So for those who of you don’t already know, this is where Malaysia is located. It is in South East Asia, located above Singapore, under Thailand, and next to Indonesia. It is separated into two regions: Peninsula Malaysia on the west side, and Saba/Karakas on the east. 5) Malaysia has a population size of over 29 million people. It’s ethic group distribution can be split into several groups but is largely populated by 3 main distinct races: Malay, Chinese, and Indian. The religious distribution is also somewhat varied.

Islam is the official religion of the country, but the populace (other than Malay) is allowed to practice other religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, etc. 6) Here you can see the age distribution. The main thing we should take from this is that the age distribution of the populace under 55 years old combines to a total of 87. 4%. We’ll talk about the importance of that in a later slide. Also, the people in Malaysia converses in multiple languages, depending on their individual ethnicity, family ancestry, and school education.

Take note that Bash Malaysia is the official language of the country. However, businesses are done in both Bash Malaysia and English. 7) Here are the major cities in Malaysia, the largest of which has approximately 1. 7 million people. Take note that Koala Lump and Cubans Jay as they are our target market for our business. 8) In Malaysia, the people embrace the Lepta culture, where one would get together with a group of friends and basically hang out. Usually they will do so in Coffee shops, or Magma stores which are basically cheap eateries that open 2417.

But in actuality, people Lepta anywhere convenient to them. One of the reasons Struck caught on so quickly is because they provided a lace where people could Just go in and hang out for hours on end, and Malaysian love that. 9) Our business strategy are as follows. Firstly, we’ll start small but we’re going to concentrate them in the most populous area. We will target high traffic locations. We will differentiate ourselves from our competitors while offering a lower price to customers.

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We will offer a product that will appeal to the growing health trend using local flavors such as fruits. We will provide and atmosphere that will cater to the lepta culture. Lastly, we will forego traditional advertising and market our rand through social media. 10) Our target demographic are high school, college and university level students. These are the people who embraces the Lepta culture the most and still have disposable income. We are also targeting young adults who are fresh graduates of university and are working in the city.

We also think that middle to upper income families are partial to our product as well as health conscious people age 21-54 years of age. We only put down English as their first and second language as these are more likely the people that have taken to westernizes and has therefore developed a sweeter palette. 1) Like we said before, we aim to open 5 stores in a concentrated area and we have targeted the Clangor- Koala Lump area. This area has the largest concentration of people compared to the rest of the country and we want to market to as many people as we can. 2) We will predominantly focus at these 3 locations: Cubans Jay, Band Sunday, and Koala Lump. 13) For most of our location, we will target Shopping Malls in these areas. Examples of which are Sunday Pyramid, One Tama 14) Barbara Times Square, Pavilion K 15) Mid Valley Magical, and Koala Lump City Center among others. 16) We chose hopping malls for these reasons. Each location has a huge amount of traffic per month, estimated at 2. 5 million. These are also the locations that we know our target demographic frequents.

These locations are also somewhat close to each other, so the people who frequents one location are also go to others every other week. By doing so, they will see that we have multiple locations and it will give them the image that we are a bigger company than we are. Most of these malls are also connected to their own Hotels, such as Sunday Hotel, The Garden hotel, etc. The Koala Lump locations are located near offices. We know that people, especially young professionals who are Just getting off work, or are taking a break will go to the shopping mall nearby.

The same idea applies to malls near colleges and universities in the Cubans and Sunday area. Lastly, opening locations in shopping malls, as opposed to say a store outside guarantees the safety of the business from gangsters and petty crime. 17) The only other target location that we aim to hit is this specific University. Tailors University Lakeside Campus is a university located in Cubans Jay. They have a large student population of over 12 thousand students per semester tit over 700 of such lives on campus itself. 18) This university is one of its kind in Malaysia.

It has sort of a mini mall within the campus itself, with over 20 store locations. Opening a store in this location will place our business directly in front of our major target demographic. Students who are about to go to class can pop by for a quick dessert, or hang out here with friends after and between classes. This also provides the side benefit that these students who see our brand will instantly recognize our stores in the shopping mall locations that they frequent after school or n the weekend. Its also provides the same safety as a shopping mall does. 9) Now, about the last point here, we will have to take a look at a map of the University. The red square outlines the university. If you take a look closer, you would see that there is only one entrance and exit into and out of the university here. This exit leads to a highway, with a toll booth right next by. This meaner that for the students who study at this university, they have very little incentive to get out of this location in the middle of the day. This naturally encourages them to partake at the stores located on amp’s.

By being one of the few stores located on a campus with 12 thousand students, I’m sure you can see the kind of traffic we can expect to have. 20) By going into the frozen yogurt business, we will have 2 direct competitors in Malaysia: Tutu Fruit and Hagen Four. However, we know that they are both not doing well in the market due to a myriad of factors, predominantly how much they charge for the product. At MYRA 4. 77 and 5. 30 per gig. That is extremely little. 21) To illustrate that point. This amount of frozen yogurt here cost MYRA 8. 75.

We have seen, forum posts mongo Malaysian online that expresses their surprise when the amount frozen yogurt they take costs upwards of MYRRH when it would have costs approximately $8 here. For a comparison on purchasing power, the same Big Mac burger that costs $5 here is priced at MYRA in Malaysia. So you can see why a lot of customers are not coming back after the first try. 22) Our store concept is going to be something akin to a cafe. A place where people can come in and will want to hang out for an hour or two. We’ll provide free Well and power outlets for people to use their laptops, etc.


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