with soporifics by Pavlov himself as “Prolonged Sleep-treatment for Schizophrenia” in Balinese Psychiatric Hospital, Leningrad – ended only by Pavlov’s death! The Ukrainian lady Maddened Labeling and, of course the unfortunate victims of the 1915-1925 pandemic of Encephalitis lethargic or von Economy disease and Human African transportations, sleeping sickness / African lethargy / Congo transportations, a parasitic disease of people and animals, caused by protozoa of the species Transoms Bruce Rhodesia and Transportation Bruce gaminess and transmitted by the tsetse fly – luckily getting under control in recent years! Wait! I shall not let this page drift into Sleep Disorders – that will be a story for another day, God willing!

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Anyway;ay, I have come back to this blob fully awake – not older by many years but wiser! I do hear you humming, “Puss Cat! Puss Cat!! Where have You been? “! Yeah, I have been delving deep into the w. W. W. Web searching for ways to improve this blob’s design, SEE etc. , It was like diving into an ocean deep for pearls of knowledge about blobbing! Did I get much? You will see for yourself in the pages to come! After all, seeing is believing! So boot-strap and come with me to the next page!


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