One of the most common economic issues that attack humanity through decades is poverty. It affects in all places around the world and has no restriction on age, religion and skin color. There are several factors of which some nations seem to be affected by scarceness such as: hunger, disasters, diseases, education and specially the lack of resources. While some citizens enjoy the prosperity of some countries, most of the populations of the Third World countries have difficulties to succeed among poverty. Society should attempt focusing on this universal problem in order to maintain a secure life for our kids. Through periods of time, poverty exists among people. In all religious conviction, families suffer from this “disease” since they are born. As we talk of poor countries, we imagine that Africa and its color citizens are the poorest people on Earth; which it may be truth, although this occurs in every nation. The Bible have written that those who follow Gods commands are going to live in peace; however, living in peace does not mean living calmly. Faithfull mothers pray each day for some piece of bread for their children or a place for a shelter. Nevertheless, with all the petitions, been poor is so natural that they do not even care anymore. Some of the most common factors which may affect poverty are wars, which destroy entirely a nation.

Other causes that recently occur on the world are the natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, aridness and tornados among others. With all these events, diseases appear almost immediately. Unfortunately, people have presented illnesses as Aids, plagues or cancer; which makes them weak citizens for that country. The lack of water, food and the basic ways of life for humankind create powerless individuals. Most of the families that present poverty have barely any education or none at all. While the underprivileged countries have overpopulation, the richest nations present the problem that most families do not want to have children. Europe is facing the matter that even though their lifestyle is excellent, there are few progenies. Therefore, in the future there will not be enough citizens to maintain these Europe countries. On the other side, the poorest countries have more children than what they can maintain. In Central America, the underprivileged families have at least four kids by home. It is ironic how populations contrast from one place to another. It is essential to create methods with the governments to help the families to succeed and prosper. Wars must stop in order to maintain a
country undamaged and complete. Education is necessary to let poor people see that having a lot of kids without the economic resources only affect them even more. Children should study in order to be professionals someday, while the number of people selling products on the street decreases. Those who have all what we need and more should be thankful to God and their families, but mostly appreciate life.


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