Unit 11 Potential Essay Questions Outline 2. In what ways did economic conditions and developments in the arts and entertainment help create the reputation of the sass’s as the “Roaring ass’s? ” Thesis: The sass’s obtained the reputation of the “Roaring ass’s” because the sass’s witnessed a large economic “boom” that allowed many to indulge in new forms of entertainment that the ass’s offered. Evidence: Economic conditions-increased productivity (mass production, assembly line, Ford Model T), bull market (stock market rising), credit! People able to buy things they couldn’t before) Developments in arts and entertainment-Harlem Renaissance JAZZ), motion pictures (color and sound), radio, advertising, sports (baseball) 3. Describe and account for the rise of nativity in American society from 1900 to 1930 Thesis: The rise of nativity between 1900 and 1930 can be attributed to social trends of “white superiority’ and political policies that cast an ugly shadow on non- Americans. Social-Rise of the ASK Anti-Catholic, “White supremacy’, more popular-even had ASK senators and congressmen Immigrants drive wages down

Being resistant/unwelcoming to immigrants is only natural (we saw the same trend with the wave of “new immigrants” in the 19th century) Political-limitation restrictions Gentleman’s Agreement-Japan agreed to limit emigration voluntarily by refusing to issue passports to laborers National Origins Act (1924)-excluded all Saps b/c they would be ineligible for citizenship Isolationism! Politically the country was avoiding working with other parts of the world, so naturally Americans felt no connection between other countries or their people 5.

Analyze the primary causes of the population shift from a rural to an urban environment in the United States between 1875 and 1925. Thesis: Between 1875 and 1925 the United States experienced a massive rural to urban population shift due to the widespread desire of achieving “the American cream,” technological advances, Ana milestones, sun as argue nuts Ana war. Misfortunes-cities had the Job opportunities (many went to cities during WI to work in factories) Agriculture Gag. Prices went to down in late 19th century (farmers to cities) 191 5 Southern Gag.

Impacted by blue mold (farmers to cities) Drought! (farmers to cities) Technological Advances Steam railroads! Easier to get around/move Electric trolleys allowed expansion of cities, which let them hold more and more people and Jobs Autopsy! Well, automobiles… Which let the cities expand and the people travel to the cities and such Social-Advertising and radio and books (Horopito Alger) gave young people the “American Dream” and the desire to go the cities “New Immigrants” settled in urban areas because cities had more Job opportunities, were more diverse and were more accepting

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