Poverty And Social Structure Essay, Research Paper

Pitzak, Chris

Soc. 422

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Dr. Heaton

May 17, 1999


Although the United States is one of the richest states in the universe many of it & # 8217 ; s people sleep in the streets, excavation through refuse tins to happen nutrient, and carry all that they own in this universe on their dorsums or in shopping carts. These people are known as the homeless. Recently I had the chance of assisting, and at the same clip being educated by one of the members of this unfortunate group. I was able to see first manus how a stateless individual thinks and feels through an confidant agencies of communications popularly known as authorship notes. Why composing notes? Because the person that I invited into my place and Federal was both deaf and deaf-and-dumb person. He was male, in-between aged, and of African American decent. Acerate leaf to state it was a & # 8220 ; conversation & # 8221 ; unlike any I have of all time had. In this paper, I plan to detail the observations I made during our interaction, specifically turn toing how societal constructions form a cardinal component in both the lives of the flush and indigent.

I met Reggie through some of my friends. He was stateless and in demand of aid. One dark he knocked on my door and wrote on his piece of paper, & # 8220 ; may I come in? & # 8221 ; I nodded affirmatively and motioned him to hold a place on the sofa. After recovering a tablet of paper and pen, we began to pass on. We began with a twosome of fiddling inquiries and so I asked if he would wish something to eat. He responded by composing & # 8220 ; yes delight & # 8221 ; on his tablet of paper and I rapidly prepared some of the nutrient we had in our icebox. As he ate, I asked him about himself and how he had arrived at the place he was presently in. He said he was from Virginia and was Mormon. He had been baptized there and learned that there were a big figure of Church of jesus christ of latter-day saintss in Utah, and for that ground decided to travel to out here. He had a auto and so he packed his few properties and came out to populate with a people & # 8220 ; who had the love of Christ and would be more accepting. & # 8221 ; He obtained a minimal pay occupation and even a little flat. Thingss seemed to be traveling good.

After a short period of clip Reggie lost his occupation because he missed excessively many yearss without advising his employer, a consequence of his familial disablements, and shortly after could non pay rent. At the clip I talked with him he was populating in his old round up auto, seeking to happen a repast. Why did Reggie happen himself in this impoverish province, and why was he unable to mount out of it? I believe it is mostly because of societal constructions, viz. his webs.

When persons form webs or groups they tend to tie in with those who are like them. Equity theory explains this by claiming that people are most satisfied with a relationship when the ratio between benefits and parts is similar for both spouses. This would deduce that webs would be between those within a specific category but non across categories. By organizing associations with those of just position, the rich signifier a really supportive web and the hapless signifier a web that can sympathise with their state of affairs at best. Networks are critical to category mobility in that they are critical in modeling life opportunities, supplying resources, and showing options. Reggie was African American, deaf and deaf-and-dumb person. He could merely pass on by composing things down, a slow procedure, which required a great sum of forbearance. There are non many people similar to Reggie in the universe, allow entirely in Utah. Forming a societal relationship was difficult for Reggie and the friends he did hold were largely of low economic position.

The household forms a microstructure that produces both economic support and chances. The extent of economic support is chiefly determined by the fiscal position of the household. The more flush one & # 8217 ; s household the greater sum of resources it has to guarantee that the basic demands of its members are fulfilled. This has a finding impact on kids from a immature age. Bing born in a hapless household significantly affects a kid & # 8217 ; s necessity to obtain employme

nt, working hours, future instruction, net incomes, emphasis, and lifestyle picks. These factors combine to do category mobility hard at best. The kineticss of an individual’s household significantly impact his/her life opportunities. An flush household will more than probably be involved in a societal web dwelling of many other outstanding, affluent households. The branchings of these associations will consequence all countries of an individual’s life. Most significantly, they will supply many options for aggrandisement in these countries. Coming from a low-income household, Reggie did non hold the option to have an instruction that would let him to larn to get the better of his familial defects and pass on efficaciously. When he was faced with a crisis state of affairs economically, his household did non hold the resources to assist him, nor did the hapless households in his vicinity with whom the household associated. Although Reggie began to travel upward upon traveling to Utah, he discovered that even the people with the love of Christ could non be of absolute aid. This brings me to another societal web, spiritual associations.

Reggie attended church on an active footing. He went to the meetings although he could non understand good. Although you would believe he could organize a spiritual based societal web, I gathered that he had non. Due to his communicating barrier and frequently holding to work on Sunday, it was hard for him to organize meaningful societal relationships at church. I have wondered how his tests might hold been different if he had a spiritual societal web. With a big spiritual web he might hold been able to get the better of his economic jobs. It would be safe to presume that had Reggie had more options such as occupation networking in order to happen another occupation, or possibly having a loan, the crisis state of affairs could hold been overcome.

The construction of the educational system has a significant consequence on the lives of many who have conditions similar to those of Reggie. The educational construction does non afford the necessary preparation and development for those with familial disabilities. The public school system honestly does non hold equal plans for those who need extended sums of aid but can non afford it. After high school or its equivalent, educational development is chiefly on a unpaid footing and available merely to those with the clip and money. Those that either do non run into the standards or merely make non hold the resources necessary to finish or foster their instruction, continue their lives without the accomplishments necessary for promotion. This deficiency of preparation and accomplishment development becomes highly eventful throughout an single & # 8217 ; s life class.

The societal construction of the occupation market governs one & # 8217 ; s employment forms. For the indigent it is frequently hard merely to interrupt into the occupation market. Obtaining employment requires traveling through the interviewing procedure. To win in a occupation hunt one must hold entree to a shower or method of bathing, the supplies of personal hygiene, and a clean set of apparels. Once the basic necessities of life are met one must work on societal accomplishments that will do him/her a coveted trade good. To travel up in employment in our society one must hold the makings of the occupation. This normally means an advanced grade or particular experience or preparation. It is frequently hard to obtain the necessary resources needed to finish an advanced grade or certification plan.

Poverty is a job that effects us both at the person and social degrees. Many of the societal constructions in our society non merely sustain the degree of poorness in our state, but besides further it. The upward motion of persons into higher categories is mostly determined by features of those in their webs. These webs prescribe life opportunities, the options that will be available to him/her, and the resources that he/she may name upon. Social structures organize a cardinal component in the lives of those that pertain to all categories and are a major beginning of category stableness. I think it is safe to reason that the hapless stay hapless and the rich get richer because of those around them and the support they provide.


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