Potential Growth Of The Internet Essay, Research Paper

The Internet

The 1990 s will travel down in history as the decennary that witnessed the birth and detonation of a world-wide revolution. A revolution that, in a affair of a few old ages, affected a ample part of the universe s population, non merely by enriching their day-to-day lives but by altering their very existence. This revolution has come to be known as the Internet, a web of web s. What started out as a Military manoeuvre to counter a atomic menace has now turned into a into a medium through which 1000000s of people communicate, behavior concern, seek and attain instruction, and even entertain themselves. In short, it would non be an hyperbole to province that a turning figure of people exist through the Internet. Every twenty-four hours, 1000s of people & # 8220 ; travel on-line & # 8221 ; for the first clip to research this exciting new medium. However, the development of this dynamic new environment is still in its babyhood supplying equal cogent evidence of the function that it will play in the hereafter.

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The Internet s Astounding Growth

In the few short old ages since it became a portion of people s mundane lives, the Internet has managed to associate communities together in an alone manner. The medium s growing rate has been nil less than phenomenal. In 1990 merely a little cell of research workers knew what the Internet was. By mid-1999, worldwide, 150 million persons were connected to the Internet. Some estimations suggest that worldwide at that place shortly will be every bit many as one billion people online.

More than 50 million American families and 1000000s of concerns, schools, libraries and other establishments have entree to the Internet, and that figure is turning quickly. Network traffic continues to duplicate every 100 yearss, and Jupiter Communications, a prima Internet analyst house, undertakings that about 55 per centum of the U.S. population will be online by 2002. The Internet today has been compared to the telephone in the 1920s or telecasting in the fiftiess. And yet, while it took the mass market about three decennaries to follow the phone and Television, the Internet has been adopted on a mass graduated table within merely five old ages. The ground is that unlike wireless and telecasting, the Internet is unfastened, synergistic and decentralized. Any one user, anyplace in the universe, can & # 8220 ; publish & # 8221 ; and administer information or elec

tronic merchandises and services to a virtually limitless Internet audience, at really small cost. In fact, most of the content on the Internet is user-generated. These cardinal factors openness, interactivity and decentalisation make the Internet a unambiguously authorising medium that can hold a dramatic impact on people s lives.

There should be a few basic rules to steer the development of an environment designed to do the Internet accessible, low-cost and valuable to all members of the planetary community. Attachment to these rules will present the economic and societal benefits promised by this new Internet medium.

1. Internet policy should further single pick and authorization in the economic and societal dimensions and trust on single decision-making for finding the merchandises, services and content available on the Internet. Practices developed in the melting pot of the private sector and the market place can outdo direct the development of the synergistic medium.

2. Public policies should be market-driven and industry-led. Policies should be developed collaboratively, with input from industry leaders, authorities functionaries and, possibly most significantly, consumers and other stakeholders. Public or private gatekeepers should non be allowed to forestall new entry, deny concern chances or restrict the free flow of information in the Internet.

3. Where authorities engagement is determined to be necessary, policies should be technologically impersonal and non-discriminatory, to guarantee that the Internet enjoys the same potency for growing as any other medium and that the value of the unique, synergistic nature of this new medium can be to the full realized.

4. Policies should be designed to guarantee that all sections of society and all states of the universe have entree to the possible economic and societal benefits of this new medium and that the medium becomes every bit indispensable to our day-to-day lives as the telecasting and the telephone, and more valuable.

In amount, we seek to maximise the economic and societal benefits of the Internet with industry-led, market-driven policies that allow this dynamic medium to make its full potency.

& # 8220 ; It is more of import than of all time that policymakers, both in the U.S. and abroad, acknowledge the tremendous possible economic and societal benefits of the medium. & # 8221 ;


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