Ghana is a well poorer state in comparing with other states in the West like Britain and the United States. intending that the state is LEDC. standing for Less Economically Developed Country.

Although in 2002 Ghana was written off $ 893 million dollars of their debt bing two organisations. They are still to a great extent in debt of $ 3. 7 billion dollars. Most of this is owed to the US.

The clime of Ghana is hot and a dry because it is located near the equator. There is non much H2O because of the hapless rainfall. This means that many rivers and lakes dry up intending a famishment of fresh H2O for hapless towns and small towns. This is the chief cause of disease and poorness in Ghana. Compared to Britain the clime is really different. In Britain the clime is mild and wet. This clime makes it really easy to turn harvests. However in Ghana it is impossible to turn most harvests. this is another cause to poorness.

Since geting in the small town I have worked closely with a figure of households. in peculiar a adult female called Grace. The conditions in which grace and her household live are more lurid than I could of all time conceive of.

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She lives in a clay hut with a straw roof. She has no entree to clean H2O. This is the chief ground why two of her kids have died. She has about no ownerships and the nutrient is really scarce. They have about no money. non even plenty to purchase medical specialty if one of her kids were to fall ailment.

I feel it is of import to explicate why grace and her household live in such conditions. along with 1000000s of other Ghanaians.

Millions of kids die from unwellnesss. which could be avoided through really cheap medical specialty. Grace’s household is one of those who are at high hazard.

Less Economically Developed Countries can non frequently afford a national public assistance system e. g. pensions and employment benefit.


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