They strive to make their customers happy. When there is a problem at any point during or even after the design process they are more than happy to fix it and to make sure the businesses are always satisfied with the finished product. In extreme cases when the problem can’t be solved or if customers are not happy with the website they have been given, a full refund is offered which includes the design fee. In most cases payment is not even asked for in advance (except to cover any costs) thus making the process as much-without-risk to the customer as it can possibly be.

Quality Web design companies provide online lotions which has enabled them to acquire an esteemed clientele spanning across a number of nations across the globe. The company gives businesses the ability to advertise their goods across different states and countries. There are many different areas involved with a web design company similar to the different operational areas of Google or Amazon. The business areas include accounting, payroll marketing, also parts of the business process for which its assets are employed.

Two Security Vulnerabilities While researching web design companies I noticed a few security vulnerabilities tit the software and the hardware. The first vulnerability lies within the network infrastructure and the lack of sufficient firewalls. The second vulnerability is driven by their security policy as it relates to the evaluation of firewall protection. Many firms use the Internet to communicate with suppliers and customers only as a channel for maintaining business relationships.

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Once firms develop a certain level of confidence on the benefits of e-mail in the conduct of business transactions and the potential of creating sales from its use, they usually consider the option of developing heir own Web site. With Quality Web design company it isn’t clear who maintains the firewall and ensure the clients are safe from potential hackers. A firewall on your internet connection is no longer sufficient protection against network threats, both external and internal. If your organization falls under any governmental regulations, a lack of sufficient protection can lead to heavy fines or worse.

Recommended Solutions One of the best ways to prevent intrusion is encryption. While users are inputting their passwords it should be in an encrypted form so that no one is able to tell what as in putted. Encrypting will disguise the information by the use of mathematical rules. In addition to installing firewalls on every computer I would suggest Intrusion Prevention system. Intrusion prevention systems (OPS) are designed to detect an intrusion and take action to stop it. First I would start off by recommending that they use a switched backbone network with a star topology with one switch at its center.

Each floor in the building should have a set of switches and access points that serve the Lana on each floor. Each of the Lana will be connected to a switch on that floor. The switch forming the switched backbone on each floor is then connected into another switch in the basement, which provides a switched backbone for the entire building. The building backbone is usually a higher speed network running over fiber-optic cable (e. G. , abases-F or 1 Gibe). Fiber-optic cabling would be a great choice because it works well under harsh environmental conditions.

Also, in case of fire, an optical fiber can withstand higher temperatures than can copper wire. To prevent against impulse noise, cross-talk and intermediation noise make sure to protect the wires by covering them with an insulating coating. When installing the cables make sure they are not close to power sources , lights and heavy machinery. Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to make sure you standardize your equipment. Dealing with one vendor makes troubleshooting easier and it also will help cut down on price when you bundle the equipment you are buying from them.

Reducing network errors should be looked at from two different angels. There are human errors that you will need to educate your team on and there are network errors that you would need to have something in place to catch or possibly prevent them from turning into a bigger problem. Human errors, such as a mistake in typing a number, usually are controlled through the application program. Network errors, such as those that occur during transmission, are controlled by the network hardware and software.

It is impossible to eliminate all errors, but most errors can be prevented, detected and corrected. Errors are more likely to occur in wireless, microwave, or satellite transmission than transmission through cables. Therefore, error detection is more important when using radiated media than guided media. One of the most popular error-checking schemes is cyclical redundancy check (CAR). A cyclic redundancy check (CAR) is an error-detecting code commonly used in digital networks and storage devices to detect accidental changes to raw data.

Blocks of data entering these systems get a short check value attached, based on the remainder of a polynomial division of their contents; on retrieval the calculation is repeated, and corrective action can be taken against presumed data corruption if the check values do not match. Another idea that we have in mind is for Quality Web Design Companies to take advantage of messaging innovation in terms of online social networking to increase elaborative innovation, customer interaction innovation, and product and service innovation that will open channels of opportunities.

Consumers will be able to receive timely updates of the stores’ activities, learn more about home furnishing tips and interact with other home loving social network users in real time wherever they are. The website will be suitable for all types of smartness, with straight forward and uncluttered pages for quick and easy navigation on mobile browsers. The concept of social networking provides three unique advantages such as increase and wariness of collaboration, communication and innovation 0.

Liability & K. D. Liability, 2008). Research highlighted the hidden power of social networks as having a critical effect on works and innovation (& Parker, 2004; J. Liability & K. D. Liability, 2008). Quality Web Design Companies will use social networking sites to extract eternal ideas, thoughts and apply it as an integral process in improving existing products, services, and develop new products (Degree, 2010). Hence, this increases customer interactions with Quality Web Design organizations. Quality Web

Design Companies will have an edge to manufacture better functional products with its external partners and open up access for newer external partner collaboration. For instance, organizations create an ideation forum on a social networking site to solicit ideas, seed conversation for ideas generation and creating open-ended questions. Online social members are encouraged to participate and interact with innovation team, and act on results of ideas generated from open-ended questions and interactions to produce innovative process and products for the consumer market (Shih, 2009; Degree, 2010).

A new-based social networking application technologies, which fosters collaborative innovation, co-creation of value by customers, external partners’ collaboration, and effective interactive communication between leaders and employees (Burrs, 2010). Quality Web Design Companies will use social networking to create open customer interaction innovation, product and service innovation and messaging innovation that will pave way for lucrative opportunities because of cross exchange of innovative ideas, opinions, suggestion and many more.

Quality Web Design Companies strategic assumption entails how to ring about a good design and concept to the marketplace at an affordable price. These assumptions are as follow: l) Concept involves advocating a policy that leads to concept creation; II) Environment fosters the supply of concept innovation; Ill) Decisions made will involve risk (Said, 2010). The concept that Quality Web Design Companies highlights is the combination of product and service innovation, customer interaction innovation, alliance and collaboration innovation, and messaging innovation.


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