What is the possibility that people will inhabit Mars? Mars is a red planet since immemorial time. This planet with its bright red disc hanging In the night sky during the great confrontation always made people excited about it. It is a big question for all humankind’s whether people will live on Mars or not. Scientists have been trying to answer this question by sending space probes to Mars. They already have done tons of experiments on Mars by using spacecrafts and satellites. Obviously, nobody can be sure for 100% about the idea that people someday will live on Mars.

With years of studying and photographing scientists have come to the conclusion that there might have been life on mars. If to be entirely accurate, there was life about 12-13 thousand years ago, which may exists so far. Scientists believe that people can Inhabit Mars, but after Incredibly long time. First of all, Mars Is not much far to the sun, so It Increases the possibility of inhabitance on it. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, besides, it is a planet which people pay more attention than any other planet in solar system except Earth. It is he closest planet to Earth too.

All surface conditions on Mars are similar to Earth’s. But, animals and plants from Earth planet would not survive on Mars. Because, atmospheric temperature on the surface of Mars is much lower than in Earth. Mars has an unreliable climate condition for living things without any water. However, according to scientists Mars had big amounts of water on It many years ago and It Is lust froze In to ice form. Moreover. Many of the pictures, which done by telescopes from the last operations, show that liquid water exists on the surface of Mars long go and show that ice caps are placed on the north and south poles.

Despite the weather on Mars is cold, wasted, and has small amount of oxygen, many sent spacecrafts to Mars come back In good working condition without any damage. For instance, first sent spacecraft was Mariner 4 in 1965. It few about 6,118 miles from the Mars and came back without any loss, which proved that people can defeat any climate obstacles on Mars (Library. Thinkers. Org, 2014). Second of all, explorers believe that new technologies will help them to find out a life on Mars. They say that tit the help of new modern technologies people can create an artificial life on Mars and live in that artificial condition forever.

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Because, according to scientists, Earth and Mars have many things similar including waters, oxygen etc. Technology Improvement are made leap step forward past few years and enhancing annually. Anyway, an explorers face with some difficulties, since modern technologies which exists so far are not able to solve all problems. They need a new nana spacecrafts in order to solve key problems. Many incredible Anna’s robotic spacecrafts have settled n Mars, and sent many Informational back about Mar’s gravitational pressure and temperature.

Another benefit from technology Is at the beginning of 1980, new invented spacecraft named В«Mariner 8В» helped scientists to reveal that Mars has a weak gravitational pull and no magnetic field (Wonderfulness’s. Org, 2014). I OFF will assist to unlock the secret of life on Mars. In addition, the possibility of inhabitance on mars gradually increases and people are getting more excited about it. According to last inventions, Mars field consists polar caps, which can make life Seibel for human.

The surface of Mars is mostly plunging around -OFF, and its atmosphere is very thin. Sometimes, at the poles, winter temperature can drop to -180 C degrees. Atmospheric constituents are very cold, so it will devastate all living things. Well, it is not so terrible, because people will live closer to the equator. And there, summer temperature sometimes reaches +30 C degrees, and winter is not so cold too. Also, there is a reason to believe that Mars’ early atmosphere was rich enough in heat-trapping carbon dioxide to generate a greenhouse effect, warming he surface.

Scientists say that Mars is self-sterilizing and they claim that the combination of ultraviolet solar radiation that saturates the surface, the extreme dryness of the soil and the oxidation nature of the soil chemistry prevent the formation of living organisms in the Martian soil. Also, there are gullies and dry lakes’ beds that mark the planet indicate that water once flowed there. Moreover, there was a high concentration of soluble water salts in the bed rock, which, at least on Earth, can only be formed by evaporation of salted water.

Water is one of the most important bases of life, which provide solvent and enabling chemical reactions. Water includes a lot of oxygen compounds, so it is possible that by warming a surface and creating extra oxygen people can survive on Mars (Proctor, 1902). Finally, the most important factor is an electromagnetic field. Our planet has electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic field appears in the hydrodynamic convection between the outer liquid core and solid inner. In the absence of a strong electromagnetic field people would be constantly exposed to the deadly stream of highly charged particles, hose particles are called solar wind.

By unexplored until the end of reason, there is no such magnetic protection on Mars. This is the biggest problem, which face our scientists. Explorers are still in process of solving this problem with electromagnetic field. To sum up, life on Mars is a controversial theory. Scientists scramble to solve the mystery of whether there is life on Mars. All given facts and evidences are exciting, even irresistible, but not conclusive. Discoveries still demand further scientific investigation.


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