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The Position PaperIn such Western states as Canada and the US the high criterion of life and quality of life can be credited to the development of these states in the modern epoch. Mexico, which has had many jobs in the yesteryear, is faced with a desperate inquiry that has to be answered if it hopes to turn into a strong international power with a bright hereafter. Should the western universe s experience of development in the modern epoch service as a theoretical account for the development of Mexico? In order to get at an reply it is of import to analyze both sides of the issues and to happen out a little more about Mexico. The state of Mexico is located merely south of the US and borders the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. Mexico has a entire country of 1 972 550 square kilometres and its 9 000-km of shoreline makes it a genuinely beautiful holiday topographic point. Mexico is a really diverse state with terrain changing from rugged mountains to low coastal fields and with a clime merely as diverse. The 100 million people that inhabit this state largely consist of ladino ( Amerindian-Spanish ) . Mexico s democratic authorities consists of an executive, legislative and judicial subdivision Mexico and a legal system based on the 1 in the US. Mexico s President is Ernesto Zedillo who is both head of province and caput of authorities and has held the presidential place since 1994. Anyone over 18 old ages old has the right to vote thereby doing Mexico a true democratic state. The Western universe s development theoretical account is based on free endeavor of laissez faire economic sciences and private concerns. This development theoretical account is based on net income and competition between private companies, which would ensue in economic prosperity and development of merchandises and engineerings. An of import portion of this signifier of developm

ent is trade, which is supposed to take to competition and economic prosperity. This signifier has been good to Western states and has lead to great economic additions.

Once souce of struggle in Mexico is the Mexican State of Chiapas and the Rebels that live here. The Chiapas are one of the poorest of the Mexican provinces, for illustration they have a literacy rate of 69 % compared to the 87 % that Mexico has on norm. In this part on about 49 % of the population has running H2O and 50 % of the people live in houses without overcharging and latrines. The hapless status of this part is one of the illustrations of what the western universes development theoretical account causes. This parts jobs stem from the division of land in this part. The affluent landholders own most of the fertile land in this part and are able to farm hard currency harvests such as cotton, sugar and java. The autochthonal people of the Chiapas on the other manus largely farm the thing bouldery dirt found on the steep inclines in this part. The husbandmans that create their ain agricultural land are besides faced with jobs. While cutting down the rain forest does let the creative activity of new agricultural land, this ruddy dirt loses its birthrate in 2-3 old ages. The Mexican authorities has besides ended the agricultural reforms, which we supposed to assist landless provincials acquire their ain little farms. This dissatisfaction with the land distribution had lead to the formation of Chiapas Rebels known called Zapatista National Liberation Army. The rebel demands include work, land, shelter, nutrient, wellness, instruction, independency, freedom, democracy, justness, and peace. These Rebels have attacked and take over Mexican towns and have participated in political blackwashs in order to coerce the authorities to alter land distribution and implement reforms in to better life in the Chiapas.

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